June 2021 Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 8th of June 2021 7.30pm
Via Zoom


Apologies: Derek Shanks

Present: Kevin Carty, Scott Crawford, Walter Macdiarmid, Fiona Clark, Robert Clubb,
Margaret Beaton, Sarah Hill.

Attending: Councillor Jane Hutchison, Six Members of Public

Minutes of the last meeting were approved (proposer Margaret Beaton; seconder Kevin
Carty ).

Police Report: 1.) There was a report of a person within the site where the new houses
are being built in the early hours of the morning. There was no trace on Police
attendance. 2.) A fall out between friends resulted in one assaulting the other. No
injury sustained however enquiries continue to trace the assailant. 3.) A 4 vehicle RTC
occurred on the A811 near Kippen Roundabout. No injuries were sustained and one
driver was issued a Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty for careless driving. 4.) A male
was reported to the PF after being caught drink driving in Main St, Kippen. 5.) There
were no reported thefts in the Kippen area since the last meeting.

Planning: New applications 1.) Broich, Arngomery Biomass Boiler in the Garage. 2.)External wall system The Toll house, Kippen. 3.) Alterations to fit dormer roof windows and
other alterations to Shirgarton Farm.

4.) Biomass site is at pre application stage at the Dairy at Boquhan. Member of Public
mentioned that they are concerned about the proposal of an application of a Biomass Site
at Graham’s Dairy (GD) Boquhan. GD already have an application in Fife for a similar site to
which 300 objections have been received including from SEPA. As a result, GD seem to be
moving the issue to Kippen as the site is slightly further away from the village than the site
in Fife. There will potentially be a lot of traffic on the A811. There will be flaring of excess
gas causing noise and light pollution. GD say there will be minimal disruption to locals and
there will be smells. There are low risks of explosions if handled correctly. If the site

doesn’t run correctly to clean the smell can be horrendous. The Woodhouse Restaurant
may be affected badly. Not very environmentally friendly as the fuel will then be
transported with risks involved to road users. Until the application has been submitted, we
won’t be able to object. Although we can’t lodge any objection in terms of planning, if SEPA
have advised in Fife that a report requires to be done, why don’t SEPA in Stirling require one
for our area? Meeting of Stirling Council on 2nd of June concludes that no environmental
assessment is necessary. GD are also looking to double the size of the current Dairy
production. What happens if there is an accident? Would be extremely explosive. It is any
area of outstanding beauty. JH will look into the matter and find the best course of action.
There is one at Balfron and the locals are seriously impacted by this. The one in Balfron
appears to be on a smaller scale.



Kippen Community Council

c/o Reading Rooms, Castle Hill, Kippen FK8 3DN

Burngreen Houses: We put in an objection to the realignment of the road access to the
new Housing Development. There is still no mention of Traffic Management Access. WM is
going to go back to address the fact that the issues we raised still have not been resolved.

Traffic is still coming up Castlehill Loan and Oakwood and there seems to be no recourse to
this. The signage has been moved to change the access away from Kippen Primary and
Oakwood, however, vehicles are still using both Oakwood and Castlehill Loan. WSC has
been in contact with Carole Logan from Kippen Primary School and we have concerns for
the safety of the children and vehicles are on this road at school times. The application was
passed on the condition of there must be a Traffic Management Plan in place – there still
isn’t one and yet lorries, vans, etc. each and every day. Local residents have had to move
their vehicles to let lorries past. One of the lorries started sounding his horn outside a
resident’s home to get them to move their car. Suggestion from member of the public that
we park vehicles in their way. Jane Hutchison has asked the speed camera unit to come to
Kippen. A neighbour has a scratch on her car not sure if it’s from the traffic coming to and
from. A majority of the KCC would like a letter to be sent to SC to say that until a Traffic
Management Plan needs to be in place and until then all work needs to cease. Two
members of KCC in opposition to doing that. The council need to listen to KCC. KC asking if
the matter can be taken further with the Police.

WM contacted the planning department and response was that we didn’t object to the
planning and would cost £10’s of thousands to chase. There are question marks over the
way that this has been handled by SC. If we don’t broach the subject then they may sneak
the application for GD through.

Treasurer’s Report: No change for last time – just some costs for the website.

Councillor’s Report – Councillor Jane Hutchison:. Bridge from Fintry to Balfron is down and
will need structural repairs. Meeting next week with views to building a cycle track to
Stirling. Looking to have some money allocated to help finance. Sign on Fore road says
30mph not 20mph – this is to be looked at. Strathendrick Home in Balfron looking to be
closed down. Council are looking at 4 options re road safety where Gargunnock Station
Road meets the A811.

Any Other Competent Business: Recycling pavilion – RC contacted SC as the pavilion was
damaged and broken glass. SC told RC that this has nothing to do with them and passed it
back to KCC. Provided by and financed by Alloa Community Enterprise who no longer exist.
SC did take over the running of it. It’s been suggested that the current pavilion should be
removed and replaced with something more modern. RC will chase.

Speeding on the brae – should there be a 40mph limit from the roundabout up to the
village. A lot of vehicles coming off the roundabout at speed. School Children have to cross
the road for the school bus. Perhaps a 40mph limit down Fore Road also? WM will look
into it.


The meeting closed at 9.25pm.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 14th of September at 7.30pm Via Zoom Video Call.



(WSC- 08/06/2021)