Nov 2021 Minutes

Approved Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 9th of November 2021
7.30pm Via Zoom


Apologies: Christine Stewart, Jane Hutchison, Kevin Carty

Present: Scott Crawford, Barbara Ross, Hugh Aitchison, Robert Clubb, Sarah Hill, Susan
Hewett, Derek Shanks, Margaret Beaton.

Attending: Councillor Rob Davies and 6 Member of Publics

Minutes of the last meeting: (19/10/2021) were approved (proposer Hugh Aitchison;
seconder Susan Hewett).

Police Report: None received.

Grant Money SSEN: Last year money was applied from SSEN for Covid Relief along with
money from Stirling Council. £500 was donated last year to the Over 60’s Christmas Dinner

– should we do the same this year? Agreed.

Kippen Green: Windfarm Trust don’t meet until next March and they are looking for more
information before they can decide if they are willing to put any money towards the Kippen
Green Project. Contact needs to be made with Jon Greenman to discuss the application.

Discussion over whether we require planning to remove them – however, trees as diseased
and therefore require to come down. If they become too diseased, will require mechanical
removal rather than by a tree surgeon. Although trees are coming down, would be replaced
with smaller trees in keeping with the area.

EV Charge Points: Stirling Council have referred a resident to KCC re EV Charging Points.
We have no control over the Points as we were told that they were going in. Transport
Scotland have put the funds forward. It was suggested that Councillor Davies contacts
Stirling Council to discuss the matter. SC will try and follow up.

Correspondence: Approached by a resident on Main Street as the land outside their house
is owned by them and would be their responsibility to repair.

KCC Website & Comms Team: There is a draft strategy but will be discussed at the next
meeting as CS isn’t present to discuss.

Planning: Graham’s Dairies have submitted a new Planning Application and added more
information to the AD Application. They have submitted a plan for a robotic dairy farm.
There has been a road survey submitted. The two applications seem to be connected as
there is to be an underground link to take the slurry from the dairy farm to AD. They have
mentioned that if the AD doesn’t go ahead, then they will need to build a tank near the farm
suggesting that the two plans are actually all part of one large plan. It also seems like there
will be more slurry than first noted on the original application and sounds like that the plans
are likely to grow. It sounds like “salami slicing” whereby smaller, individual applications are
submitted separately to hide the fact that this is a larger overall site. This sounds like
intensive farming and that would have an effect on the plan. If that is the case, this will



Kippen Community Council

c/o Reading Rooms, Castle Hill, Kippen FK8 3DN

affect the environmental impact as completely different type of facility and will have a far
bigger impact on the environment. There is no mention of a Screening Opinion that may
have to be considered for the updated application. The two applications are inherently
linked. There seems to be an issue that pipes may be too close to trees on the plan that
would affect the root system of the trees. Applications need to be considered “EIA”.

Graham’s have not consulted KCC on this matter again. The AD plan – the layout has
changed and ponds have now correctly been added to the application red line area, they
have made amendments to the road layout. This amendment to the road would affect all
traffic going into the site. Suggested to meet up on the 23rd of November @ 7.30pm to look
into the application and discuss further on this application.

Dawn Homes still have an application for the site that they have already built. We need to
be part of the Planning Process for the area as there seems to be a lot of applications in our

Bonfire Night: There was a lot of positive feedback. There were issues with parking in the
area. There was no sign of people collecting any money and not enough food.

Treasurer’s Report: Only expenditure is for the website of £8.41.

Councillor’s Report: Main issue is bridges and roads infrastructure surrounding it. The
Council have had a meeting recently and money has been allocated to repair the bridges
that have fallen down. It’s causing major issues in the area – this seems to be an issue that
other areas are also facing. Issues with Health and Social Care and taking its toll. A decision
is being considered to allow Groups to go to the Council directly with any concerns.

Budgeting Process is due. An application has been made to Holyrood for extra funds but at
the moment seems like fighting fires.

Round Table: The White Lines on the verges at the A811 aren’t very visible and make
driving at night time more dangerous. SH would like to use the Action Group more to
highlight what’s going on in the village. SC brought up issues with the actual repairs to the
roads – such as putting surface dressing down on the road between Kippen and Thornhill
without actually fixing the holes in the road first. There is also an issue with the Corner of
the A811 just past Gargunnock Saw Mill – there should really be a barrier. There are a
number of bright lights at Cramb’s Woodyard shining over the A811 making driving
conditions difficult. RC has put notices on the Website and been in contact with Digital
Team at Stirling Council to get Planning Notices onto our website and allow people to
comment on them. SC asked about Cats Eyes on the Road as there don’t seem to be any on
the A811 anymore.

Any Other Competent Business: RC sends e-mails re the recycling hut at the end of
Castlehill Loan and if we manage to get something done with the hut (that is in a state of
disrepair) Stirling Council will continue to uplift the glass. Should we look at the site as a
whole as there is a bench with a Grit bin right in front of it and the tourist information board
is needing repair. E-mail received from Shelloch Wind Farm and there might be more
money available for charity funds from there.

The meeting closed at 9.33pm.


The next meeting will be 23/11/2021 at 7.30pm.