October 2023 Minutes

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Kippen Community Council
Minutes of the Meeting held in Kippen Reading Rooms
at 7:30 Wednesday 11th October 2023
Present: Derek Shanks (Chair), Barbara Ross (Vice-Chair), Margaret Beaton
(Planning/Licensing), Scott Crawford, Michaela Yates and Ann Milligan.
In Attendance: Councillor Paul Henke, (Esther Lim (Minute Taker)
Apologies: Robert Clubb (Treasurer), Christine Stewart.
Residents: There were 4 members of the public present
1. Welcome and Apologies
The Chair welcomed attendees to the meeting and gave the apologies.
2. Adoption of Minutes
It was noted that under point 3.1 of the unconfirmed minutes of the meeting held on 13th
September 2023, Scott Crawford (SC) is designated as ‘The Secretary’. As SC has
resigned from this position, it was agreed these words would be removed.
The unconfirmed minutes of the Meeting held on 13th September 2023 were then approved
having been proposed by Margaret Beaton (MB) and seconded by Michaela Yates (MY).
3. Matters Arising
3.1 Castlehill Loan Recycling Hub
Robert Clubb (RC) emailed the 3 local councillors regarding this issue but has
received no reply as yet. Councillor Paul Henke (PH) recommended the
Community Council (KCC) contact only one councillor in future as writing to 3
councillors with the same enquiry can cause delays. The KCC agreed that RC
would resubmit his enquiry directly to PH. [Action: Robert Clubb]
3.2 Local Place Plan (LPP)
RC has been in touch with Paul Ede of Planning Aid for Scotland (PAS) and
received a new proposal. The Community Trust (Windfarm) have agreed to pay
the fee of £150. RC recommended that he, Barbara Ross (BR) and Alan Beaton
and/or Martin Brown from the Community Trust meet with PAS at a date to be
agreed. They will look at hosting a survey on the KCC website following the
meeting with PAS. [Action: Robert Clubb]
Barbara Ross (BR) has written up the results of the LPP drop-in session. A short
version has been submitted to ‘The Wee Vine’ and a longer version will be posted
on the website. BR and Ann Milligan (AM) attended a webinar on the LPP. Going
forward the need is to get input from all sectors of the community and advice on
formulating a questionnaire to gather both quantitative and qualitative data. KCC
agreed not to contact other CCs until they know the direction they will take.
3.3 Website Access for Michaela Yates
RC agreed to arrange access within the next few days. [Action: Robert Clubb]
3.4 Bridge Handrail Repair
DS agreed to make the repair before the next meeting.
3.5 Roads Update
SC has been advised that enquiries must be sent to Stirling Council individually in
future. KCC has been update as follows:
3.5.1 Overgrown Verges
A local resident had raised the question of road markings and verges. The
verges of roads are quite overgrown especially on the Fore Road, B822
Kippen Station and A811. Due to this, there are no/few visible road
markings to mark the outside of the road. These lines are extremely
important especially as the dark nights are drawing in.
SC received the following reply from SC: “There is currently no edge
markings on the B822 or Fore Road in Kippen, however I would agree that
the centre line markings, bus stops and yellow lines do require to be
refreshed. This will be added to the works schedule subject accordingly. In
regard to the A811, this is currently being looked at from Stirling to Drymen
and we are awaiting confirmation of a grant application for this relining
work to be carried out.”
3.5.2 Blocked Drains on Main Street
KCC have been advised by SC that these will be cleared before the start of
the winter cycle (end of October). Members confirmed that some drains
were unblocked yesterday but some could not be cleared due to parked
cars. SC noted that details of several additional blocked drains had been
posted on facebook and a resident noted some others. SC requested that
these be emailed to him so he can forward details to the roads department
to request these are cleared also. It was also suggested he request prior
warning of their next visit so that parked cars can be moved. [Action:
Scott Crawford]
3.5.3 Castlehill Loan – Damage due to Large Vehicles
The Roads Inspector has advised that the damage is not of a scale that
justifies the council seeking remediation from the developer. They road will
be reviewed again in their next survey in 2024/5. Members agreed that this
was not satisfactory.
3.5.4 Speeding
Stephen Bly had apologised to KCC that Stirling Council is not able to
respond to their enquiry as the Traffic Management Officer has left. He has
asked the roads service to respond to the KCC once the position has been
Balfron police have also agreed to visit the area to obtain information on
speeding in the near future.
3.5.6 Adoption of the Private Road Near Dasher Farm
KCC and a councillor have sent emails to Stirling Council in support of this
3.6 Air Quality
BR attended an air quality workshop hosted by Amy McCarron of Stirling
University. She is developing a website which enables residents in rural areas to
find out about their local air quality. BR highlighted the following points:
● The nearest monitor to Kippen is at the Craigs roundabout in Stirling.
● The only area in the UK in the category of lowest air pollution is the North
of Scotland. Kippen and the surrounding areas are in the next lowest
● Ammonia levels can be a concern in rural areas and can become an issue
when combined with car pollutants. BR noted there is a large dairy farm in
the area.
