December 2023 Minutes

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Present : Tony Farrant (Chair), Alison McAlpine, Rowena Drowley, Ken Russell, Wallis Scott, Sue
Sedgwick, Alistair Sutherland,
In attendance : Neil Fergusson (Development Officer), David Clark (Minute Secretary), Cllr.
Martin Earl; Rory McLeod (Moray Estates)
Apologies for absence : David Harding, Elizabeth Wallace
1 Approval of Minute
The minute of the final meeting of the previous Community Council held on 3 April 2023 was
approved, proposed by Ken Russell, seconded by Alison McAlpine.
The minute of the meeting of 13 November 2023 was approved, proposed by Alistair
Sutherland, seconded by Sue Sedgwick.
2 Chair's Report
Tony Farrant reported as follows :
a) Christmas trees and lights
The trees and lights had all been successfully erected and thanks were expressed
to the volunteers who had made this possible. Assistance was invited for the subsequent
removal and storage on 6 January at 9.00am
b) Dementia café
A further meeting had taken place to take forward this proposal. Funding was in
place through the Dunblane group to run the project but as from the summer of
2024 it would require a local committee to run and fund it. The Development Trust is
taking the lead on this and Wallis Scott agreed to represent the Community Council
on it.
3 Visitor
The Chair invited visitor Rory McLeod, local Estates Manager of Moray Estates to address
the meeting on proposed tree planting at Braes o’ Doune north of the present High Wood and
south of the Wind Farm. The project would have a significant emphasis on woodland
diversity, native species and cattle grazing. A deer fence would be erected on the perimeter
of the site.
4 Police Report
13 November – 6 December 2023, compiled by Constable Donald King.
a) Antisocial behaviour
On 1 December 2023 an assault was reported in the Doune area. Enquiry is
ongoing to trace witnesses in relation to this.
b) Road Safety
There have been no reports of this nature during this period
c) Theft
There were no reported thefts in the Kilmadock area during this period.
An action point in relation to the police report in the previous minute was carried
over to the next meeting. (Action – David Harding)
5 Councillor's Report
Cllr. Earl gave a comprehensive analysis of the challenges and opportunities posed by
Stirling Council’s budget deficit of the order of £13m. An announcement by the Scottish
Government was expected on 19 December in relation to central support of local authorities.
It was agreed to pursue opportunities to liaise with other rural Community Councils in
identifying priorities to be addressed in the budgeting process. It was agreed that Tony
Farrant, Ro Drowley and Alistair Sutherland would represent the Community Council in such
discussions. The threat of closure of Doune Library was put forward as a priority together
with the general state of rural public transport.
6 Treasurer's Report
Elizabeth Wallace reported in her absence that at 13 November, the Community Council
held funds totalling £9,002.03, of which £7,183.49 was in restricted funds with £1,818.54 in
unrestricted funds.
7 Secretary's Report
With David Harding being absent there was no report.
8 Development Officer
Neil Fergusson reported that he Community Poll results have been completed, in
• 517 polls returned, 84% online and 16% on paper.
• Cumulatively a total of 18,447 votes were cast on the various proposals.
• At least 50% of responses to each proposal agreed; ranging from 52% to 96%
9 Roads
Rowena Drowley reported that all queries and complaints regarding roads issues
met with the reply that they would be dealt with but that there was a backlog.
Tony Farrant reported that BEAR Scotland had indicated they would share with the
Community Council the results of the traffic survey completed in relation to the
issues at the Bridge of Teith.
10 Villages
Sue Sedgwick reported that the issues of inconsiderate parking and a lack of
appropriate road markings at the car park still awaited attention. There remained
uncertainty as to whether the issues were a Stirling Council or a police responsibility.
11 Planning
Wallis Scott reported that a planning application had been made for the replacement of
windows and doors at 35 Main Street The Community Council had no comments to offer on
the application.
A potential planning enforcement issue for a property in Doune would be explored further.
Cllr. Martin Earl agreed to explore the current status and use of the Muir Hall. (Action – Cllr.
12 Community Action for Deanston
Alistair Sutherland reported that the matter of ownership and responsibility for the exterior of
properties in Teith Road remained unresolved and that he would continue to pursue the
matter with Clltr. Watterson.
13 Kilmadock Development Trust
Ken Russell reported that the Post Office and Information Centre were very busy at the
moment with good sales income. One member of Post Office staff had indicated a desire to
resign early in the new year.
14 Woodland Group
Tony Farrant intimated details of the Fairy Trail opening on Saturday 16 December between
2.00 & 4.00pm, with the ukulele band present to play carols.
Looking ahead there were projects planned for the erection of an education shelter and the
creation of a biodiversity area for wild flowers.
15 Moray Park toilets
There were no matters to report.
16 The Bridge
There were no matters to report.
17 Forestry
There were no matters to report.
18 Other business
Stirling Council
It was agreed to contact Kay Hudson of Stirling Council to initiate a conversation about
Community Council communications to and from the Council, with a view to an officer
attending a subsequent meeting.
19 Next meeting
It was agreed that the next meeting would take place on Monday 8 January 2024 at 7.00pm
in Doune Library..
20 Closure
There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.28pm.