July 2023 Minutes

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Present : Rowena Drowley, Tony Farrant, David Harding, Alison McAlpine, Ken Russell (by
video), Wallis Scott, Sue Sedgwick, Alistair Sutherland, Elizabeth Wallace

In attendance : Michelle Flynn (Stirling Council), David Clark (Minute Secretary)

Apology for absence : Jim McGroarty

1 Constitution
The first part of the meeting, to establish the new Community Council, was chaired by Michelle Flynn, Stirling Council Officer.

2 Appointment of Officebearers
a) Chair
Alison McAlpine was nominated by David Harding, seconded by Elizabeth Wallace.
Tony Farrant was nominated by Sue Sedgwick, seconded by Rowena Drowley.
On a vote being taken, Tony Farrant was elected as Chair by 4 votes to 3
b) Vice-Chair
Alison McAlpine was nominated by David Harding, seconded by Elizabeth Wallace.
Alistair Sutherland was nominated by Tony Farrant, seconded by Rowena Drowley.
On a vote being taken, Alison McAlpine was elected by 4 votes to 3
c) Secretary
David Harding was nominated by Wallis Scott, seconded by Alistair Sutherland and elected unanimously.
d) Treasurer
Elizabeth Wallace was nominated by Tony Farrant, seconded by Sue Sedgwick and elected unanimously.
e) Planning/Licensing
This position was held over until later in the meeting

3 Meetings
It was agreed that meetings would normally be held on the second Monday of each month and that the next meeting would be held on 14 August 2023. It was noted that no AGM would be required until 2024.

4 Induction
Michelle Flynn outlined various procedures and regulations.

5 Constitution and Standing Orders
Tony Farrant, as Chair, and members of the Community Council signed the Constitution and Standing Orders

6 Chair
Michelle Flynn handed over the chair to Tony Farrant and left the meeting.

7 Windfarm Trust
David Harding and Alistair Sutherland were appointed as the Community Council's
representatives on the Windfarm Trust.

8 Responsibilities and outstanding issues
It was noted that the Community Council had responsibility for Doune Ponds (Woodland Group) and the running of the toilets in Moray Park.
Among outstanding issues from the previous Community Council the matter of the removal of speed bumps in Balkerach Street was highlighted.
It was agreed that the Chair's report for the past year would be circulated to all members by email.

9 Areas of Interest
The following areas of interest were allocated :
Roads – Rowena Drowley
Villages – Sue Sedgwick
Planning – Wallis Scott
Kilmadock Development Trust – Ken Russell
The Bridge -Ken Russell
Community Action for Deanston (CAFD) – Alistair Sutherland
Woodland Group – Tony Farrant and Rowena Drowley

10 Next meeting
It was agreed that the next meeting be held on Monday 14 August 2023 at 7.00pm in Doune

The meeting closed at 8.29pm.