Nov 2022 Minutes

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Approved Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 8th of November 2022

7.30pm in the Kippen Village Hall


Present: Derek Shanks, Robert Clubb, Barbara Ross, Scott Crawford, Margaret Beaton.

Attending: Councillor Gerry McGarvey & 5 members of the public.

Apologies: . Christine Stewart, Hugh Aitchison, Sarah Hill.

Minutes of the last meeting: (11/10/2022) were approved (proposer – Margaret Beaton, seconder – Barbara Ross).

Police Report: (1.) There was a report of youths on the roof of Kippen Primary School. Police attended and traced youths within the grounds and they were moved on. (2.) Report of a male that failed to return home and was reported missing. Many Police resources utilised however failed to trace the male. He was traced the next morning suffering from the effects of the cold weather. (3.) Report of persons hunting with dogs at the gun club area. Police attended however there was no trace of vehicles or persons. (4.) There was another report of a vehicle driving dangerously along the A811. Only one witness and no dash cam footage so there is little that can be done in that regard. (5.) Report of a suspicious van parked in a street in Kippen. No registration number of van provided so little Police can do.

Correspondence: N/a

Planning: There were a few applications – none to comment on.

Risk and Resilience: Jeremy Gaywood provided Resilience Plan written in 2017 in response to a department that is within Stirling Council(SC). The SC dept can provide shovels, etc., however, can’t cope very well under large issues affecting the whole community – such as snow as they cannot get out to the local Villages and they have to deal with them on their on. A plan has been written to cover 23 different types of risk. The plan has been put into action just last week when a local resident went missing and Police were called in. The Covid19 Pandemic saw a different set of challenges due to residents being in lockdown. A team has to be quickly put together when an emergency occurs. When the resident went missing the Police asked for the Resilience Team to not go out until they were asked as the Police Helicopter was using equipment to check for heat and didn’t want search teams getting confused for the missing individual. The Resilience Team was quick to respond during Lockdown and “Activated” putting teams together “A” who could walk round the streets and “B” who were housebound but could make telephones calls. Teams were set up for each street. Leaflets were delivered to all houses and a grant was gained to help out local residents in the form of food boxes. Certificates were given by the Council to allow the Resilience Team to move around the village. There was a need to visit people – especially as some were getting lonely. There is a team of 53. The Minister helped authorise boxes.

There is a feeling that Stirling Council should’ve had better cooperation with the Resilience Team as there didn’t seem to be a two-way communication. This would’ve helped the Resilience Team to identify vulnerable residents. Stirling Council may not necessarily have a

Kippen Community Council

c/o Reading Rooms, Castle Hill, Kippen FK8 3DN


list as they rely on other groups such as Food Banks to liaise with vulnerable people. The school may have been a good contact to have had? The Community Council and The Mitchell Trust work very closely together. The Reading Room has been used as a hub for Ukrainian Refugees. Could this be used as a Food Bank also?

DS – The Risk and Resilience Team has been an overall success. There needs to be a contact at Stirling Council for the village. On behalf of the KCC, you’ve done a tremendous job.

GM – the Resilience Plan that you have is more detailed and thorough that other plans that he’s seen. There is likely to be another issue soon with the Cost-of-Living Increases – Energy Costs going up. There are some people who don’t like to being “identified” as being in need. SEPA – Dawn Homes: E-mail received from David Bryden of SEPA –

“The matter of the soil movement was an ongoing topic of discussion between SEPA and the developer over the summer. There were concerns about the potential impact on the watercourse as well as the impact on the village itself with what would have been a significant number of heavy vehicle movements. SEPA reviewed the situation and, based on the specific circumstances in this case, made a decision to allow the soil to remain in situ for the aforementioned reasons, but also with consideration of the waste hierarchy as per the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2011 and the Waste Management Licensing (Scotland) Regulations 2011 . The developer was advised about their future management of soil and considerations they should make when approaching a new site.

I appreciate you and the Community Council may be disappointed about this decision however it has been taken with the best interests of the village of Kippen and the environment in mind.

