January 2023 Minutes

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Participants : Alison McAlpine (Chair), Tony Farrant, Michelle Ashford, David Harding, Jim McGroarty, Dougie Morrison and Ken Russell.

In attendance : Neil Fergusson (Community Development Officer).

Apologies for absence : Sue Harvey, David Clark (Minute Secretary) Councillors Gene Maxwell and Elaine Watterson;.


1       Minute

The minute of the meeting of 12 December 2022 was approved – proposed by Michelle Ashford, seconded by Tony Farrant.


2       Matters arising

  1. 4 : request for 40mph speed limit signs on A84 to the south of Teith Bridge - nothing further has been received and Councillor Martin Earl agreed to investigate and progress. (Action – Martin Earl)
  2. 6b : co-option to Community Council – this has been advertised both online and on posters with a closing date of 16 January. To date there has been one written application with a further two verbal enquiries
  3. 12 : drain and traffic light repairs – these have both been attended to although the quality of finish to the drainage work appears not to be of a high standard.
  4. 16a : additional grit bins – David Harding would provide a link to the map of current locations and the means of requesting further bins.(Action – David Harding)
  5. 16b : Queen's Jubilee Trail follow-up – Michelle Ashford agreed to pursue this matter.(Action – Michelle Ashford)
  6. 16d : Warm Space – David Clark being absent there was no update

(Post-meeting note – Neil Fergusson reported that discussions were in hand between the churches in Doune with a view to making a provision in the Kilmadock Parish Church building. Volunteers would be sought to assist and Kilmadock Development Trust may be in a position to offer financial help)


3       Police Report

for period 9 December 2022 – 6 January 2023 compiled by Constable Lorna Deans

  1. Antisocial Behaviour - Over the festive period police were contacted to attend at The Woodside, Doune due to issues with intoxicated individuals turning up at the premise looking to be served alcohol. Some of the individuals then caused problems for staff due to being refused entry. Police will be carrying out regular visits to the premise to support the staff and management.


Police have been made aware of antisocial behaviour within the area of Doune Ponds on 31/12/22.

  1. Road Safety - On 18 December police were contacted by a member of the public regarding the driving manner of a vehicle in the Doune area.

Officers viewed dashcam footage and deemed the driving to be dangerous. As a result, the driver of the vehicle was traced, charged and is subject of a report to the Procurator Fiscal.


On 19 December police were called to the area of Argaty Road, Doune to assist with closing the road due to severe flooding.

  1. Theft – no incidents reported although there has been housebreaking in Callander and Balfron


4       Councillor's Report

Councillor Martin Earl spoke of the financial challenges facing Stirling Council which would be addressed at the forthcoming budget meeting on 2 March. A significant deficit is anticipated.


Some 2,500 responses had been received in a survey of views of refuse collection, giving hope for a change in the current arrangements which he felt were unsatisfactory and unsustainable.


On winter maintenance it was recognised that the quality of provision was patchy across the Stirling Council area and he intended to meet with the relevant manager to discuss.


5       Kilmadock Development Trust Community Development Officer

Neil Fergusson reported as follows :

  1. Community Plan – the comments have now been A draft plan will be prepared and should be available for discussion in a few weeks.
  2. Gym equipment – an order for 14 items has now been placed and should be installed by the end of March. A grant of £10,000 has been awarded from Forth Valley & Lomond CLLD for similar equipment at Deanston Community Centre which it is also hoped to have installed by the end of
  3. Air Quality Project – Amy McCarron (University of Stirling) completed the remaining two drop-ins for the Air Quality Project. The project has a number of remaining communities to complete work with, but a final report from the project is expected in the summer of 2023.
  4. Forth Valley Climate Action Hub - after discussion at December’s meeting, contact was made with Aisling Brady, suggesting a meeting alongside Kilmadock Climate They responded positively to that, but a date and time I awaited


6       Chair's Report

Alison McAlpine reported as follows :

  1. Christmas lights – congratulations were expressed on the quality of the display and thanks were offered to Dougie Morrison and his team for their work in erecting and dismantling.
  2. Bus shelter at Deanston – a consultation is under way about changing the bus route to allow for the provision of a bus shelter
  3. Litter – a member of the public had voluntarily cleaned up Moray Park after a recent firework display. It was agreed that a supply of orange refuse bags be obtained and that the public be encouraged to undertake

appropriate tidying up of the community. Arrangement for the uplift of the old Christmas trees would be made through Stephen Bly at Stirling Council.