3.7 Giant Hogweed
Members informed Councillor Henke that giant hogweed is spreading rapidly
along waterways in the area and is highly toxic. It needs to be sprayed regularly
for a period of 5 years in order to be eradicated and ordinary members of the
public are not allowed to purchase the chemicals needed to do this. Members
pointed out that some areas, such as the cycle track to Buchlyvie, appear to have
been treated but not others with the result that hogweed will continue to spread. It
was recognised that this is now a national as well as local issue. PH agreed to
raise this with Stirling Council and the Scottish Government [Action: Councillor
3.8 The Wee Vine Update
BR has submitted a report on recent KCC activities to ‘The Wee Vine’ including
details of who is on the council, the dates of meetings, updates on air quality
monitoring and the LPP as well as other issues.
3.9 Windfarm Funding
The KCC agreed to apply for funding in January 2024.
3.10 Improvements to Recycling Shed, Sign & Panorama
SC suggested posting on the village pages that neither KCC nor Stirling Council
are responsible for the recycling shed, the sign near the recycling shed or the
panorama. He suggested contacting local residents via facebook to form a
committee to work on these areas alongside KCC. A proposal for funding could
potentially be included in the application for windfarm funding in January 2024.
Members agreed to discuss this at the next meeting. [Action: Scott Crawford]
4. Administration / Secretary
The Chair asked for volunteers to step forward for this role. Michaela Yates (MY) put
herself forward and it was agreed she would take over the role with immediate effect. It
was agreed she would meet with Scott Crawford to discuss the role. [Action: Scott
Crawford and Michaela Yates]
5. Matters for discussion
5.1 Police Report
SC read the police report. He noted that KCC had requested a detailed report but
only a short summary had been provided. Enquiries are still ongoing regarding the
motorbike thefts in Kippen and the surrounding area reported at the last meeting.
The following cases were reported since the last meeting:
● I case of a person fishing without a permit
● Several cases of speeding on the A11
● A domestic assault
The report also shared a number of tips on how to prevent thefts and other crimes.
SC will pass these to MY to put onto the website.
5.2 Correspondence
Stirling Council asked KCC to discuss the proposal to address a 4-property
development at Kippen Station as ‘1-4 The Sidings’. Members agreed they had
no concerns with this address.
5.3 Planning
There has been one application since the last meeting:
● A single-storey side extension at Braehead Farm.
5.4 Treasurer’s Report
The Chair read the treasurer’s report. It highlighted the following:
● The only expenditure since the last meeting was the cost for a minute taker
and room hire.
● The administration grant has been received from Stirling Council.
5.5 Councillor’s Report
Councillor Henke gave the Councillor’s Report. He had planned to speak on the
issue of giant hogweed which was discussed earlier in the meeting.
He reminded KCC that Stirling Council are having to find £12 million in cuts in the
coming year in addition to the £5 million this year so there will be some difficult
decisions to be made. He encouraged KCC to contact him directly by email with
any issues that arise and he will be happy to help.
6. Round Table Discussion / Any Other Competent Business
6.1 Drains – Cameron Crescent
The condition of the drains on Cameron Crescent was raised with Councillor
Henke. PH agreed to contact Scottish Water regarding this. SC agreed to send the
relevant information to PH. [Action: Scott Crawford and Councillor Henke]
6.2 Standing Water – The Meadows
SC brought up the issue of the standing water on The Meadows and the risk of ice
causing accidents. SC agreed to send the information to PH. PH will raise this
with Stirling Council. [Action: Scott Crawford and Councillor Henke]
6.2 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Points
SC raised concern at the potential hazard of EV charging points located near trees
or wood clad properties in Kippen in the light of recent media reports. He
suggested there should be a need to request planning permission before points
are installed.
DS shared his professional opinion as a fire consultant that charging stations do
not pose a high risk. He stated that electric cars are a greater risk as, although the
risk of them catching fire is minimal, the consequences of battery damage and the
resulting thermal runaway are very high. However, this is not an issue which
community councils can address but will need to be discussed at government level
in the future.
6.3 Installation of Telegraph Pole without Consultation
BR raised the issue of a new telegraph pole installed beside the A11 (to carry
high-speed fibre broadband) without consultation. She expressed concern at the
lack of consultation she felt was particular to rural areas and asked PH if this could
be raised with the Council. PH felt nothing could be done in this particular
incidence but agreed to raise a request for more community consultation in
general. BR agreed to email him the details of this case. [Action: Barbara Ross
and Councillor Henke]
6.4 Potholes
A local resident asked if the road works currently being undertaken at the end of
the village on the road to Fintry could be extended to include the potholes outside
her house. PH asked her to email him with the details and agreed to take this
forward. [Action: Councillor Henke]
6.5 Amendments to Minutes
BR suggested any amendments to the draft meeting minutes be sent by members
to the Secretary within 3 working days of receipt. The Secretary will forward these
to the minute taker in one go to avoid confusion or duplication.
7. Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting will take place at 7:30pm on Wednesday 8th November 2023 in the
Kippen Reading Rooms.