Oct 2021 Minutes

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Present: Stewart Small (Chair), Gordon Campbell (Treasurer), Bill Ruddell, Niall Hamilton Smith Gary Bell, and Lorraine Hendry

Apologies: Jen McNiven, Vicky Mason (Secretary) and Maurice Fitzgibbons.

In Attendance: None.

1. Welcome and Apologies


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies were as noted above.

2. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 06 September 2021.


The Minutes with some minor amendments were approved as an accurate record with some minor amendments:

Proposed Bill Ruddell

Seconded Gordon Campbell

3. Police Report


No officer present at the meeting – report submitted and circulated among members prior to the meeting.

4. Matters Arising


a. Sustainable Transport


City Centre South consultation remains open until 31 October – members encourage all residents to respond to this consultation, despite that is remains unclear as to what action will be taken in regards to responses received.

Members noting that various road repairs being carried out within the community council area are not fit for purpose and are unlikely to stand the test of time. Noting that there does not seem to be any logic as to which parts of the roads are being repaired and the standard being achieved by the same.

Members agreeing to meet with Kayleigh Webster, project manager for Walk Cycle Live Stirling for second time in relation to their disagreement and disappointment towards the proposed college cycle route. Members agreeing thereafter they will report to officers and Councillors.

b. Co-option of new members


Following due process having been carried out since the last meeting, both Maurice Fitzgibbons and Lorraine Hendry were unanimously co-opted as new members of the community council.


c. Friends of Kings Park


Gordon noting the matters discussed at the last meeting, with specific reference to the following:-

- Toilet Block: noting that the repairs to the toilet block left the overall appearance of the toilet block and this requires revisited.

- Reduced support from Council members: members noting that it has become more difficult to obtain Council support due to reduced staffing numbers.

- Facebook is creating a lot of traffic.

Gordon noting that he will circulate the minutes from the meeting among community council members.

Members noting that Friends historically campaigned for upgraded changing facilities, segregating male and female changing areas – Gordon agreeing to raise this again at the next meeting with the hope that it will encourage female sporting activities.

5. Secretary’s Report


Secretary not present at the meeting but advised prior to the meeting that all correspondence has been circulated to members.

6. Councillor’s Report


No Councillor present at meeting and no report submitted.

7. Chairman’s Report


Nothing to report.

8. Treasurer’s Report


Nothing to report.

9. Kings Park


a. Signage around perimeter of the park


Noted that the golf course have erected replacement signage advising walkers to keep out of the way of golfers/golf balls – shifting the responsibility to the walkers from the golfers to take care, specifically at the 9th hole.

Bill agreeing to pick up with Council officer regarding the former proposed signage around the perimeter of the park.

10. Planning


a. Victoria Place


Small extension within footprint of conservatory. No objections noted.

b. Application for events venue at church site.


Noting that the application seems to be around preserving the fabric of the building. Noting limited parking proposals within application and potential antisocial noise.

c. Kings Park House Application


Noted that the application is to be determined at a future planning panel meeting. Niall and Stewart have submitted comments to Scott Farmer and Neil Benny, being the Councillors for the community council area who sit on the panel referring to the handling report and highlighting the following issues: -

- The report appears to dismiss the views of 22 Victoria Place around loss of light etc on the basis that the room affected is a kitchen and not deemed a habitable room. Stewart and Niall’s comments challenge this view.

- The report appears to support the infilling as simply being the conversion of an existing building. Stewart and Niall’s comments challenge this view.

11. KPCC Communications


Nothing to report.

12. AOCB


a. Local Place Plans

Noted that Bill and Jen attended a meeting in relation to this government initiative where local communities are being encourage to put forward a local place plan into the council Planning department where it will be considered in connection with the Local development Plan.

Noted that the meeting was an awareness session as to what the community council’s options were with emphasis on improving their local environment.

13. Date of next meeting will be 01 November 2021.