May AGM 2021 Minutes

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Minutes of the AGM held on Tuesday 11th of May 2021 8.30pm Via Zoom


The Meeting took place after the monthly meeting.

Apologies: Derek Shanks

Present: Kevin Carty, Sarah Hill, Scott Crawford, Walter Macdiarmid, Fiona Clark, Robert Clubb, Helen Wilson, Margaret Beaton.

Attending: Councillor Rob Davies

Minutes of the last AGM were approved (proposer Margaret Beaton; seconder Robert Clubb).

Mrs. Helen Wilson (Chair) - Coronavirus took over and we didn’t conduct many meetings. Support was given to Jeremy Gaywood and the Resilience Team. The Christmas Dinner was a great success. Moving forward we may either be in the Village Hall or the Reading Room for meetings.

Helen Wilson notified her intention to resign from the Community Council.

Treasurer’s Report Would Like to obtain funding to help areas of the Community including the Resilience Team. There are numbers of Grants that are available. Money cannot be given to the Community Council directly as needs to go directly to organisations. There are many organisations in the village and same have the same goals and could work together?

Election of Office Bearers.


All present were willing to be re-elected

  • Chair – Walter Macdiarmid – proposed by Helen Wilson; seconded by Fiona Clark.
  • Vice Chair – Fiona Clark – proposed by Margaret Beaton; seconded by Sarah Hill.
  • Secretary – Scott Crawford – proposed by Kevin Carty; seconded by Margaret Beaton.
  • Treasurer – Robert Clubb – proposed by Margaret Beaton; seconded by Kevin Carty.
  • Planning Correspondent – Walter Macdiarmid – proposed by Helen Wilson; seconded by Margaret Beaton.

Kevin thanked Helen for all of her time and commitment over the years on the Kippen Community Council.

 Kippen Community Council

c/o Reading Rooms, Castle Hill, Kippen FK8 3DN


This was all the business.

The meeting closed at 8.49pm.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 10th of May 2022 at 7.30pm Venue TBC.