The issues raised surrounding the Flood Risk Assessment of the site is not something I have been involved in. Having briefly looked at the casefile on Stirling Council Plannings website (19/00781/FUL) I was unable to find SEPA’s consultation response to the Local Authority however in the consultee tab it notes that it was received 24 January 2020. It also notes in the panel report of 26 May 2020, carried out following objections being received, that SEPA and Stirling Council’s Flood team were consulted and no objections raised. Those responses are not available in the casefile however Stirling Council planning department may have them available if you contact them. SEPA cannot access the response due to the loss of data in the cyber-attack. You have referred to a report produced by SEPA however other than the original consultee responses in (17/00813/FUL), provided by our Planning Team, I am unable to locate any other than the aforementioned responses having looked in (17/00813/FUL) & (19/00781/FUL). Stirling Council are the primary authority on Flooding with SEPA a consultee in the process.

I have noted the concerns raised regarding the deposit of construction wastes and SEPA will attend site to investigate. Officers will be in the area next week to follow-up on this and would be willing to meet and discuss concerns with you or any member of the CC if it is of any value? Please let me know if you wish to do so and we can try and arrange a day that suits all.”

The responsibility of the soil is now the landowner of the field that it’s been moved to. Although Dawn Homes are the “name” of the house builder/seller, the job is under Advanced Construction Scotland and liability may fall on them. We will contact SEPA to ask for a site visit.

The Concern of the KCC is the risk to environment and potential risks to residents moving into the new homes.


Council Responses: (1.) On Brae Verge Cleaning – “Land Services do carry out verge cleaning infrequently within this area, however this is on a lower scale of allocated works due to higher zone priorities”. (2.) On B822 Pothole – “We are aware of this pothole. Unfortunately, due to a water problem, this requires an excavation to determine and resolve the issue prior to it being permanently fixed. To carry out this work will require the road to be closed for a short period of time and this cannot be done at this time as the road is part of the diversion route for another road that is closed. We will continue to temporarily patch this pothole until we are able to close the road and carry out the necessary works to repair this permanently.”{this has now been filled in temporarily} (3.) On 20mph Issues – “The Network team are arranging for additional 20mph repeater signs and carriageway surface roundels to be installed to ensure that the speed limit is clear to all users. The team are also in in process of procuring two new vehicle activated signs to replace the two signs that are no longer in operation.” {signs have now been erected} (4.) On EV Charging Points – “Sustainability Team have confirmed that signs advising the bays are for EV charging have only just been ordered and we are waiting their delivery. There is a backlog of commissioning requests for units to be added to Chargeplace Scotland network. The team have asked the commissioning team to push this along.” {charging points are now in use but no signage} (5.) On Dasher Right of Way Sign – “Roads Maintenance do not have any responsibility for this sign. If it was removed as part of the works for the new property then this would be a matter for the Planning Officer or Development Control Officer to ensure the builder replaces it.”

Paths and Roads: Anne attended Kippen Ways AGM – the King’s Highway from Kippen to Dumbarton Road – Responsible from Kippen to Gargunnock with Gargunnock being responsible from there to Stirling. An Agreement has to be obtained by Landowners along the route. They are applying for funding for the next stage of the process. WSC was approached by a member of the public re the pavement outside of RhubarbLime – there are also issues with the pavement outside the school and a hole in the pavement near the top speed bump. Where the street lights have been put in, there seems to be issues between the new pavement and the existing pavement. DS received an e-mail re the road at Fintry Road on the southside at the burn. The tarmac as dropped into the burn. Large vehicles are using the road and getting worse. A barrier is also likely to fall into the burn. The path has now been laid at the Kippen Green. Money has been put aside for new trees to go in. The Cubs may have funds from the Bonfire Night to help.

Treasurer’s Report: £864 to pay for the path. Current balance £2,114.92. Councillor’s Report: Cllr McGarvey – the Resilience Team are empowering the village. There may be opportunities and resources to grow ideas. Local Place Plans – Scottish

Government feeds into the National Park and feed into the Stirling Council. Cllr McGarvey will look into the process for us as RC is keen to move forward but there’s a lack of information. This would be important for future developments in the village. There will be a reintroduction of are forums. Would rather listen and take onboard what the KCC are looking to say.

Round Table Discussion: There are some farms in areas that are “diversifying” and seem to be moving away from the core farming. We are hoping that Air Sensor Monitoring Equipment may be put in place. The Fireworks were good. They have raised in excess of

£3,000. Having them in the Football Field as the safest place as a fence round where the


Fireworks are set off. By having the Community Fireworks Display, there are fewer individuals setting off their own Fireworks. This allows for a short period of fireworks that are advertised in advance.

Any Other Competent Business: N/a The meeting closed at 9.40pm.

Next meeting: Tuesday 13th of December 2022 at 7.30pm in the Reading Rooms.