Oct 2022 Minutes

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Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 11th of October 2022 7.30pm in the Kippen Village Hall


Present: Barbara Ross, Scott Crawford, Margaret Beaton, Christine Stewart, Sarah Hill, Derek Shanks, Robert Clubb.

Attending: Councillor Paul Henke & 6 members of the public.

Apologies: . Hugh Aitchison.

Minutes of the last meeting: (13/09/2022) were approved (proposer – Barbara Ross, seconder – Derek Shanks).

Police Report: (1.) RTC near Kippen roundabout. A cyclist was struck by a vehicle/trailer and the vehicle drove off. The cyclist sustained minor injuries and enquiries are ongoing to trace vehicle and driver. (2.) There have been reports of vehicles driving dangerously along the A811. These reports consisted of one person witnessing the other vehicles.

For the Police to charge anyone then 2 pieces of evidence is required. This could be 2 eye witnesses but also dash cam footage can be used. (3.) A female was arrested for drink driving on the A811 near to Kippen Roundabout.

Correspondence: New defib pads and battery have been replaced. There was an e-mail about clearing rubbish.

Planning: Cllr Henke has shown an e-mail showing that the potential site for a Motor Home Camp ground is likely to be refused as conflicts with Policies within the LDP.

Treasurer’s Report: Just under £3,000 in bank.

Councillor’s Report: Cllr Paul Henke only just the application for the Motor Home Site. Round Table Discussion: Bobby Wilson will be coming in to complete the next phase of the Kippen Green this month. Faulk Wind Farm suppliers are putting forward a potential prize of

£10,000 to come up for an idea help with “Cost of Living” Increase Initiative. A member of Public found it difficult to cross the road at the shops due to the speed of traffic on the Main Street. Scott had been working on an idea and will look further into seeing if there are any other options for Crossings. First Bus has been taken over by McGill’s but there have been a

Kippen Community Council

c/o Reading Rooms, Castle Hill, Kippen FK8 3DN kippencommunitycouncil@gmail.com


number of cancellations. There have been some issues with the school buses. Dawn Homes are putting soil down on top of rubbish that hasn’t been cleared away. There seems to be speeding in spite of the 20mph – this includes the Fore Road. Is there a budget to replace the speed limit detection sign. We’ll write to Cllr Henke who will chase this up for us. It would be best for 20mph to be written on the road as well as the sign. The EV charging points haven’t been commissioned yet. The Recycling Centre – KCC have been in contact with Stirling Council but we’ve been stonewalled. The company who put it in no longer exists. Stirling Council don’t consider it to be their responsibility. There is also a Grit Bin in that area that should be moved and a sign that needs to be fixed. The Wind Farm would be interested in fund supporting. A right of way sign has been taken down between the Curling Pond and Dasher Farm path. Hole appearing on the Station Brae. Two members had a meeting with a student from the University re Air Quality Monitoring. There will be three workshops within the Community before the Monitors are put in. Checking traffic pollution. SEPA have been contacted re AD as there are businesses very close to the site. Halloween and Fireworks evening will be between now and the next meeting. Fireworks display on Friday the 4th of November at the Kippen Football Field. Donations to the cubs.

Any Other Competent Business: Robert spoke with Jeremy Gaywood of the Resilience Committee. There is a paper copy of the Resilience Plan and might be best to put on the website and would be good to get funds for snow clearing equipment and training to help out. There would need to be a review of Indemnity Insurance to cover any volunteers.

Moving forward have the Risk and Resilience as an ongoing agenda point at the KCC Meetings. We need to explore the Council’s Policy on this. Possibly ask a member of the Resilience Team to become an Associate Member.

The meeting closed at 8.48pm.

Next meeting: Tuesday 8th of November 2022 at 7.30pm in the Reading Rooms.