Feb 2022 Minutes

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Present: Stewart Small (Chair), Jen McNiven (Secretary), Gordon Campbell (Treasurer), Bill Ruddell and Niall Hamilton Smith.

Apologies: Gary Bell, Lorraine Hendry, Vicky Mason and Maurice Fitzgibbons.

In Attendance: Lauren Grant (minutes), Jane Saunders and William Ferguson.

1. Welcome and Apologies

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies were as noted above.

2. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 06 December 2021.

The Minutes were approved as an accurate record: Proposed Jen McNiven

Seconded Stewart Small

3. Police Report

No officer present at the meeting – no written report circulated prior to the meeting.

Noted that the local police officer has noticed that the issues at the park seem to have worsened and so would like a further meeting to be convened to arrive at a solution.

Members noting that the gathering of underage drinkers under the shelter is having a detrimental effect on the business and local relationships that the owner of the Pavilion has.

Members agreeing that the prevention of the risk that these issues cause require some input from both the Council and the Police.

Members agreeing that the proposed multi agency meeting would allow a ‘problem solving’ conversation to take place.

Members agreeing to keep Jill Marshall engaged in the process and Jen agreeing to send an email to arrange a meeting with local officers, Jill Marshall and local Councillors.

4. Matters Arising

a. Sustainable Transport

No update.

5. Albert Place/Dumbarton Road

Noted that the Council have proceeded with their initial proposals in respect of the cycle route/road diversion, despite numerous objections being made.


Noted that Dumbarton Road will be reconfigured to be a cycle route and all through traffic will be channelled along the edge of the park and down to the traffic lights at Snowdon Place which is effectively initiating the Viewforth Link Road without constructing the Viewforth Link Road.

Noted that the Council will continue to monitor the safety concerns raised by the Community Council and local residents but are going ahead with the initial proposal despite these concerns.

Members reiterating their frustration in respect of the implementation of this route and the Council’s lack of consideration to the same.

6. Secretary’s Report

Jen noting that all correspondence was distributed among members prior to the meeting.

Jen noting members have been invited to sessions around Stirling’s bid to become the City of Culture.

7. Councillor’s Report

No Councillor present and no written report submitted.

Jen agreeing to ensure Councillors are aware of the meeting dates.

8. Kings Park

a. Friends of Kings Park


Noted that there is a recruitment drive on for members, including face to face leaflet distribution within the park.

9. Planning

Niall noted the following planning matters:-

a. application for the church on Albert Place seems to have been approved.

b. an application has been lodged to convert the doctor’s surgery at 9 Park Avenue.

Members making no comments.

10. KPCC Communications

Jen noting that the community council would welcome anyone with some IT knowledge to develop the community council’s website which has been dormant for some time.

11. AOCB

a. Allan’s Primary

Jen noting that Snowdon School is up for sale and the headteacher of Allan’s Primary School has been in touch with the Council to enquire as to whether the building could be purchased by the Council.


Members agreeing to send a letter of support for the property to be obtained by the Council to relocate Allan’s Primary school, giving them more outdoor space which is the biggest priority for the parent/teacher group.

b. Members discussing possible street parties to mark the Jubilee.

c. Co-Option of new member

William Ferguson noting interest in being co-opted as a member of the Community Council – all members present noting their support.

12. Date of next meeting will be 07 March 2022.