March 2023 Minutes

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Participants : Alison McAlpine (Chair), Michelle Ashford, David Harding, Sue Harvey, Jim
McGroarty, Dougie Morrison and Ken Russell.
In attendance : Neil Fergusson (Community Development Officer), David Clark (Minute
Secretary), Sue Sedgewick (member of public)
Apologies for absence : Tony Farrant, Councillor Elaine Watterson;.

1 Minute
The minute of the meeting of 9 January 2023 was approved – proposed by Michelle Ashford, seconded by Ken Russell.

It was noted that the meeting scheduled for 13 February had been aquorate and so no decisions were able to be taken. A resume of discussion was recorded.

2 Matters arising
a) 2a : request for 40mph speed limit signs on A84 to the south of Teith Bridge - nothing further had been received (Post meeting note – Councillor Watterson advised that Transport Scotland are in
the process of programming speed surveys across the North West trunk road. It is intended that these will be done in the new financial year and following assessment of the results they will confirm if a localised reduction in speed limit can be considered.)
b) 17d : flooding at Argaty road bridge – a temporary 'flood' road sign is in place on the
approach to the bridge. It was agreed that Alison McAlpine would pursue the matter further with Stirling Council. (Action – Alison McAlpine)
It was noted that the most effective way of getting action on road potholes was for
individual residents to report these to the Roads Department.
c) 11c : inappropriate use of domestic refuse bins – while some action has been taken by Stirling Council through its Estates Warden it was accepted that the issue has not been resolved satisfactorily.
d) 6c – Christmas trees – it was reported that the Doune tree had been removed but that the tree at Deanston remained in situ.
e) 6b : bus shelter at Deanston – there was nothing further to report
f) February resume : parking issues outside the new Chinese takeaway – it was noted that while there had been some initial difficulties this was not perceived to be a continuing problem.

3 Police Report
for period 10 February – 11 March 2023 compiled by Constable Lorna Deans
a) Antisocial Behaviour - There have been no reports during this period.
b) Road Safety - On 11 February police were contacted regarding the careless driving manner of a vehicle on A820 between Dunblane and
Callander. Enquiries are still ongoing.
On 26 February the A84 between Doune and Callander was closed for several hours due to a multiple vehicle collision.
c) Theft – On the evening of 13 February a vehicle parked on Teith Road, Deanston was broken into and items stolen from within. Enquiries are
continuing in relation to this.
Overnight on 5/6 March a shed was broken into at the allotments on Argaty Road, Doune. Nothing appears to have been taken. This is the second
time within a month. Officers will continue to patrol this route when they can, between calls.

4 Councillors' Report – there were no Councillors present

5 Kilmadock Development Trust Community Development Officer
Neil Fergusson reported as follows :
a) Community Plan – Sustaining Choices project with PAS has wrapped up, and the action plan for walking, cycling and public transport is on the
Community Plan The actions in it will be included in the full Community Plan, the draft of which is continuing, expected to be ready after Easter.
To help communities with preparing Local Place Plans, the Improvement Service (overseen by COSLA) is offering access to a mapping service
called Parish Online. It was agreed that the Community Council would apply for the necessary Ordnance Survey permissions. (Action – Neil
b) Gym equipment – Moray Park, Doune : a site visit with Stirling Council confirmed that the equipment will be sited just north of football club’s storage container. Exact layout is awaited, together with timetable for installation which is most likely to be in April.
Sustrans has confirmed that bike maintenance stand is going ahead.
Stirling Council will install it at same time as outdoor gym equipment, Roots Cycles will be responsible for flagging up any repairs needed.
Deanston Community Centre: Kilmadock Development Trust is awaiting all the financial aspects of funding to be tied up. All being well, installation should begin in March.
c) Doune and Deanston Youth Project – an opportunity has arisen to apply for funding for the proposed new building. It was agreed that the
Community Council would offer a letter of support in connection with an application.
d) Historic Plaques – it was noted that planning permission (free of charge) will be required for plaques on listed buildings. Planning permission (fee payable) will also be required for plaques in the Conservation Area. It was agreed to proceed and to invite Kilmadock Development Trust to cover the necessary fees.
With regard to the refurbishment of the fountain at Castle Brae and the sundial to be re-erected at 41/43 Main Street it was agreed to make
applications for funding to the Windfarm Trust.

