October 2023 Minutes

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Present : Tony Farrant (Chair), Rowena Drowley, David Harding, Alison McAlpine, Ken Russell,
Wallis Scott, Alistair Sutherland, Elizabeth Wallace , .
In attendance : Neil Fergusson (Development Officer), David Clark (Minute Secretary), Cllr.
Gene Maxwell, members of the public and representatives of the School Parent Council
Apologies for absence : Sue Sedgwick
1 Approval of Minute
The minute of the meeting held on 18 September 2023 was approved, proposed by Ken
Russell, seconded by Elizabeth Wallace..
2 Traffic Issues
Tony Farrant invited local resident Bryan Grieve to address the meeting on his concerns
about traffic noise, vibration and general disturbance in the area of his home at the west end
of Balkerach Street. It was noted that such traffic concerns were not confined to that area
and that one of the contributory factors was the current speed bumps and their condition. .
Recognising that this was a long-standing issue it was generally agreed that it had recently
become more noticeable, particularly with the increased size and frequency of commercial
and farm vehicles travelling through Doune. It was noted that Stirling Council does not have
a traffic officer at the present time and that the school crossing patrol has been withdrawn as
part of budget cuts. It was agreed that this was a difficult issue to address satisfactorily and
that an important step is to ensure that all incidents are logged and reported, with
photographic evidence wherever possible. Tony Farrant thanked Bryan Grieve for his
contribution and members of the school parent council for their raising the Council's removal
of the crossing patroller and assured them that the Community Council would continue to
pursue the matters with Stirling Council.
3 Chair's Report
Tony Farrant reported that James Innes & Son had been engaged to carry out necessary
cleaning of the war memorial followed by a structural survey and that Stirling Council would
tidy up the surrounding area before Remembrance Sunday.
On the recent damage to Teith Bridge there was no further information on the nature or
timing of repairs, which will require involvement of Historic Environment Scotland. Cllr.
Maxwell indicated that Stirling Council has approached Transport Scotland to consider a
permanent traffic light system. This was the first time that the Community Council were made
aware of this request.
There was still no response from Stirling Council to requests for information on progress to
completion of the parking facility at the former green shed site.
4 Police Report
9 September – 8 October 2023, compiled by Constable Lorna Deans
a) Antisocial behaviour
Between 19 and 21 September a parked car was vandalised in Deanston.
Enquiries continue.
b) Road Safety
On 16 September police were contacted regarding dangerous driving on
the A84 near to Doune. Enquiries continue..
On 23 September damage was caused to a parked vehicle on Main Street,
Doune by another vehicle. The driver of the offending vehicle failed to stop
or report the incident. Enquiries continue.
On 24 September damage was caused to a parked vehicle in North Lea,
Doune by a passing vehicle. The driver of the offending vehicle failed to
stop or report the incident. The driver was later traced and reported to the
Procurator Fiscal.
On 27 September a vehicle collided with Teith Bridge, causing damage.
The road was closed for a considerable time.
Over the weekend of 7 and 8 October officers were called to deal with extensive
flooding on a number of the roads in the local area.
c) Theft
Between 17 and 18 September a motorbike was stolen from the Doune
area. Enquiries continue.
5 Councillor's Report
Cllr. Maxwell reported on the budgeting process for 2024 and indicated that decisions on the
new budget would be based on the current deficit of £12.7 million. He reported that plans for
a sizeable housing/commercial development on land near Stirling motorway services have
been approved. He was able to confirm that, in the light of recent national concerns, there
were no local school buildings affected by issues with reinforced aerated concrete.
6 Treasurer's Report
Elizabeth Wallace reported that, as at 7 October, the Community Council held funds totalling
£11,183.56, of which £9,776.85 was in restricted funds with £1,406.71 in unrestricted funds.
7 Secretary's Report
David Harding reported as follows :
a) Di Campbell enquired about the prospect of establishing a ‘warm space’ facility this
winter. This was suggested last year but did not materialise, partly because of a lack of
suitable volunteers and difficulty in establishing demand..A response is awaited from
Stirling Council about a possible grant. The Red Lion was mentioned as a possible
venue should the concept develop.
b) Antisocial behaviour was reported at an address in Castlehill, Doune. The resident was
directed to Stirling Council's online 'report it' page.
c) The location of the Deanston bus shelter has been agreed by CAFD, although it is not
its preferred option, in order to have the shelter in place at an early point.
