August 2023 Minutes

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Present : Tony Farrant (Chair), Rowena Drowley, David Harding, Alison McAlpine, Ken Russell,
Wallis Scott, Sue Sedgwick, Alistair Sutherland.

In attendance : David Clark (Minute Secretary)

Apologies for absence : Jim McGroarty, Elizabeth Wallace, Neil Fergusson (Development
Officer), Donald King and Lorna Deans (Police)

1 Approval of Minute
The minute of the meeting held on 10 July 2023 was approved, proposed by Alastair Sutherland, seconded by Ken Russell.

2 Chair's Report
Tony Farrant spoke of the inconvenience caused by the recent disruption to waste collection
services, caused by industrial action. Cllr. Watterson indicated that the matter was outwith
the control of Stirling Council. It was agreed that information on such matters should be made more widely available to the public and that Ken Russell (website) and David Harding (social media) would take this forward. Action – Ken Russell and David Harding

3 Police Report
13 June – 12 August 2023, compiled by Constable Donald King
a) Antisocial behaviour
On 10/07/23 an incident of threatening and abusive behaviour was reported to Police. Enquiry has been carried out and one male has been issued with a Recorded Police Warning.
On the 06/08/23 Police were called to reports of persons fighting in the street in Doune. One person has been arrested and charged with one person still to be traced.
b) Road Safety
There have been no calls of this nature during this time.
c) Theft
Overnight 06 – 07/08/23 Castle Garage was broken into with a vehicle and tools stolen. The stolen vehicle has since been traced and persons arrested.
4 Councillor's Report
Cllr. Watterson reported that there had been little regular activity of note during the summer recess but that Stirling Council had had significant involvement in the World Cycling Championships. The success of this event was noted and a number of questions were asked relating to the impact on local communities.
She indicated that she had been appointed Older Peoples' Champion by Stirling Council and
invited members of the Community Council to inform her of current provision and identifiable
needs in this area.

5 Treasurer's Report
Jim McGroarty, in his absence, reported as follows :
The Kilmadock Community Council Bank Account balance at 14 August 2023 stood at £9,787.68
Moray Park toilets have incurred £12252 of running costs to 14 August 2023 and the
third tranche, £6,500, of our Windfarm Trust award has been received for the running
of the toilets.
An invoice from G Mather for the installation work is awaited.
Funds remain for the war memorial flower bed, which it was agreed would be used for some planters around the memorial. Stirling Council have filled in and grassed the existing flower bed. The Community Council agreed to continue this project and to arrange a site visit in the first instance.
The application for Admin and Minuting Funding for 2023/4 has been submitted to Stirling Council. This is normally paid into the account in September / October.
Bank details for change of Treasurer are in process.

6 Development Officer
Neil Fergusson, in his absence, reported as follows :
a) Heritage Plaques
Permission has now been received from owners of private buildings.
The wording for plaques is being finalised, and an updated schedule will be shared with Catherine Malley at Stirling Council planning department.
The next step will be preparing and submitting the planning applications, which should be complete by KCC’s September meeting. There will be two planning permission applications for changes within a conservation area (one covering Doune, one covering Deanston); and ten listed building consent applications.
b) Solar Panels on Moray Park Pavilion
An assessment by Business Energy Scotland is due to start, pending submission of final details. Thereafter formal quotations from potential suppliers will be invited and application for funding submitted.

7 Secretary's Report
David Harding reported as follows :
a) Deanston bus shelter – the site previously selected having been deemed inappropriate, a new site has been identified and it is hoped that the shelter will be in place before the end of 2023.
b) Communications – difficulties continue in identifying and communicating with appropriate officers in Stirling Council on various matters. It was agreed that Cllr. Watterson would pursue this. Action – Cllr. Watterson
c) Data Protection – it was agreed that David Harding, as Secretary, would register with Data Protection and would explore the provision of Microsoft 365 software for the use of the Community Council. Action – David Harding

8 Outstanding issue
The long-running issue of the removal of speed bumps in Balkerach Street was discussed and it was noted that the agreement of the Parent Council of the primary school was required and awaited.

9 Roads
The continuing and increasing problem of heavy and/or speeding vehicles in Doune was discussed. While a number of suggestions for improvement were made it was generally agreed that there was no obvious or easy answer to this issue.

10 Villages
Sue Sedgwick reported as follows :
a) Domestic refuse bins – it was understood that this issue has been resolved
b) Car park at Co-op – it was noted that indiscriminate parking at the entrance to the car
park was causing congestion and a safety hazard. Fencing in the car park awaits repair and overnight and/or semi-permanent parking by camper vans was questioned.
c) Primary School – it was noted that the exterior walls require repair. It was agreed that the Parent Council was the appropriate body to pursue this.
d) Litter removal and bin emptying – it appeared that the agreed pattern for this was not being followed and a promised timetable for emptying public bins was awaited.

11 Planning
Wallis Scott reported that there were no current applications of note for the area.

12 Community Action for Deanston
Alistair Sutherland reported on concerns expressed at the condition of the exterior of the
older domestic properties in Deanston and also on reported dangerous road conditions for pedestrians and cyclists on the road between Deanston and Callander. It was agreed to invite the police to undertake speed checks in this area.
The speed of traffic travelling north from Stirling on the A84 approaching the Bridge of Teith
continues to create a potential hazard. Cllr. Watterson agreed to raise the matter, with the
possibility of a section of 40mph speed limit with BEAR Scotland. Action – Cllr. Watterson CAfD has raised concerns about the state of repair of the former Deanston Green clubhouse and, after a bit of to and fro, Stirling Council has agreed to assess the state of the building with the view to a potential repair, splitting the cost with some of the owners of the surrounding properties.

13 Kilmadock Development Trust
Ken Russell reported on staffing matters in the Post Office and encouraging sales figures in the Information Centre.

14 Woodland Group
Tony Farrant reported on arrangements for the Family Day at Doune Ponds on Sunday 3
September from 1.00-4.00pm. It was noted with pleasure that Lady Moray had recently presented the group with the plaque for the Best Small Woodland in Scotland.

15 Moray Park toilets
David Harding reported that Scottish Water had provided additional posters for the toilets
concerning the prevention of blockages by inappropriate disposals. No issues had been
reported in recent weeks.

16 The Bridge
Ken Russell reported that the new editor was now in place and that material for the September issue was being compiled.

17 Projects
It was noted that there were plans to start a group to provide help and support to dementia
sufferers and their families.

18 Forestry
Tony Farrant reported that work was underway to clear the plantation at Easter Hill which had
been badly damaged in the storm of 2021. It was noted that the beech trees would not be felled.

19 Remembrance Day
Alison McAlpine reported that arrangements were in hand for the annual service on 12 November and that the necessary applications had been made.

20 Other business
a) Concern had been expressed by members of the public about wild camping in the area and about flaking stonework falling on the pews sitting outside the former parish church and creating a hazard.
b) The bench at the former telephone box has been refurbished by John Blackwood and thanks were expressed to him for his generosity.

21 Next meeting
Because of other commitments it was agreed that the next meeting would take place on Monday 18 September rather than 11 September.

22 Closure
There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.55pm