Aug 2021 Minutes

Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting held on Tuesday 3rd of August 2021
7.30pm Via Zoom


Apologies: None

Present: Kevin Carty, Scott Crawford, Sarah Hill, Robert Clubb, Sarah Hill, Margaret Beaton,
Derek Shanks.

Attending: 6 Members of Public

Minutes of the last meeting: were approved (proposer Kevin Carty; seconder Robert Clubb).
Co-Option Nominees: After resignations from KCC, we advertised for Co-Option
nominations. We have received nominations from 3 interested parties – Susan Hewett,
Barbara Ross and Christine Stewart. We can Co-Opt 1 person for every 3 Full Council
Members, therefore, can accept a maximum of 2 Co-Options with a view to adding a third at
a later stage. WSC explained the process. Christine Stewart has put herself forward as an
Associate Member to allow Susan Hewett and Barbara Ross to become the Co-Option
Members. All on the council agreed.

Planning: Dawn Homes have already built a car park and put in infrastructure of temporary
buildings without Planning Consent. They have since put in an application citing that they

weren’t aware that they had to apply for planning. WSC has suggested that we object to the
planning. RC is under the impression that a Planning Meeting has already taken place and
that we may be too late.

Any Other Competent Business: Grit bin at Castlehill Loan is in the way of the view when
sitting on the seat. RC said he will look into it. SC have submitted plans to put in parking
restrictions at Castlehill Loan at Main Street/Castlehill for access for Dawn Homes. The
traffic to/from the Dawn seem to be speeding and are regularly mounting the pavements
without actually taking into account any pedestrians. There are pictures and videos of this
happening. WSC to e-mail Jane to look into this. BR has asked about the handbook. Hugh
Aitchison mentioned that bollards have been knocked over on the bridge at burnside. Need
to contact the roads department or Community Council Enquiries. Hugh Aitchison would
like to become an Associate Member – WSC will look into this. RC commented on land
owned by KCC – I would look through information provided by John Greenman. RC has
come across some charity documentation that he’ll circulate to the members of the KCC.
Improvement Service has Training Courses ongoing that can be attended such as Project
Planning and Management. The Woodland Group has a management arrangement with the
Mitchell Trust to look after the woods. RC suggested that KCC should be represented on this
committee. DS talked with Cameron Skinner about setting up a Keep Kippen Beautiful
Group or similar. There are plenty of funding schemes to improve areas of the village – such
as the pavement outside of the shops.




Kippen Community Council

c/o Reading Rooms, Castle Hill, Kippen FK8 3DN

The meeting closed at 8.50pm.

The next meeting will be 10/08/2021.

(WSC- 03/08/2021)