7       Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer, Jim McGroarty reported that the Kilmadock Community Council Bank Account balance at 9 January 2023 was £8,679.34.


The second tranche of the grant from the Windfarm Trust (£6,500) for operating the toilets in 2023-24 has now been received.


8       Secretary's Report

Michelle Ashford had no matters to report other than various emails already circulated to members. It was noted that a petition had been organised in the wider area concerning the growing scarcity of NHS dental services.


9       Community Council Membership

It was agreed to appoint David Harding, currently co-opted, as a full member of the Council. The Council is entitled to co-opt a further two members until the next elections in November 2023.


10     Planning

Dougie Morrison reported that Historic Environment Scotland had applied to upgrade the car park at Doune Castle, that an application to demolish a dwelling house in North Lea had been withdrawn and that an application had been lodged for a new house to be built in North Lea.


11     Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund

Tony Farrant reported as follows :

  1. Moray Park Toilets – payment is now due to the football club for electricity used and an invoice has been received for washroom services for the next year.
  2. Green Shed site – no date has yet been received for the start of the It transpires that the area of ground of undefined ownership is in the ands of the Highways Agency England (not Scotland).

(Post meeting note – Tony Farrant reported on 12 January that work on the Green Shed site commenced on that day)

  1. As no response has so far been received on the comments and proposals from the 'walkabout' it was agreed that Tony Farrant would pursue this with Stephen Bly at Stirling Council. (Action – Tony Farrant)
  2. Defibrillator – It was agreed that Tony Farrant would ensure the early installation of the defibrillator at the former phone box. (Action – Tony Farrant)
  3. Doune Castle – the next RTIF meeting is on 16 It is understood that improved toilet facilities at the castle are planned.
  4. War Memorial grounds – a meeting will take place on site to consider the detail of the garden improvements.


  • Kilmadock Development Trust –there was no report as the Trust has not met since late November.

  • Roads – Michelle Ashford indicated that there were no matters under this heading other than those contained in the 'walkabout' report.


14     Doune Ponds and Commonty Walk

Tony Farrant indicated that the Fairy Trail had been very successful with many visitors although there had been antisocial behaviour at the end of the period.


15     Christmas trees and lights

Dougie Morrison indicated that if finance became available it would be possible to extend the lights eastwards on both sides of the main street. It would be necessary to negotiate with residents to arrange fixings and power. The old lights have been acquired by Briarlands Farm. It was agreed that letters of thanks be sent to residents and others whose properties carried the current lights. (Action – Dougie Morrison, Alison McAlpine and Michelle Ashford)


  • Forestry – there was no It was noted that trees close to Doune Castle, affected by ash dieback disease, have been removed after consultation.


17     Other business

  1. Potential new housing it was noted that Moray Estates had revived an earlier proposal to build approximately 70 new homes in the triangular field close to Moray Park.It was anticipated that Moray Estates would hold public consultation in association with any planning application.
  2. Community Council membership – it was reported that one person has applied in writing and that there had been two verbal enquiries about co-option to the Council.
  3. Community Resilience – concern was expressed that little had happened to strengthen community resilience in the year since Storm It was agreed that Michelle Ashford would circulate links to the appropriate sections of Stirling Council's website. Concern was also expressed that the move to digital phone connection may result in an unreliable service in extreme weather. (Action – Michelle Ashford)
  4. Flooding at former railway bridge at Moray Park – it was reported that in recent wet weather deep flooding occurred under the bridge, resulting in the Fire and Rescue Service having to attend to extricate a passenger from a car. It was suggested that markings be applied to the bridge wall to indicate the depth of any accumulated water. It was agreed that Tony Farrant would take up the matter with Stephen Bly of Stirling Council. (Action – Tony Farrant)
  5. Grit bins – a number of locations were proposed for additional grit

18     Next meeting

It was agreed that the next meeting would be held on Zoom on Monday 13 February 2023 at 7.30pm.

The meeting closed at 8.58pm.