Sept 2022 Minutes

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Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 13th of September 2022 7.30pm in the Kippen Village Hall


Present: Derek Shanks, Robert Clubb, Barbara Ross, Scott Crawford, Margaret Beaton.

Attending: Councillor Rosemary Fraser & 4 members of the public.

Apologies: . Christine Stewart, Sarah Hill, Hugh Aitchison.

Minutes of the last meeting: (21/06/2022) were approved (proposer – Barbara Ross, seconder – Margaret Beaton).

Royal Family: KCC would like to extend our best wishes to the Royal Family on their loss. Stirling Council Schools will be off on the day of the funeral.

Police Report: (1.) PC Graeme McNulty will be joining PC Steven Graham in the Ward Officer role for the Forth and Endrick area on 12th September. Graeme was previously the School Based Officer at Balfron High School. (2.) Report of a drone hovering above a garden. No evidence of any crime and advice given. (3.) A couple of minor disagreements between neighbours reported. Police attended and gave all parties advice. No crimes established. (4.) 2 vehicle RTC on A811 between Arnprior and Kippen. A driver suffered a minor injury and details were exchanged. (5.) Police assisted the fire service with road closures following a fire in the Main St. (6.) A couple of further reports have been received re persons at the new housing development. Police attended however there was not trace on Police arrival and no reports of any thefts. (7.) Lead was stolen from the roof of the Church. Enquiries are ongoing. (8.) Fraud reported whereby goods were offered for sale which were paid for but no goods received. Enquiry passed onto Yorkshire where fraud originated. Frauds are happening regularly and there are many types. Please heed relevant advice.

Defib: Struggling to get hold of the team to replace the pads as the current ones have expired. Cllr Fraser will try and chase this up.

Dawn Homes: The path has opened back up where the skatepark used to be. A digger was out digging out a Holly Tree to put a drain in. There was a lot of water came out from the soil. There is now a lot of noise from drain water flowing into the burn. Mess around Burn still not cleaned up.

Graham’s AD Application: The AD Application has been approved. KCC have felt that there were very strong objections put in. KCC will have created a sheet with bullet points which weren’t allowed to be distributed to Stirling Council. Stirling Council claimed that forms that had been submitted for objectors to speak hadn’t been received even though they had. AD is a good idea, close to the waste in and industrial area. The CO2 won’t be used it will be put back into the atmosphere. Most of the waste will be coming from Fife and not from local farms. There were a number of conditions attached. A letter has been sent to SEPA regarding possible smells and gases from the AD. There are currently farm vehicles not abiding by the no turn right sign on exit from the farm. There didn’t seem to be any expertise available to the panel to make the correct decision. The KCC and residents would like to thank Barbara and John for attending and all of the work they have done.

Kippen Community Council

c/o Reading Rooms, Castle Hill, Kippen FK8 3DN


Correspondence: An email was received from a student at Stirling University looking to do an air monitoring survey in the area. Looking to host a couple of community workshops and reaching out to us and the local Community.

Road Issues: We’ve had a response from the Roads Department to say that most of the points we raised need to be logged on the Council Portal. We were also advised that Fore Road won’t be cleaned as outside of the 30mph they do not clean. We do now have road markings at Oakwood/Castlehill Loan and Castlehill Load/Burngreen. EV points have taken time to go in due to issues connecting up to the power. But they need to be commissioned by the operator. Stirling Council provide free EV charging points – given the fact that people are struggling to heat their homes, should they? There are solar panels at the charging facilities that do provide much of the electricity to charge the vehicles. Stirling is currently difficult to navigate due to cycle lanes being built. Coming from Kippen into Stirling, drivers have had to and are continuing to face delays and challenges. Scott to e-mail Rosemary re concerns with cycle routes for her to raise at a meeting she’ll be attending.

Earlsburn Extension: There is a meeting on Thursday to be attended by a representative of KCC. A subcommittee has been created to see what benefits would be available to Kippen. Planning: There is an application to build a house with a business to have space for 8 Motorhomes. However, there are no facilities such as toilets, showers or washing facilities. There also has to be a legal distance between “pitches” and if the Motorhomes put out Awnings – there might not be enough legal room? It’s part of a conservation area. The application is put through as a tourism draw. A decision was made between the KCC members at the meeting that we should object on the basis of it being a Greenbelt Area and other concerns.

Treasurer’s Report: Money paid for website and fees.

Councillor’s Report: Cllr Fraser was appointed as Vice Chair of Audit and Risk to oversee risks within the council. There have been issues with personal care in the area. A winter strategy is being looked at with a resilience team – there was one during Covid that was very successful. If the resilience group is linked to the KCC then the indemnity insurance would cover any damage to property.

Round Table Discussion: The fireworks night will be going ahead on Friday the 4th of November. Our VC may not be able to return soon to meetings. The second phase of the Kippen Green (the path) is going ahead in October. Once this is complete, we can then discuss the next phase. End of month is the closing for any windfarm funds. Would CCTV be an option for the village in light of lead stolen from the church. A member of the public had suggested changing the white lines on the brae to ones that make sound to encourage people to drive on the left. This may be noisy for anyone living nearby. Could money be provided to help with the war memorial in the village to refurbish? There is a consultation on Burnside Wood to become a conservation area. There is discussion between which parts are owned by the Village and which by the Mitchell Trust.

Any Other Competent Business: Police were called re tippers parked on the Station Brae and Police were called and took time to respond. There was an incident on the B822 near


Flanders Moss and the Police were called and it was resolved before they were in attendance. Damaged has occurred to the church due to the lead roofing being stolen the Police attended very quickly. KCC have offered help and suggest that people keep vigilant and look out for any suspicious activities and contact the police. It’s always good for the Police to at least log any issues. New Local Place Plan coming into force next year. KCC have asked for information on this and none has been forthcoming. KCC would like to meet with planners to discuss plans in advance to give local knowledge and advice on any applications. There have been on-going issues with the bus service through Kippen heading in both directions. Money has been put into creating Active Routes.

The meeting closed at 10.04pm.

Next meeting: Tuesday 11th of October 2022 at 7.30pm in the Kippen Village Hall.