May 2022 Minutes

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Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 10th of May 2022 7.30pm in the Kippen Reading Rooms and Via Zoom


Present: Hugh Aitchison, Scott Crawford, Derek Shanks, Sarah Hill, Margaret Beaton, Robert Clubb.

Attending: No Councillors (all new to role) & 4 members of the public.

Apologies: Barbara Ross, Christine Stewart.

Minutes of the last meeting: (12/04/2022) were approved (proposer Hugh Aitchison, seconder - Margaret Beaton).

Police Report: (1.) Report of a suspicious male at the new housing development. Police attended however there was not trace on Police arrival. Just over a week later, a theft from the area was reported. A container was broken into.

Full/Co-Option Members: It was proposed that Hugh Aitchison and Christine Stewart be made Full Members of the KCC. Christine wasn’t present at the meeting, however, agreed that we could vote on the decision. Unanimous vote that they are both brought onto the KCC as Full Members. WSC will put a post on the village pages to advertise an opening for a Co-Option Member.

Dawn Homes: A letter has been sent to DH and a response was received. A working group has had a Zoom call to discuss further but no update. Fencing that has been put in is to prevent Newts which as gaps in it. Newts are a protected species. Core Path beside the Skatepark was closed and a resident has e-mailed re this. The response that was received suggested that the path was closed longer that it should’ve been. Also looks like there is a quite a difference in height between the existing path and the new path going in. There is a suggestion that there is a buried electric cable causing issues and therefore the closure of the path is now for H&S reasons. Two men were inspecting the site and there was a large plastic pipe in the burn which has now been thrown into the trees. A resident has spoken to workers on the site who have complained to the resident that this is the worst site they’ve worked on – it’s a mess. There was work on the site on Sunday – outside of the hours that they are meant to be working. The noise level was louder than on normal working days with loud music, heavy vehicles reversing and banging. We need to review the plans again to review the flood plain issue to highlight to DH. There is a concern that more developments will be forthcoming.

Graham’s Dairy/AD Application: Decision has been approved with conditions for the Dairy Farm.

Kippen Green Update/Tree Cutting: The works to remove the trees has been undertaken. There are logs to be taken by anyone in the community and also some sawdust. There are stumps that have been left. The next phase will be done as soon as the tradesperson has time to slot in the works. There are saplings already on one side of the burn that will naturally grow back in.

Correspondence: Nothing of note.

Kippen Community Council

c/o Reading Rooms, Castle Hill, Kippen FK8 3DN


Road Issues: A resident spoke to WSC re a Zebra crossing from The Manse over to Castlehill Road. They had been liaising with Councillor Jane Hutchison on the matter however, Jane didn’t stand for the recent elections. We had contacted Stirling Council and asked for a member of the Roads Team to come to our meeting. They have e-mailed back to say they will not be attending. We have been collating issues with roads and pavements and we will e-mail this over to Stirling Council to chase this up. An invitation was also sent to Stirling Council to attend the meeting re Fairfield Road and Claylands Road however, this was declined.

Planning: KCC to look into the Local Plan to see if there is anything we can do as a community to help shape the future of the village. Decision to close Fairfield Road has been refused. Another application has been approved.

Treasurer’s Report: We have just under £5,000 with most of that being committed for the Village Green works.

Councillor’s Report: No Councillors at the meeting.

Round Table Discussion: The bin has been removed from the top of Scott Brae. There has been a comment on the village page that Stirling Council have removed it due to Cat Litter? The road leading out of Kippen towards the Dasher is single track and 60mph. A letter had been sent to Planning to address the road. DH should have waste management onsite and this should be considered. Perhaps we should distribute more information re the KCC meetings. Who looks after the War Memorial? The names are starting to fade. Need to start the Local Place Plan. We suggest having a sub-committee to look into this. We’ll have a meeting in two weeks time.

Any Other Competent Business: KCC are looking to get confirmation of ownership of the Kippen Green and parts of Burnside wood as being under the ownership of the Village of Kippen. We are looking to see what things we can do to enhance the village such as planters.

The meeting closed at 9.24pm.

Next meeting: Tuesday 14th of June 2022 at 7.30pm in the Reading Rooms and Via Zoom.