April 2021 Minutes




Present: Bill Ruddell (Chair), Gordon Campbell (Treasurer), Gary Bell, Vicky
Mason and Stuart Small.


Apologies: Niall Hamilton-Smith and Jen McNiven (Secretary),


In Attendance: Lauren Grant (minutes)


  1. Welcome and Apologies


    The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies were as noted above.


    Members wishing condolences to secretary, Jen McNiven following the death of her father.


  2. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 01 March 2021.

    The Minutes with some minor amendments were approved as an accurate record:
    Proposed Bill Ruddell

    Seconded Gordon Campbell


  3. Police Report


    No officer present at the meeting. Written report submitted and circulated to members prior
    to meeting.


    Noted the introduction of ‘’Operation Nippet” within the community council area which is a
    Police Scotland project running in conjunction with Enforcement Officers from Stirling Council
    to address the antisocial gatherings etc taking place in the park.


  4. Matters Arising


    Viewforth Link Road


    Noted that the link road is to be deferred with no allocation of funds towards the same in this
    financial year.


    Noted that it is not clear whether this is a deferment or a cancellation of the project.


    Noted that Niall was the member of the community council who presented the objection on
    the community council’s behalf. Niall thanked for all his work on this.


    Stuart noting that discussions still require to take place as to exactly what is going to happen
    with the land. Members in agreement that there are issues surrounding the road that still
    require to be addressed such as the replacement of Allans Primary School.


    Members agreeing that there should be a re-engagement with the council which would show
    a step away from defending a position, being the objection to the link road and focus more
    around how best to use the land to best serve the community.


    Kings Park Community Council 1

    Members in agreement that there appears to be a lack of questioning by the Councillors of
    policies and projects led by Stirling council officers.


    Members agreeing that the lack of Councillors is creating engagement issues but also in
    agreement that for now, matters in relation to this project should be ‘paused’.


    Sustainable Transport


    Chair noting that he wrote to the project manager of Walk Cycle Live Stirling in relation to the
    proposed mixed cycle and vehicle lane on behalf of the community council.


    Further noting that Allan’s Primary parent council echoed the points raised by the community
    council and the Friends of Kings Park.


    Noting that the Council have acknowledged that they have received a lot of comments from
    various organisations in the area as well as by individual residents.


    Gordon noting that Friends of Kings Park have echoed the community council’s points in a
    recent email to the Council.


    Members in agreement to wait until a substantive response from the Council before making
    any further comment


  5. Chairman’s Report


    Noted that the Scottish Government reporter has allowed the appeal from Patersons in
    relation to the Murrayshall Quarry Road and the threat of the additional heavy vehicles
    passing through the community council area is still very much there.


  6. Secretary’s Report


    Secretary not present.


  7. Treasurer’s Report


    Nothing to report.


  8. Councillor’s Report


    Noted that the Chair will write to the Councillors to ask why there has been no attendance and
    to urge their attendance going forward.


  9. Kings Park


    Noted that a resident had been in touch with the community council in respect of excessive
    poo bags in and around the park and possible solutions to this problem.


    Gordon noting it may be worth the gentleman being in touch with the Friends of Kings Park in
    relation to this matter however the discussion regarding more bins has been covered
    extensively previously.


  10. Planning Issues


    Kings Park Community Council 2

    21 Victoria Place


    Noted that a number of people have been in touch with the Chair in respect of this as there is
    a lot of activity in respect of this with some outstanding amendments to the application to
    include balconies that appear to have a view into neighbouring properties.


    It appears that some preliminary work is being undertaken in respect of the ongoing
    application with trucks being in and out of the garden regularly.


    Members agreeing that the amendments should be the subject of a further objection.


  11. KPCC Communications


    Nothing to report.


  12. AOCB


    Noted that there is no prospect of any meetings taking place in the Smith in the near future
    and therefore the AGM will take place online on the first Monday in June.


    Chair noting that he will not be standing as Chair at the next AGM but will be happy to remain
    on the Community Council for the next year.


  13. Date of next meeting is Monday 10th May 2021.




Kings Park Community Council 3