Sept 2022 Minutes

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Present: Stewart Small (Chair), Jen McNiven (Secretary), Willie Ferguson and Maurice Fitzgibbons.

Apologies: Gary Bell, Niall Hamilton-Smith, Jane Saunders, Gordon Campbell (Treasurer), Lorraine Hendry, Lauren Grant (minutes)

In Attendance: N/A

1. Welcome and Apologies


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies were as noted above.

2. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 9 May 2022.

The Minutes were approved as an accurate record: Proposed Maurice Fitzgibbons

Seconded Willie Ferguson

3. Police Report


Written report circulated to members prior to the meeting. Members noting that the written police report lacks detail in respect of collating information around the issues in the park. Jen to revert to Pam to find out what charges have been brought and the outcomes, and to ask if the Police were planning any further meetings on the matter.

4. Matters Arising


a. Sustainable Transport


No update was available for the meeting. Members noted the stage of works, and that the Albert Place phase was due to start in the coming months. It was agreed that, on the basis that the works are going ahead as planned despite the various concerns raised by KPCC, that KPCC should feedback comments in relation to specific points of design detail where necessary via the web site to ensure that the works deliver the best possible outcome. For example, proposed road closures at Albert Place and Port Street not well considered in terms of proposed alternative routes. Another example is the need for an additional crossing on Dumbarton Road from Kings Knot at gate halfway along as parking moved to other side of road and more people crossing the road to access the Kings Knot. Another observation was the need for 2 crossings rather than one on Dumbarton Road, at the Glebe Road junction at Clarendon Place junction, rather than in the current location, and that the crossing lights are not bright enough – frequently drivers are unaware of the crossing resulting in frequent near miss events.

5. Chair report


In the context of a new session and various changed to membership, Stewart noted his intent for the Community Council to agree in the coming months what its priorities should be going forward, and how as a group the Community Council gets consensus on issues as they arise. Stewart noted that there was always a risk in assuming that Members will respond to issues in the same way and welcomed a culture of openness to allow a frank exchange of views where necessary. Members agreed that it was OK if the group is unable to speak with one voice on certain matters. Stewart reminded the meeting of the importance of the Community Council being non-political, noting how difficult that could be when members each will have their own political views. It was agreed that Members would discuss priorities for the year ahead at the next meeting when more Members were in attendance.

6. Secretary’s Report


Jen noting that all emails of note have been circulated to members. Membership

Jen noting that Gordon Campbell has resigned from the Community Council and from his role as Treasurer. Gordon has offered to continue certain Treasurer functions in the short term until a new treasurer appointment is made. Members noted their thanks to Gordon for his many years of membership of KPCC and the contributions that he has made.

7. Councillor’s Report


No Councillor present.

8. Kings Park


Jen provided an update following an informal conversation with Stirling Council Youth Outreach worker Emma Harvey regarding the Youth Team’s work within the Kings Park. Emma had noted that the Youth team would be willing to share their reports with KPCC going forward. This informal offer was welcomed by KPCC as it would provide a more rounded view of what was happening in the Kings Park and the steps that the Council were taking to improve the situation. Jen to contact Emma Harvey to progress.

Stewart to speak with proprietor of the café for an update on the situation from his perspective.

9. Planning


Niall was not able to attend the meeting but provided an update to Members in advance of the meeting.

Noted the following planning matters:

Land And Buildings At 11 Melville Terrace Stirling

It is understood that the Planning Officer is opposed to this application. There was some discussion around the general principle of mews type development on the lanes to the rear of many properties in the Kings Park Conservation Area. The general consensus was that such development, if undertaken sensitively and to an appropriate standard for the setting had the potential to improve these lanes in terms


of security and condition of these lanes, with numerous good examples of “active” lanes eg Drummond Place Lane. It was noted that there is already recent new residential units on Gladstone Place Lane as an example.

Land to west of A84 at Falleninch, Stirling – Proposed Residential-led Mixed Use Development Proposal of Application Notice


At the time of the meeting the associated website due to launch on 5 th September had not been viewed by Members.

Initial views of the Community Council to the principal of development of scale in this location were:

· The potential scale of the proposed development would have a potentially devastating impact on the setting of Stirling Castle and of key views from the Castle

· The Council's own housing strategy and recent updates have identified more than enough land to build the houses required, so why develop on green belt land? We actually have little greenbelt so this would be a significant loss.

· Its prime agricultural land, Scotland accounts for more pasture loss recently than any other part of the UK.

· Schools are already over-subscribed. The surrounding road infrastructure is overstretched, and the Council are trying to achieve modal shift at the same time. The knock-on cost and consequences in terms of cost and degradation of amenity across the city is potentially considerable.

Lorraine had noted prior to the meeting that Raploch Community Council were active should we wish to discuss the matter with them and seek their views. Jen to speak with Stephen to initiate contact. Niall and Stewart to attend the online event planned for Thursday 8th. Others to join if possible, and ideally co-ordinate diaries so that we attend “together”.

It was agreed to attend the event with an open mind, and to take stock following the event to agree actions as necessary – these may include linking up with other community councils and other environmental groups, raising awareness within our own Community, representation to our local councillors and potentially a petition.

10. KPCC Communications


Nothing to report.

11. AOCB


The building on Park Avenue previously used as Doctors Surgery - Maurice to write to Councillors to enquire as to what can be done/enforced from a Health & Safety perspective, as the building is not properly secured and is a fire risk.

12. Date of next meeting Monday 3rd October at 7.30pm. Location TBC