Aug 4 Extraordinary 2021 Minutes

(Draft) Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting held on Tuesday 24th of August
2021 8pm Via Zoom


Apologies: None Received

Present: Kevin Carty, Scott Crawford, Sarah Hill, Hugh Aitchison, Robert Clubb, Susan
Hewett, Christine Stewart, Barbara Ross, Margaret Beaton, Derek Shanks.

Attending: Councillor Rob Davies & 11 Members of Public

Minutes of the last meeting: (10/08/2021) were approved (proposer Kevin Carty; seconder
Sarah Hill).

Associate Member: KCC welcomed onboard Hugh Aitchison as Associate Member. We
were short of members and we have managed to get back up to numbers. We are hoping
to have a full complement of Members in the next few months.

Police Report: None Received

Planning: Application for Ford Head for storing materials from an anaerobic digester and
looks to be quite a large building. This is NOT linked to the Graham’s Dairies site.

Treasurer’s Report: No changes from last month – very small amount of money as an
admin grant from Stirling Council.

Letter re Dawn Homes: WSC has composed a draft letter to Councillor’s re issues with
Dawn Homes. There have been many concerns including traffic management (or lack
thereof) and starting work at 7.15am in the morning and there is quite a loud noise.

Anaerobic Digester, Boquhan: There are quite a number of documents that we may need
to look through re this application. There are going to be 21,500 tons of material every
year. There is a breakdown of where all of the material is coming from – very little of it is
coming from Boquhan – most of it is coming from other areas into the site. An Acoustic
Survey as been completed and there are no mitigating factors during the day but will be
above the level at night time. There won’t be anymore tankers? It looks like there may be a
bigger development once the anaerobic digester has been built. As Kippen is more Rural
than Cowdenbeath – could it be that they are more like to get it through? The date that the
objections need to be submitted is very close. E-mail has been received to state that there
should be a notice posted for 2 years prior for consultation and also that the site is on a
flood plain. A call for some more meetings to take place prior to our next meeting as the
closing date is the 8th of September. There will be a large flow of materials to/from the site.
We’ll try and contact Gargunnock Community Council and see if we can work together on
this. We can notify people via letter drops and on the website. Need to work on items that
are tangible that can be objected to. We need to ensure at least 5 letters need to be sent
for it to go to planning panel. The reason there is no requirement for SEPA is that the site
isn’t large enough to qualify – so, unless it is expanded, there would be no requirement for
reports. It would appear that they have looked at the issues at Cowdenbeath and learnt



Kippen Community Council

c/o Reading Rooms, Castle Hill, Kippen FK8 3DN

from that to make sure there are fewer reasons for objections. We’ll set up a template.
Many of the objections in Cowdenbeath should be the same here? There will be businesses
such as the Woodhouse that may be negatively affected. If there are 20,000 tons of
material coming in, then there would be more lorries required to come and from the site
than in the proposals. There is like to be CO2 going into the atmosphere. There will be light
pollution from burn offs from the site. We need to slow down the process to give us more
time to act. We’ll have another meeting on Thursday at 7.30pm. Rob Davies is prepared to
put this forward to the panel for review for KCC. We’ll contact the owner of the
Woodhouse to see if they wish to object. There is an existing safety concern due to
Articulated Lorries having to use the whole road for a turning circle.

Pavements overgrown trees/hedges: There have been a few concerns over trees/hedges
overgrown over the pavement and pedestrians are actually having to walk out onto the road
to get past.

Councilor’s Report: Back in the 70’s the council bought some land on access to a farm
access road – they are looking to sell on. Council are considering when meetings can take
place in person and away from Zoom meetings. Deputizations within Council being
discussed. Changes to the waste bin collections are coming in soon. Will stop collections at
weekends in tourist areas.

“Round Table” Discussion: Action is better than too much talk. Details have been sent to
the KCC re GCC. Speeding in Kippen as people are still speeding through the village in spite
of the 20mph limit. Transport manager coming out on Thursday to discuss. There are no
20mph limits written on the road and the speed detection sign still shows 30mph. Jane
Hutchison is taking this up on our behalf. A complete has been raised against Stirling
Council. There won’t be a true representation of speed if checking where it narrows and
naturally slows. Would be great to have a liaison onboard re Police. Liaising with other
groups is a great idea. The Woodland Group are having a meeting. Access Officer as
advised there should be access to bridge for pedestrians. A letter has been drafted to a
Councilor re Graham’s Dairies. A big thank you to everyone who have investigated and
researched for the meeting. Would like to set up a distribution list for residents to keep
them informed. An e-mail has been received asking us to name the Dawn Homes housing
estate. A suggestion was to get Kippen Primary School to name it.

Any Other Competent Business: Can Kippen help determine a local plan? This might be a
couple of years away. There is a Waste Management Meeting on Monday – WSC will be


The meeting closed at 9.45pm.

The next meeting will be 26/08/2021 at 7.30pm.