June 2 2021 Minutes

Approved Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting held on Thursday 24th of
June 2021 7.30pm Via Zoom


Apologies: Jane Hutchison, Stephen Bly

Present: Kevin Carty, Scott Crawford, Robert Clubb, Margaret Beaton, Sarah Hill, Derek

Attending: 4 Members of Public

Minutes of the last meeting: were approved (proposer Kevin Carty; seconder Margaret

Matters for Discussion: This meeting is an Extraordinary Meeting called in response to
resignations received from members of the Community Council. Scott Crawford (Secretary)
(WSC) chaired the meeting in the absence of both the Chair and Vice Chair of the KCC.

  1. On the 16th of June, an E-mail was received from Walter Macdiarmid resigning his
    position as Chair of the KCC. The question was asked “Do we accept his

    resignation?” and was put to a vote – all members in favour. Post of Chair and
    Planning Officer now open.

  2. On the 22nd of June, an E-mail was received from Fiona Clark resigning her position
    of Vice Chair of the KCC. The question was asked “Do we accept her resignation?”
    and was put to a vote. All members in Favour. The Post of Vice Chair is now open.

  3. On the 9th of June, an e-mail was received from Sarah Hill (SH) resigning her position
    as Community Councillor on the KCC. The resignation wasn’t accepted at this time.
    However, Walter Macdiarmid has advised Stirling Council (SC) of his intention to
    resign from the KCC along with Sarah Hill’s resignation. Stephen Bly (SB), acting on
    behalf of SC, had diarised to follow up on this resignation once it had been minuted
    and approved. On the 17th of June, Sarah Hill contacted members of the KCC as she
    had reconsidered her position and would like to rescind her letter of resignation.
    She has followed up by sending a formal e-mail to the KCC e-mail address as of the
    23rd of June to confirm. WSC has spoken with SB of SC to confirm that KCC can put it
    to a vote to see if SH can indeed stay on the KCC. SB has confirmed that if we put it
    to a vote and it is agreed, SH can stay as a full member of the KCC. The question was
    asked “Do we accept the rescindment of Sarah Hill’s resignation?” was put to a vote.
    All in Favour.

  4. WSC has advised on the impact of the KCC and the fact that the KCC now only have 6
    Community Councillors. The follow details are from the Scheme of Establishment –
    “should a Community Council fail to hold a meeting for a period of 3 consecutive
    prescribed meeting dates; or its membership falls below the prescribed minimum for
    a period of 3 consecutive prescribed meeting dates (during which time the
    Community Council and the Council have taken action to address the situation), the



    Kippen Community Council

    c/o Reading Rooms, Castle Hill, Kippen FK8 3DN

    Council shall, if appropriate, take action to dissolve that Community Council”. Based
    on this information, the KCC has 3 months in order to increase its numbers to a
    minimum of 7 members – some of these members can be Co-Options. If we do not
    succeed, SC may disband KCC – something that none of us want to see.

  5. Following on from above, the KCC would now like to open applications from the
    Community of Kippen for Co-Options to increase the numbers. WSC has been
    advised by SB that the number of Co-Options cannot exceed one third of the total
    membership – therefore, we can only accept two Co-Options at this time. Once they
    have served at least six months OR three meetings they can then be appointed as a
    full member thus giving the KKC the option of one more Co-Option. It was agreed
    that we will open the applications for Co-Options to be completed by 09/07/2021 at

Any Other Competent Business: Mike Flint (MF) asked on Associate Members. It was
suggested that we would be best to get up to 9 Community Council Members as soon as
possible. MB raised the point of whether there was a conflict of interest in the previous
Chair having a planning application in without advising the KCC. MB also mentioned the fact
that Walter let SC know that Sarah Hill had resigned even though he had resigned himself.

Mike Flint raised the question is there any tasks that require to be chased up in Walter’s
absence. DS we need to work as team and come together and look to the future rather
than the past. RC we should have a plan of action in place for the KCC so we can work
together for the benefit of the village. RC has spoken with Jeremy Gaywood and has
advised that the Community Council owns land in the village along with the Mitchell Trust
and the Woodland Trust however they are all disjointed. We need to have a plan to sort
things like the bottle bank in the village. DS we now have the opportunity to “redo” the
Community Council. It depends on us as to how it all looks and great idea to have a plan of
action. RC the company I used to work for has 2 employees who have access to funds from
the Scottish Government to put into villages. There are plenty of sources of income. MB
the grass on the green needs cut. DS we can target different areas of the village for
improvement. KC is there a best practice for CC’s? RC yes there are various websites and
funds. KC I’m putting my name forward for the Chair and I believe whomever is looking to
put themselves forward for the position need to put forward some ideas. WSC we should
get our numbers up to a min of 7 first, elect Chair and Vice Chair then set out a plan for the
next 6 months until the next AGM. CS I have done a lot of strategy work and there are many
ways forward. KC if KCC own some land then there should be some title deeds. WSC
suggest that we have a “round table” to allow public comments. MF suggested a max of 2
mins for comments.


The meeting closed at 8.53pm.

The next meeting will be TBA.



(WSC- 24/06/2021)