Sept 2 2021 Minutes

Approved Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 30th of September 2021
7.30pm Via Zoom


Apologies: Kevin Carty, Margaret Beaton.

Present: Scott Crawford, Christine Stewart, Barbara Ross, Hugh Aitchison, Robert Clubb,
Sarah Hill, Susan Hewett, Derek Shanks.

Attending: 1 Member of Public

Minutes of the last meeting: (14/09/2021) were approved (proposer Derek Shanks;
seconder Barbara Ross).

Co-Option Nomination: Christine has been unanimously voted on. We’ve only had current
Associate Member, Hugh Aitchison, apply for the next Co-Option position. As long as there
are no objections, we will bring him onboard on the 19th of October meeting.


Election of Office Bearers.


  • Chair – Derek Shanks – proposed by Robert Clubb; seconded by Christine Stewart.

  • Vice Chair – (Provisional basis) Susan Hewett – proposed by Christine Stewart;
    seconded by Robert Clubb.

  • Secretary – Scott Crawford – proposed by Barbara Ross; seconded by Christine

  • Treasurer – Robert Clubb – proposed by Scott Crawford; seconded by Derek Shanks.

  • Planning Correspondent – Margaret Beaton (not present but has already expressed
    her interest at the last meeting and via confirmation before meeting) – proposed by
    Robert Clubb; seconded by Susan Hewett.


Any Other Competent Business: It was brought up that we may require a

“Communications” person/s to look into e-mails and share content and help out the
Secretary where needed. Would be good to put more information onto the KCC website
and bring together groups such as the Cubs and other groups. Three KKC Councillors to get
together to work on strategies. It was suggested that a KCC FB A/C is set up so that posts
can be attributed to the “KCC” and not to an individual.

We are also looking towards planting of the Village Green and further areas of the village. It
has been brought up that there are planters on the Main Street that are in need of

Electric Charging points – an e-mail has been received to say that it has been proposed to
put two charging points in the layby at the start of Castlehill Loan. They have advised that
there are numerous residents of Kippen wanting Charging Points to go in. The question



Kippen Community Council

c/o Reading Rooms, Castle Hill, Kippen FK8 3DN

would be why would residents want them going in if they are meant to be used by visitors
to the village? Will the bays be taken up by two residents parking their cars there 24/7.

WSC advised that The Police have eventually came out to discuss the Tippers, accessing the
Dawn Homes site via Oakwood, that were speeding and driving through the junction
without hesitation – just three months too late.

Can we start putting items on the Kippen Action Group Site.

Stirling Council have decided to use the name “The Meadows” for the Dawn Homes housing
estate – it was discussed that a prize be given to the Kippen Primary School for their winning
suggestion. There is a missing sign on “Redgate Hill” that is missing that is being looked

We need to look moving forward at getting funding for things in the village such as


The meeting closed at 8.55pm.

The next meeting will be 19/10/2021 at 7.30pm.