Apr 2022 Minutes

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Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 12th of April 2022 7.30pm Via Zoom


Present: Hugh Aitchison, Barbara Ross, Scott Crawford, Derek Shanks, Sarah Hill, Margaret Beaton, Robert Clubb.

Attending: Councillor Jane Hutchison & 7 members of the public.

Apologies: Christine Stewart.

Minutes of the last meeting: (08/03/2022) were approved (proposer - Margaret Beaton, seconder - Barbara Ross).

Police Report: (1.) 3 vehicle RTC on the A811 near Mains of Boquhan. No injuries and details exchanged. (2.) There was a report of males looking for scrap metal however the registration number passed to Police was incorrect. (3.) Report of a male later seen on house CCTV on garden grounds and left when security light came on. No attempt made to gain entry however may have been the case that he was disturbed.

Dawn Homes: A letter has been sent via e-mail re the ongoing issues caused by the building of the Dawn Homes. There seems to be a number of holes being dug with piles of soil appearing. There is chicken wire fencing appeared and the noise and mess from the site is far greater than the other housing estates built in recent years. There has been a barrier placed blocking the walkway that gives access to the Burngreen – along where the skatepark site is. This is a core path and needs to remain open.

Graham’s Dairy/AD Application: A letter has been written but needs to be sent out after

it’s been reviewed. The electricity board have been put and fitted new transformers on the site. This may suggest that the site will be getting approval. Should we invite someone from planning to come to a meeting to discuss?

Kippen Green Update/Tree Cutting: We’ve received the funding from the trust and that allows for all of the work to be completed. The work may start next week. DS and HA to help prevent access whilst the works are on and will send out communications to let people know. Native species trees to go in in their place.

Correspondence: An e-mail has been received from Jeremy Gaywood re the Reading Rooms – they are currently being painted and revamped. They are looking to use the Readings Rooms as a hub for those helping with Ukrainians and those looking to home/aid them.

Road Issues: Some members of the KCC met over 2 nights to visit Fairfield Road with a local Resident to discuss the closure of the roads. It was discussed that it should be a good idea to keep at least one of the roads open – perhaps the single carriageway road? Would be good to have someone from Stirling Councils Roads department to attend the next meeting. One positive that has happened is that the speed bumps have now been made better. The traffic on the Brae seems to be getting worse – especially with drivers on the middle or other side of the road. There are issues with some of the drains in the village – however Oakwood has been cleared. There are ongoing issues with the states of the road. WSC will post on the Kippen FB pages to ask about ongoing issues with the roads. There is an area of subsidence on the A811 on approach to the roundabout.

Kippen Community Council

c/o Reading Rooms, Castle Hill, Kippen FK8 3DN kippencommunitycouncil@gmail.com


Planning: There are a number of housing applications. Including more near Dasher Cottages. It was suggested that the road needs to be 20mph and the road needs upgraded to either single carriageway or having passing places with a pavement as the road is becoming more dangerous with increase in traffic and speed.

Treasurer’s Report: Grant has been received for the Kippen Green Project.

Councillor’s Report: Ukraine – there is a briefing the on the 21st of April to discuss. There are two council officers who are responsible for refugees who can be put in touch with if anyone is looking to home refugees. Positive discussion the other day about the Kings Highway Cycle Route. Stirling didn’t get City of Culture. Head of Roads as left and there is not replacement decided quite yet. Dog Pooh Bin has been removed up Regatehill.

Round Table Discussion: Hugh would like to thank Jane after a discussion re water pipes over the burn – someone has been out to inspect.

Any Other Competent Business: Sue has resigned from the KCC. That leaves an opening within the KCC.

The meeting closed at 8.58pm.

Next meeting: Tuesday 10th May 2022 at 7.30pm followed by the AGM in the Reading Rooms(Covid pending).