Feb 2023 Minutes

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                                                                                                   Minutes of the Meeting held on Monday 13th of February 2023 7.30pm in The Reading Rooms

Present: Sarah Hill, Scott Crawford, Barbara Ross, Robert Clubb & Margaret Beaton.

Attending: 4 members of the public.

Apologies: Derek Shanks, Christine Stewart & Councillor Gerry McGarvey.

Minutes of the last meeting: (14/12/2022) were approved (proposer – Barbara Ross, seconder – Sarah Hill).

Nomination of Vice Chair: Barbara Ross put her name forward and was approved by everyone at the meeting.

Police Report: (1.) A call was received at the beginning of February 2023 in relation to potential hare coursing. Unfortunately, no persons were traced however continued vigilance is requested. (2.) Police were made aware of damage to fencing of a field at Cauldhame. It appears that persons have damaged the fence for easier access to the nearby wood. (3.) Police received intelligence in relation to the presence of Cannabis within a residential property in Kippen. Please continue reporting suspicions to enable Police to act upon this.

Community Council Elections 2023:

14/04/23 – Publication of Notice of Election

14/04/23 – All Community Councils will be treated as stepped down. 17/04/23 – Nominations to be submitted by 4pm

18/04/23 – Any Nominations to be withdrawn by 4pm

24/04/23 – Arrange Inaugural Meetings (where no ballot required) 29/04/23 – w/c – Issue of Ballot Papers

19/06/23-28/06/23 – counting of Ballot Papers 29/06/23 – Publication of Results

03/07/23 – Arrange Inaugural Meetings (where ballot held)

Correspondence: E-mail received from Jeremy Gaywood re The Reading Rooms.

1. The Reading Room Garden Room is up and running for the Kippen Cuppa and is designated as the Warm Room for the village. Quite how this will actually work has not yet been plannned and needs some input from the Community Council. This must be a properly established Community Project. Needs some steering.

2. Defibrillation Classes will be held on 4th March, for which twenty people have expressed interest. Gargunnock has indicated interest but we have no details of that, yet.

RC will speak with JG re these matters tomorrow.

E-mail from June Waley re Glass Recycling Centre to say that Stirling Council set it up. RC has already tried to deal with Stirling Council on this matter but didn’t get anywhere with it. Perhaps we can ask the residents what to do with that area of land if the Glass Recycling hut wasn’t there. Do we consider all of the areas of land in the village as one project. Perhaps put in for funding from the Windfarm Fund.

Kippen Community Council

c/o Reading Rooms, Castle Hill, Kippen FK8 3DN kippencommunitycouncil@gmail.com

RC has been in touch with Stirling Council re insurance as to whether the Risk and Resilience was covered under our Liability Insurance. The Council would need to know if of any projects to ensure covered.

PG contacted about speeding down the Fore Road. An e-mail was forwarded to all of the Councillors and Cllr Henke picked it up and forwarded it onto Stirling Council and this is now being looked into.

Planning: Dawn Homes have submitted another application to amended two houses that have planning permission for incorrect houses being built. The KCC are yet again concerned at Dawn Homes doing something that isn’t on the plans. There also appears to be other changes to plans. Some applications for solar panels.

Risk and Resilience: N/A

Treasurer’s Report: Currently stands at £2,033.92 but there may be some more costs to come off for hire of Reading Rooms and some other expenses. We’ll need another accountant to do the accounts for year end. RC to make contact with a possibility.

Councillor’s Report: Gerry McGarvey sent in his apologies.

Round Table Discussion: Has anything been done with Windfarm money to clean the War Memorial? Not aware of anything and the KCC may be best placed to apply for it. May have more like if we have match funding in place. Still ongoing issues with the Buses. Many are being cancelled. Still in conversations re paths and cycle access from Gargunnock to Kippen. Pot holes – there was a post re a lack of bitumen and yet there seems to be enough to build cycle lanes in Stirling. There are two things coming together – we would firstly like Kippen to build a Place Plan to give the village a voice. This would allow the residents to put forward, as example, their wishes on zoning for new houses. Villages that have Place Plans in place generally pick a couple of aspirational “themes” of things they would like to see in the village. Linked to that, a PHD student at university is looking to have a community involved in monitoring Air Pollution and seeing how that affects the village. There is already involvement from other villages. If we could combine the two events – Air Pollution and the Local Place Plan. In one of the villages they believed that some air pollution is due to the “school run” however it was found more due to coal fires in colder weather. Going to contact PG for PR advice and contact with Doune village as they have something already set up and there is an upcoming webinar to discuss. The One Scotland Mapping Agreement allows for Community Councils to have access to maps and aerial photos.

Any Other Competent Business: N/A The meeting closed at 8.48pm.

Next meeting: Tuesday 14th of March 2023 at 7.30pm in the Reading Rooms.