Feb 2021 Minutes



Present: Bill Ruddell (Chair), Jen McNiven (Secretary), Gary Bell, Niall
Hamilton-Smith, Vicky Mason and Stuart Small.

Apologies: None

In Attendance: Lauren Grant (minutes)


  1. Welcome and Apologies


    The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies were as noted above.


  2. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 07 December 2020.

    The Minutes were approved as an accurate record:
    Proposed Jen McNiven

    Seconded Gary Bell


  3. Police Report


    No officer present at the meeting. Written report submitted and circulated to members prior
    to meeting.


    Noted that there seemed to be a rise in incidents contained within this month’s report.


  4. Matters Arising


    Allan’s Primary & Dumbarton Road Crossing


    Noted that there is no update on this matter.
    Sustainable Transport

    Noted that there has been a blanket traffic regulation order issued which has identified some
    areas within Stirling as possible to have allocated to them a 20mph speed limit that appears
    to still be at consultation phase.


    Noted that Stirling Council have put in a bid for £350,000 smarter transport funding including
    bus services and staffing for consulting.


    Noted that members have been invited to an event in respect of the Walk Cycle Live Stirling
    project relative to the Stirling college route. Bill has responded to this invitation but has not
    heard anything in response.


    Friends of Kings Park


    Noted that members feel that it is beneficial that the park itself is represented separately from
    the community council. Members noting that the park is a ‘city park’ for the benefit of the


    Kings Park Community Council 1

    whole of Stirling and accordingly, it is beneficial for members to convene from all over the


    Agreed that correspondence could be issued by the community council to other community
    councils within the Stirling council area to urge residents from across the city to become
    members of the Friends of Kings Park.


    Agreed that initially, the community council should write to the current members of the
    Friends of Kings Park to seek their approval to write the correspondence noted above.


    Viewforth Link Road


    Noted that the matter is still ongoing but that the e-petition has had an excellent response
    and has 372 signatures at the present moment. Noted that there are a lot of comments on
    the petition, some comments could be deemed to be rather heated but there are a lot of
    helpful comments from people across the Stirling Council area.


    Members asking that everyone continues to circulate the e-petition.


    Noted that the next stage for consideration are the environmental matters. The Council would
    need to start working on the trees throughout the month of February in order to have the
    work completed prior to nesting periods.


    Noted that per the Council rules, their delay in acknowledging the petition could mean that
    the petition is not heard in a Council meeting until the full meeting of the Council in March.


    Noted that there are financial and environmental considerations in terms of the link road,
    which means that residents from throughout the Stirling Council area have their opinions to
    share on the matter.


    Agreed that some questions require to be raised with the Council in terms of the funding for
    this project being ring-fenced. Noting that there have been statements made that this has
    become a generally accepted truth.


    Agreed that Stewart will write to Alistair Tollemache and Neil Benny to obtain their
    understanding of the funding position and whether indeed there have been funds ring-fenced.


    Noted that members are happy, if it assists, to sign the petition off as being on behalf of the
    community council in order for the Council to take proper notice of it.


  5. Chairman’s Report


    Noted that all matters have been covered.


  6. Secretary’s Report


    Noted that Alan Smith is attempting to be in touch with community councils should anyone
    wish to arrange a Zoom call.


  7. Treasurer’s Report


    Treasurer not present.


  8. Councillor’s Report


    Kings Park Community Council 2

    No Councillor present and no report submitted.


    Members noting that there has been a distinct lack of Councillor presence at the meetings and
    agreed that Stewart will write to Councillors to request their future attendance.


  9. AGM Discussion


    Noted that there are some decisions to be made in terms of the logistics of the AGM for this


    Agreed that AGM will take place online on Wednesday 9th June (subject to being an organised
    in person meeting should government restrictions change).


  10. Kings Park


    Noted that a new wall has been erected at the back walk.


  11. Planning Issues


    Noted that a fresh planning application has been submitted in relation to 21 Victoria Park.
    Members agreeing that the proposals appear to be more in keeping with the surrounding
    properties and far less imposing than the application that has been submitted previously.


    Noted that an application has also been submitted for some extensive alterations to a
    property in Clarendon place. One member being a neighbour advising that he has no
    objections to these proposals.


  12. KPCC Communications


    Facebook is running well and people are contacting the community council via the Facebook


  13. AOCB




    Noted that there are some spaces to fill on the community council and agreed that some
    advertisement should be made to attract some interest in the same. Agreed that a notice will
    be placed in the notice board.




    Noted that another petition has started in respect of deputation which allows the public the
    right to sit in on and make comments on council meetings.


    April/May Meetings


    Kings Park Community Council 3

    Agreed that meetings will take place on 12th April and 10th May.


  14. Date of next meeting is Monday 1st March 2021.




Kings Park Community Council 4