April 2023 Minutes

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Kippen Community Council
c/o Reading Rooms, Castle Hill, Kippen FK8 3DN
Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 11th of April 2023 7.30pm in The
Reading Rooms
Present: Scott Crawford, Margaret Beaton, Derek Shanks & Sarah Hill.
Attending: No Councillor present & 1 member of the public.
Apologies: Robert Clubb, Barbara Ross & Christine Stewart.
Minutes of the last meeting: (14/03/2023) were approved (proposer – Margaret Beaton,
seconder – Sarah Hill).
Police Report: No Police Report – However, there was a car stolen from Scott Brae in
Kippen. Someone broke into the premises and stole the keys to the car that were just inside
the door. More than one door had been tried. Please be wary of where you place your car
Correspondence: Almost £7.5million will be invested by Stirling Council over the next 12
months in a programme of works to improve the area’s roads infrastructure.
Planning: Nothing of note to discuss.
Kippen Green: MB and DS met with resident re overhanging branches to ensure it was ok to
cut them back – the resident was more than happy for this to happen. This will open up the
path and hopefully let in more light. Works to be carried out by Robert Wilson. Water has
damaged another part of path and there is a suggestion of perhaps putting down cement?
Awaiting to hear back about more trees to be planted.
Graham’s Dairy: A letter has been written re the application for a barn that Graham’s have
already started to build. This letter mentions what appears to be “Salami Slicing” of
applications culminating in a large, industrial dairy site. Several members of the Community
Council have seen vehicles turning right into the site when there is a no right turn and no
entry signs. Chase e-mail has been sent to Cllr Fraser as she e-mail Stirling Council last
Risk and Resilience: No report.
Air Quality Monitoring: On 26th April 2023 between 2.30pm and 7.30pm there will be a
drop-in at the Reading Rooms to give members of the community an opportunity to become
involved in siting some air quality meters in Kippen to monitor air quality in the village. This
will be hosted by Amy McCarron from Stirling University.
Local Place Plan: On the same day (as Air Quality Meeting) we will be launching an initiative
to allow members of Kippen Community to find out about how they can have their say
about producing a Local Place Plan (LPP) for the village. This is a new initiative and will be
used by Stirling Council to inform their Local Development Plans. This will involve collecting
information about what people like about living in Kippen, what could be better and where
do we see our village in 10 year’s time.
A flyer has been produced for the joint events and Stirling University will be printing them.
They will be ready 1 week head of the event. We already have a couple of volunteers to help
to distribute them and any further help would be appreciated. We’re keen to get as many
members of the community involved in both initiatives.
20mph electronic signs: The signs have now been sorted to flash at 20mph.
Treasurer’s Report: No Report.
Councillor’s Report: No Councillor present.
Round Table/ Any Other Competent Business: A local Resident has been clearing away the Station
Brae making it cleaner and safer. DS would like to say thank you to WSC for time spent on KCC. KCC
won’t be in place when the King’s Coronation so wouldn’t be in a place to arrange anything. Perhaps
this should be a “Community” lead event rather than “Community Council”. WSC had wished to
raise concerns re cycle paths, roadworks and EV’s with a Councillor but has no one was present, he’ll
send them an e-mail instead.
The meeting closed at 8.45pm.
Next meeting: TBA due to elections for new Community Councillors