Aug 2 Extraordinary 2021 Minutes

Approved Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting held on Tuesday 10th of
August 2021 8pm Via Zoom


Apologies: Margaret Beaton, Derek Shanks.

Present: Kevin Carty, Scott Crawford, Sarah Hill, Robert Clubb, Sarah Hill, Christine Stewart,
Barbara Ross, Susan Hewett.

Attending: 9 Members of Public

Minutes of the last meeting: were approved (proposer Kevin Carty; seconder Robert Clubb).
Co-Option Nominees: WSC welcomed the new members of the Community Council – Co-
Opt Members - Susan Hewett & Barbara Ross – and Associate Member – Christine Stewart.
Office Bearers: Stephen Bly of SC has confirmed that we are required to select our Office
Bearers ASAP. As we do not have all Council Members in attendance, we will confirm our
selections at the next meeting.

Letter re Dawn Homes: WSC will continue to draft a letter for the next meeting. RC has
asked to add in re the times that the working is starting. WSC went through some images
and video of vehicles and damage to the pavement. There already seems to be a lot of
traffic already in the village and can the village support any more houses/vehicles? The
access is the main issue.

Anaerobic Digester, Boquhan: BR – there was a notice in the newspaper re Graham’s Dairy
looking to put in an Anaerobic Digester at Boquhan. They have already submitted an
application to build in Cowdenbeath and they have had over 300+ complaints including from
Sepa. SC had a meeting on the 2nd of June and they decided that an Environment Impact
Study isn’t required. Cllr Hutchison has been in contact with SC and had a response. Dairy
waste is broken down and produces fertilizer and Methane – the Methane will be used to
run the plant at Cowdenbeath causing a lot of traffic to/from this site. By moving to
Boquhan they are hoping that as there are fewer houses nearby it shouldn’t be as much of
an impact instead of being near Cowdenbeath. It will be a 24/7 365-day operation. There
might be a lot of noise especially at night. They want to “minimize” noise, smells, etc. – by
the use of the word “minimize” suggests there will be an amount of noise, smells, etc. Does
this come under Kippen or Gargunnock. Should we contact Gargunnock? Anaerobic
Digesters are a good idea in principle. However, if SC aren’t prepared to do an
Environmental Survey would suggest that that they are aware that there is likely to be
issues. We need to have a better understanding of what this site entails. We need to
contact SEPA and get them onboard with looking into this for us. We all need to send in our
own letters of objection.

The process needs to be looked at. If it’s within Gargunnock Community Council area – will
they have the same thoughts on it as Kippen. What about Media? Would Graham’s be




Kippen Community Council

c/o Reading Rooms, Castle Hill, Kippen FK8 3DN

getting funding from the Scottish Government? There will also be significant traffic on the
A811 for the solar panels being developed at Gargunnock.

Planning: Once we have the Office Bearer’s we need to ensure that we have good Planning
Officer in place to prevent plans like the Dawn Homes Housing Estate being pushed through.
Any Other Competent Business: The KCC are looking to build relationships with other
groups. Once we do go back to Face-to-face meetings – would like to see Zoom in the
meetings as well. Perhaps make a list of experience and see who we need to help. Ann
Milligan would like it minuted that the Boquhan Bridge is to be closed due to structural
survey – this is a “core path” and therefore there needs to be diversion. There are trees
growing through the parapet. This is on Graham’s land.


The meeting closed at 9.24pm.

The next meeting will be 24/08/2021 at 8pm.

(WSC- 10/08/2021)