Aug 6 Extraordinary 2021 Minutes

(Draft) Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting held on Tuesday 30th of August
2021 7.30pm Via Zoom


Apologies: Sarah Hill, Kevin Carty

Present: Christine Stewart, Margaret Beaton, Robert Clubb, Barbara Ross, Scott Crawford,
Hugh Aitchison, Susan Hewett, Derek Shanks.

Attending: 9 Members of Public (Inc rep from GCC)

Minutes of the last meeting: (26/08/2021) were approved (proposer Robert Clubb;
seconder Margaret Beaton).

Anaerobic Digester, Boquhan: A video was shared on FB showing how an Anaerobic
Digester works and there is a requirement for crops to be grown to feed into the AD. WSC
had been on a call with the waste team at Stirling about the Bin Collections and asked if it
were possible for garden waste to be used instead and been advised “no”. Therefore,
arable land has to be used to grow crops solely for this this that seems to be
counterproductive. There will be carbon going into the air as part of the process. The
future is rumoured to be a robotic dairy and more expansion of the Dairy process.

CS and RC pulled together some material considerations that can be considered via
objections by the planning department. LH has gone through the document and provided
links to the ZWP for Scotland and Stirling Local Development Plan and filtered out items that
can be used. This can be used by KCC and GCC as the basis of our objection letter and
therefore can be sent off. If any residents would like to object, they can then select an
element and write their own letter of objection from “their POV” making it more
personalized. There seem to be many items missing from the application such as reports.

We also discussed things that won’t be considered. This sheet and some guidance notes can
be forwarded to the wider community to allow for residents. NB please make sure that not
all letters are the same.

A811 – a question was raised re access to/from the site if there will be traffic coming out of
the site and turning right crossing the carriageway. There is a clause in the application that
says all traffic “should turn left”. The flood alleviation bunds are to the South, yet, the water
drains in the opposite direction. It would be good to add some question over what the AD is
in the guidance notes.

WSC has received a response from SC re the complaint made re the Screening Option.
There are three ways to object – either online form, e-mail or post.

“Round Table” Discussion: What are the Councillors affiliations? WSC has pointed out that
the Local Councillors have to stay Neutral in case they are either on the planning committee
or could be Co-Opted. A member of public will reach out to local MSP’s to get their views.
On paper, an AD should be a good idea, if done correctly. Do we really want an industrial
waste system on the Carse? States on the application that this is Phase 1? Carbon



Kippen Community Council

c/o Reading Rooms, Castle Hill, Kippen FK8 3DN

Footprints of various organisations is there a measure of the economic impact with Lorries
coming to/from the site? The AD at Peace Farm – the whole farm is used to grow crops to
feed the AD only and does not grow crops for human consumption. AM had a call with LH
to discuss wildlife and there are otters/beavers and possible water voles in the area and
kingfishers – these should be brought up with an ecological report but the report doesn’t
seem to be robust. GCC have discussed the matter. It was raised that there was no external
environmental report. A modernised dairy was discussed with GCC. GCC do receive the
weekly planning schedule that includes everything for Stirlingshire. There seems to be a
lack of screening on this application going through to GCC. SEPA have had a cyberattack at
Christmas they aren’t doing as much just now. In the Application it states there are no
wintering or migratory animals. GCC and KCC need to main neutrality – is there an
independent group being set up?

Co Option Member: Susan Hewett has now attended more than 3 meetings. The Members
of the KCC formally asked if Susan would like to join as a Full Member and she agreed.

Any Other Competent Business: No other business discussed at this time.


The meeting closed at 9.07pm.

The next meeting will be 14/09/21 at 7.30pm.