Mar 2023 Minutes

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Present: Stewart Small (Chair), Jen McNiven (Secretary), Gary Bell, Jane Saunders, Maurice Fitzgibbons and Willie Ferguson.

Apologies: Niall Hamilton-Smith

In Attendance: Lauren Grant (minutes (online)), PC King, 2 local residents

1. Welcome and Apologies
The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies were as noted above.

2. Minutes of previous meetings
The Minutes of the meeting held on 06 February 2023 were approved as an accurate record:
Proposed Stewart Small
Seconded Jen McNiven

3. Police Report
PC Pam King in attendance at the meeting presented the Police Report.
Speeding on Abercromby Place & Victoria Place
PC King noting that enforcing the 20mph limit is a “grey area” for the police and that the limits are aimed at being “self-enforceable”. PC King asking if the 20mph restriction is a permanent or temporary limit and that the Council need to take further steps to enforce the limit. Councillor Benny confirmed 20mph limits are now permanent.
PC King noting that residents should ask for a traffic survey with a view to targeting the speeding vehicles.
Local resident noting communication with David Hopper at Stirling Council with a view to implementing traffic calming measures.
Councillor Benny noting that the works on Dumbarton Road should be completed by the end of April.
Noted that Balmoral Road closing as part of the next phase of the project will hopefully have a positive effect on some of the residential areas within the community.
Councillor Benny noting that a traffic survey being carried out just now would not show a “true reading” given that it is a temporary problem as a result of the works on Dumbarton Road.
Members agreeing that their preference would be for a traffic survey being carried out now to assess the issue and make positive steps towards mitigation as it is causing a safety concern especially as these roads are a route to Allan’s Primary.
Kings Park Community Council 2
Members suggesting project is paused/cancelled and Councillor Benny noting that this will not be an option.

4. Matters Arising
a. Sustainable Transport
Gary Bell noting that a large proportion of grant funding is being used to promote the Council’s Park & Ride service.
b. KPCC Elections
Local residents advising they would be happy to be elected/co-opted on to the Community Council.
Members noting the role of the Community Council and how beneficial it is for local residents to be a part of the work the Community Council are involved in.
c. Community Council Health Check
Jane noting that the first quarterly review is coming up and members agreeing to give input where required.

5. Chair’s Report
Nothing to report.

6. Secretary’s Report
Jen noting the following: -
- Planning application approved for the demolition of a property on Clarendon Place.
- Planning application for construction of student accommodation on Dumbarton Road.
- Licence application for the (Kings Park) Pavilion is with the Council.
No objections raised.

7. Councillor’s Report
Councillor Benny noting that the funding to the smith Art Gallery has been cut.
Cllr Benny noting that National Planning Framework 4 is aimed towards sustainability which should allow replacement windows within listed buildings.

8. Kings Park
Nothing to report.

9. Planning
Nothing to report aside from that noted in the Secretary’s Report.

10. KPCC Communications
Kings Park Community Council 3
Nothing to report.

11. AOCB
Nothing to report.

12. Date of next meeting is 03 April 2023.