Feb 2022 Minutes

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Approved Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 8th of February 2022
7.30pm Via Zoom

Present: Hugh Aitchison, Robert Clubb, Barbara Ross, Scott Crawford, Margaret Beaton,
Sarah Hill, Christine Stewart, Susan Hewett.

Attending: 4 members of the public.

Apologies: Derek Shanks.

Minutes of the last meeting: (14/12/2021) were approved (proposer Margaret Beaton,
seconder Susan Hewett).

Police Report: No Report Received. SC – would like to say a thank you to Police Scotland
after a PC attended the breakdown of car. There were noted a couple of accidents on the
A811 by BR. Two Teenagers went through gardens up Burnside and there were a couple of
bicycles stolen from premises at the cross – the Police then apprehended them on the

Dawn Homes: The fencing was blown down over the road to the Football Pitch and there
was not access to the house past the football park. The resident posted this on the Kippen
FB page looking for advice – there was no help from Dawn Homes. One of the workers from
Dawn Homes has advised a member of public that 60,000 tonnes of soil is being moved
from the building site to another field that’s meant to be used as top soil. This is causing
issues with road and pedestrian access. This also contradicts what SEPA have been advised
that the 100’s of thousands of tonnes already moved to the field behind Hay’s Hill was
meant to be used for this. This is a core path and therefore there should be access 24/7 and
should be maintained by Dawn Homes whilst the work is ongoing. An employee also
advised that the working conditions are that bad that vehicles supplying Dawn Homes are
being bogged down and stuck in the mess that they are creating. Should we ask an
employee from Dawn Homes to attend a KCC meeting? Should we send in a corporate
complaint form? SEPA had previously advised that this is a flood plain, hence why Cala
Homes pulled out, and there seems to be a concern over the sheer volume of water in the
site and residents have commented on water pumps working to move water from the site.
We should raise complaints re the issues. We should write to Dawn Homes, Stirling Council
Complaints. Should we contact NHBC? These are more for once the houses are complete.

Graham’s Dairy/AD Application: No further update on the portal. A suggestion that the
Scottish Office should’ve responded before Christmas but no update

Kippen Green Update/Tree Cutting: The Windmill Fund have offered some money and we
should receive a response from Stirling Council tomorrow re funding from them. There was
a meeting a couple of weeks back with the Windfarm Fund on the subject of funding. A visit
had taken place at the Green by Windfarm personnel and an application was suggested for
funding for improvement to the accesses to the site with a target of the next Windfarm



Kippen Community Council

c/o Reading Rooms, Castle Hill, Kippen FK8 3DN

meeting on the 3rd of March. Bobby Wilson has been contacted to provide a price for the
work. An Individual had asked for funding for planters for the village – but can’t apply as an
individual so suggested going through the KCC for these.

Defibrillator: An e-mail was received from the Trossachs SARS who deal with the defib.
There was an understanding that SARS were to look after the upkeep and maintenance of
the Defib. However, SARS are suggesting that the Village need to pay for this. Will require
new pads and batteries every now and then. Should we speak to the Windfarm Fund for
money for the upkeep? There is also the possibility of some training – would be best to use
the Reading Room as that’s where the Defib is. RC quite happy to liaise with the Reading
Room on it.

Correspondence: None.

Sustaining Choices: Information has come in from Stirling Council that there is funding
available for 7 projects.

Meeting Dates: SC will send dates to Stirling Council and Police Scotland

Resilience Group – Power Outages: The Kippen Resilience Group are suggesting a network
in case of any power outages. SSE will prioritise customers over a certain age.

KCC Website and Comms Team Feedback: CS, RC and BR all met up to discuss the website
to ensure that it always has up-to-date information. Notes pulled from previous KCC
Minutes to look at issues that the KCC needs to look at. Looking at sorting through e-mails
that come into the KCC e-mail inbox. We need to make sure that we have an Action Log and
following up on the actions.

Planning: Graham’s Dairies have another application to put a forestry road and crossing in.
This is linked to an application to remove fir trees and replace with other trees. There is an
old saw mill in the area. Concern has been raised over damage that might be caused along
with the access route to remove the trees from the site. There are rules over the types of
trees that can be replanted.

Treasurer’s Report: No change from last month.
Councillor’s Report: No Councillor present to give a report.
Round Table Discussion: Nothing Further.

Any Other Competent Business: Nothing Further.
The meeting closed at 9.14pm.

Next meeting: Tuesday 8th March 2022 at 7.30pm via Zoom