6 Chair's Report - there were no matters to report

7 Treasurer's Report
The Treasurer, Jim McGroarty reported that the Kilmadock Community Council Bank
Account balance at 13 March 2023 was £6,568.07.
Running costs for the Moray Park toilets were £8,878 for the year to 13 March 2023.
Electricity costs were £504 for the last quarter.
The defibrillator has now been fitted to the former phone box and an invoice for installation costs is awaited.
An insurance premium of £40 has been paid to Webb & Wallace in whose safe the Provost's
Chain is kept.
Funds remain available for the purchase of planters at the War Memorial when the returfing
of the garden area is complete.

8 Secretary's Report – there was nothing to report

9 Community Council Membership
It was noted that the present Council would cease to exist on 14 April and a new Council elected. Self-nominations are invited. If no election is required the new Council will be formed at a meeting after 19 April, whereas if an election takes place the new Council will not be formed until after 29 June. It was agreed that Alison
McAlpine and Ken Russell would liaise to arrange suitable publicity.
Jim McGroarty and Dougie Morrison indicated that they would not seek re-election and both were thanked for their considerable contribution to the work of the Council and the community as a whole.

10 Planning
Dougie Morrison reported that an application had been submitted for a single storey extension to the house at 5 Firs Road, Doune.

11 Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund
Tony Farrant in his absence reported as follows :
a) Moray Park Toilets – the first anniversary of the opening of the toilets has passed and thanks were expressed to all who contribute to providing this facility. It was agreed that, in the light of high electricity consumption, measures to reduce energy usage should be considered.
It was agreed to invite the cleaner to take over a 'deep clean' of the toilets and to estimate the additional hours which this would require.(Actions – David Harding)
b) Green Shed site – a revised completion date of 14 April has been agreed with funders. Network Rail has confirmed that it does not own ground between the site and the ponds.
c) Issues in Doune village – Stephen Bly of Stirling Council has now offered responses from the various departments. A number of issues will continue to be explored.
d) Defibrillators – it was agreed to apply to the Windfarm Trust for funding to replace the defibrillator pads at a cost of £72.50 plus VAT per set. (Action – Jim McGroarty)
e) Signage – a member of the public has requested a 'no through road' sign at the junction of Moray Street and Main Street.
f) War Memorial grounds – Stirling Council has agreed to turf over the garden area.
Planters will then be situated in the area. For maintenance reasons it is suggested that shrubs rather than summer bedding be planted.

12 Kilmadock Development Trust –
Ken Russell reported that the Trust's AGM had been held in February and that the annual accounts had been approved. Two new directors had been appointed – Ken Carson and Morag Ferrier and two co-opted members – Dave Bertin and David Clark were further co-opted.
New external notice boards have been provided at the Information Centre and Rural Hall.

13 Roads – there was no report

14 Doune Ponds and Commonty Walk
Tony Farrant, in his absence, expressed thanks to Moray Estates and volunteers. 65 hours were spent on one day shredding the brash mainly from previous storm damage.
Simple steps will be installed to the old green shed site by 14 April
The Easter egg hunt is being organised for Sunday 9 April 11 am until 2pm

15 Christmas trees and lights
It was agreed to proceed with the purchase of more lights to extend the display in the village
(Action – Dougie Morrison)

16 Forestry
Sue Harvey reported on timber removal operations via the road past the health centre.

17 Other business
a) Potential new housing by Moray Estates – there as nothing further to report
b) Community Resilience – there was no further news of the proposed training session.
c) Waste bin at Castle Brae – it was agreed that this should be repositioned to avoid intrusion on to the pavement. (Action – Alison McAlpine)
d) Doune Gala – assistance with erection of bunting for the Gala is sought and it was hoped that the team responsible for the Christmas lights would be able to help. It was agreed that residents on whose homes bunting would be attached should be approached personally. It was suggested that flowers should be placed in the toilets during this period.
e) Village 'deep clean' – it was reported that this exercise is no longer undertaken by Stirling Council. It was agreed that the Estates Warden be invited to attend the next meeting of the Community Council. (Action – Alison McAlpine)

18 Next meeting
It was agreed that the next meeting would be held on Zoom on Monday 3 April 2023 at 7.30pm.
The meeting closed at 8.38pm.