Sept 2021 Minutes



Present: Stewart Small (Chair), Jen McNiven (Secretary), Gordon Campbell
(Treasurer), Bill Ruddell, Vicky Mason Niall Hamilton Smith and Gary

Apologies: None.

In Attendance: Maurice Fitzgibbons and Lorraine Hendry.

  1. Welcome and Apologies

    The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies were as noted above.

  2. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 07 June 2021.

    The Minutes with some minor amendments were approved as an accurate record with some
    minor amendments:


    Proposed Jen McNiven

    Seconded Bill Ruddell


  3. Police Report

    No officer present at the meeting and no written report submitted.


    Noted that officers have advised that their shift pattern does not fall on a Monday making it
    difficult for them to attend meetings, however members are invited to arrange meetings out
    with the Community Council meeting to discuss any specific matters.


  4. Matters Arising

    1. Sustainable Transport


      Nothing further to note.


    2. Friends of Kings Park


      Noted that member have been invited to AGM on 29 September. Chair will try to
      attend and invited other members to attend if they can. Gordon and Maurice agreeing
      to attend.


    3. Albert Place/Dumbarton Road changes


      All members in agreement that the proposals are not suitable along the route that has
      been proposed and are likely to cause road safety concerns and in fact affect other
      sustainable transport measure around the city.


      Members agreeing to consult with the community, including to the parent teacher
      group within Allan’s Primary.


      Kings Park Community Council 1

      Noted that the Chair will arrange meetings with Councillors and Council Officers to
      discuss matters and Bill will attend when organised.


  5. Chairman’s Report

    Nothing to report.


  6. Secretary’s Report

    Jen noted the following:-


    1. Invitation to Licencing forum has been sent to members.

    2. Cityfibre – noting that there have been some enquiries regarding residents
      arranging for this to be installed.

    3. Careless driving at pedestrian crossing on Dumbarton Road – noting that Jen
      reported the situation to Police. Noting that if any members see anything, they
      should note registration numbers and report to police in order to build a case for
      how dangerous the crossing is.


  7. Treasurer’s Report

    Nothing to report.


  8. Councillor’s Report

    No Councillor present at meeting and no report submitted.


  9. Kings Park

    1. Update on meeting held in August


      Noted that a multi-agency meeting was held regarding the antisocial behaviour within
      the park.


      Noted that reporting incidents via 101 is extremely time consuming and difficult which
      is resulting in people giving up trying and inaccurate number being generated.


      Noted that police officers advising that there is an effort for officers to be present
      even when they are off shift.


      Noted that there is a mobile CCTV camera in position now but had not yet gone live
      at the date of the meeting. This was a welcome addition by attendees at the meeting
      but it was noted that it may not be a permanent fix to the issue.


      Noted that there was a serious assault incident at the park and a young male was air
      lifted to hospital in July. This was discussed at the meeting.


      Attendees at the meeting agreed to join a Community Council meeting semi-regularly
      to track what the status of the park is throughout the year, how successful the camera
      is and to get a plan in place for the following year.


  10. Planning

    Kings Park Community Council 2

    1. Parking at Raploch


      Noted that the plan was poorly scaled making it difficult to ascertain the route.
      Members noting that this car park intersects a sustainable transport route.

    2. Application for further alterations to 21 Victoria Place


      Members noting having submitted objections to the new application.


      Members noting that part of the Victorian wall has been removed without planning


      Noting it is thought that an AirBnB is being operated in the basement flat.


  11. KPCC Communications


    Jen noting she will advertise Friends of Kings park AGM on social media.
    Noting she will continue to add content to social media platforms.

  12. AOCB


    1. Thanks to Lorraine and Maurice for attending the meeting.


      Both Lorraine and Maurice noting interest in becoming Community Councillors.


    2. Admin Grant – noted that KPCC no longer receive an admin grant on account of
      never having claimed any expenses.


  13. Date of next meeting will be 04 October 2021.




Kings Park Community Council 3