d) The pavement outside the Bank House in Doune still shows damage from melted
plastic after the recent fire. Stirling Council has agreed to rectify.
e) The occupants of 42 Main Street, Doune have agreed to allow an external electrical
socket to be fitted to their property to allow a power supply for a further area of
Christmas lights.
f) Stirling Council has agreed to repair the kerbstone outside the Buttercup Cafe and
replace the damaged road sign adjacent to the former telephone box in Balkerach
g) Weeding of Main Street, Doune has been carried out by volunteers from the Red Lion. It
was agreed to send a note of thanks. (Action – David Harding)
h) Some street bollards have been repainted by Neil Ferrier. It was agreed to purchase
paint from the Community Pride budget to enable further bollard painting to be carried
i) Damaged drains outside 57 and 63 Main Street have been reported. One has been
dealt with and the other will require a partial road closure at a later date.
j) It was noted that the football cub intend to disconnect the unused floodlights at Moray
Park. While this was understandable for economic reasons it was agreed that this would
have an adverse effect on the use of the tennis courts, which themselves are in need of
k) A report of a damaged car wing mirror has been received together with complaints
about parking and traffic conditions in Doune.
l) Stirling Council has confirmed that the Community Council can contact the National
Fundraising Scheme to provide a text donation service to offset costs associated with
running the Moray Park toilets.
m) On the issue of taps being left on in Moray Park toilets – as the toilets are accessible
and designed to be compliant with Document M of the building regulations, replacement
taps that automatically shut off would not be compliant unless they are specifically
designed sensor taps. The currently installed lever taps are the industry standard and
given the low incidence of taps being left on it was decided to retain them at present.
8 Development Officer
Neil Fergusson reported that the full draft text of the Community Plan (version one) was
published on 2 October. The final consultation, a Community Poll, runs until 8
November. The immediate priority for the next month is to encourage as many
people as possible to take part in the Community Poll. Any help that Community
Councillors can give in that regard, even just word of mouth, will be very helpful.
9 Roads
Rowena Drowley reported on continuing issues with flooding and associated
signage at the bridge on the Argaty Road
10 Villages
Sue Sedgwick, in her absence, reported as follows :
a) Domestic refuse bins in Mile End Lane – bins continue to be kept in the garden
and off the lane, as requested.
b) Bin at Moray Park – this has been repositioned by Stirling Council on the basis
that it is underused. There is evidence that the remaining bin becomes full to
overflowing but there has been no further communication from Stirling Council
on the matter.
c) Car park at Co-op – Stirling Council's housing team will assess the broken fencing with
a view to replacement. On the issue of cars parking outwith marked bays it has been
established that this is a matter for Stirling Council via its traffic wardens although lack of
adequate staff will mean that it is unlikely that there will be a frequent presence. When
the Council has a new traffic officer in place the question of improved signage and road
markings will be addressed. Similarly, the issue of long-term parking of motor homes will
await the new appointment although the opening of the former green shed site car park
may help relieve the problem.
11 Planning
Wallis Scott reported that there were no current applications of note for the area.
12 Community Action for Deanston
Alistair Sutherland reported that the AGM would take place during the following week. On the
matter of the poor exterior condition of some houses in Teith Row the matter of ownership of
individual properties remained to be resolved with Stirling Council.
13 Kilmadock Development Trust
Ken Russell reported that a new member of Post Office counter staff has been recruited and
appropriate training is in progress..
14 Woodland Group
Tony Farrant reported on arrangements for the Fairy Trail at Doune Ponds from 16 – 30
December and that the group has been selected for inclusion for token donations via ownbrand
purchases at Doune Co-op. New benches and a noticeboard are to be installed.
15 Moray Park toilets
There were no matters to report.
16 The Bridge
There were no matters to report.
17 Forestry
There were no matters to report.
18 Remembrance Day
Alison McAlpine reported that arrangements were in hand for the annual service on 12
November and that the necessary applications had been made.
19 Other business
a) Doune Motor Park - further complaints have been received about noise disturbance
from Doune Motor Park and hazardous road conditions in the vicinity on days when the
Park is operating. It was noted that this has been a recurring issue.
b) Democracy Matters – a consultation is proposed on the role of Community Councils
and the possibility of changing their statutory powers and legal status. It was agreed to
circulate an available booklet to allow members to make an informed decision about
participation in the consultation.
20 Next meeting
It was agreed that the next meeting would take place on Monday 13 November 2023 at
7.00pm in the Information Centre.
21 Closure
There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.25pm