Aug 3 Extraordinary 2021 Minutes

Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting held on Thursday 26th of August 2021
8pm Via Zoom


Apologies: Scott Crawford.

Present: Kevin Carty, Sarah Hill, Robert Clubb, Christine Stewart, Barbara Ross, Susan
Hewett, Margaret Beaton, Derek Shanks

Attending: 23 Members of Public (including 2 representatives from Gargunnock Community
Council and Laura Horton our planning application advisor)

Minutes of the last meeting: not discussed.

Anaerobic Digester (AD), Boquhan:

  • Mark Richardson of Ristol Consulting Ltd has offered to attend one of our meetings
    to answer any questions we may have. We have asked him to attend the meeting on
    the 14th of September.

  • Robert Clubb provided an update on where we are currently on the AD to date and
    this report has been circulated.

  • Rob Davies has asked that the application be referred to the Planning Panel and has
    had confirmation that it has been forwarded to the panel for consideration.

  • Kippen Action Group – it has been suggested that a separate group should be set up
    as the KCC needs to remain objective. There will still be strong links and liaison
    between any group that is set up and the KCC.

  • Scott Crawford has issued a complaint to Stirling Council regarding the very limited
    availability of Screening Opinions on the Stirling Council website contrary to the 2017
    Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations Section 28. Since this meeting a
    response from the council has been received and circulated to the KCC.

  • Gargunnock Community Council (GCC)– 2 representatives were present (Julie Cole
    and Jon Sutherland) to provide a view on Gargunnock’s position. There has been
    very little response from the community, and they plan on putting more information
    on the Facebook group to raise awareness.

  • Barbara Ross has been in contact with Stirling council regarding the involvement in
    SEPA and has been informed that due to the low level of waste being produced that
    there is no need for SEPA to be involved. She has contacted SEPA directly and Mark
    Ruskell MSP and is waiting for a response.

  • Planning Proposal Objections – Over a several weeks there have been a number of
    issues raised around the proposed development. The KCC agrees that guidance is to
    be provided by both the KCC and GCC on content that can be used for official
    objections. An initial list of Material Considerations is to be generated by Robert
    Clubb and Christine Stewart which will then be reviewed by Laura Horton. It should
    be noted that this is not to be used “as is” but needs to be altered to provide a more



Kippen Community Council

c/o Reading Rooms, Castle Hill, Kippen FK8 3DN

personal point of view by each individual (Bryony Ross has offered to provide an
example of the guidance that could be provided to individuals). The deadline for
these initial objections to be in is the 8th of September 2021.

Any Other Competent Business: None


The meeting closed at 9.00pm.

The next meeting will be 30/08/2021 at 7:30pm.

(WSC- 10/08/2021)






Mark Richardson to be invited to the 14th of

September meeting



An up-to-date record is to be maintained of

activity in relation to the AD



Kippen Action Group to be set up



Material Considerations list to be produced



Guidance notes to be provided on writing an

objection letter



Guidance and Material considerations to be

provided to GCC



Guidance and Material Considerations to be

circulated to Kippen residents