April 2021 Minutes

Logie Community Council

Minutes of Virtual Meeting – 13 April 2021


Present: Mary Maxwell-Irving (Chair), Robin Kelsall (Vice Chair), Ken Todd
(Secretary), Cameron Campbell and Ian Doyle

Residents: 2


Apologies: Councillor Jim Thomson and Councillor Susan McGill


In Attendance: P.C. Greig Lowery and Katanya Hamilton (Minutes Secretary),


  1. Declarations of Interest: None


  2. Adoption of the minutes of last meeting (28 January 2020)

    Proposed: Ken Todd; Seconded: Cameron Campbell

    Adoption of the minutes of Extraordinary meeting (15 April 2021)

    Proposed: Robin Kelsall; Seconded: Ken Todd
    There were no matters arising.


  3. Co-option of Additional Community Councillor

    Ian Doyle was the sole nominee and was unanimously co-opted onto the
    community Council.


  4. Treasurer ‘s Appointment

    In light of Ida Bailey’s resignation, Cameron Campbell was appointed as the new
    Treasurer. Proposed: Mary Maxwell Irving; Seconded: Ken Todd. Mary reported
    that the bank balance stands at £1220.50.


  5. Police Report

    P.C. Lowery stated that police priorities in the larger Castle Ward area, of which
    Logie forms a small part, remain focused on drug dealing, anti-social behaviour
    and road safety. There were two detected cases of possession of class B drugs
    and two undetected cases involving vandalism and computer related fraud,
    which are ongoing. In the past 12 months 24 calls have been made to Police for
    the Blairlogie area: one incident of suspect persons, one of vandalism and
    numerous calls regarding animals on the road way.


    Community Speed Watch

    P.C. Lowery explained that this initiative was started in Dumfries and Galloway
    and, where implemented, has produced good results and led to an observable
    decrease in speeding. It would require a group of volunteers (3) to monitor the
    speed of vehicles passing through the village with the use of a handheld laser
    device at set times during the day. Car registration, make and model would be
    noted and the police would follow up on the information given them. Training
    and equipment would be provided at a cost to the Community Council.

    This initiative combined with the lowering of the speed limit would be a double
    deterrent to speeding through the village. P.C. Lowery will provide further
    information in terms of full costs, number of volunteers needed and training.

  6. Planning Report

    There was little to report other than items to do with replacing windows and
    doors and parking, which were given approval with conditions. Robin Kelsall
    will seek more details on the works currently being carried out at Craigton Farm.


  7. New Waste Collection Arrangements

    The changes to the collection of grey and blue bins will start later in the year
    now, as they are dependent on when the new vehicles are made available,
    possibly September. Brown bin permits for collection of garden waste will be
    needed here from 20th April.


  8. Speed Limit Reduction in Blairlogie Village

    Work will start the week beginning 19th April and has already been signposted
    on the road. This will include new lights, pavement re-surfacing and signage.
    Speed limits will be reduced to 40mph from east of Witches Craig Caravan Park
    to the start of the village, where it will then reduce to 30mph.


  9. Flood Risk Management

    The grilles have been installed in the burn. However, Flood Risk is looking at
    putting in one more.


  10. Swan Deaths

    There have been more swan deaths reported. A survey by SPEN is ongoing to
    assess the problem. Ida Bailey is hoping to get a report as soon as the survey is


  11. Proposed Footpath Powis Loan

    Works have not started yet. It may be that the Abbey Craig rock fall is holding
    work back. Farmers on the east side of the road have stated they are happy to
    have the footpath on that side. In any case the road between Powis and Logie is a
    concern because of the speed of the traffic going along it. Some residents have
    also expressed concern and feel that speed reduction is necessary. Ian Doyle
    will write to the Chief Executive of Stirling Council re problem aspects of Powis

    Post Meeting Note: Stirling Council has not yet given Road Construction
    Consent for the footpath and Scottish Power have not yet indicated whether they
    will include ducting beneath the path for future fibre broadband.


  12. Fibre Broadband

    The government has stated their intention to have fibre broadband provided to every
    household in this area by 2023. They are providing grants of up to £400 for switching to a
    faster broadband supplier in the meantime. See

    NB Logie Fast Broadband does not intend participating in this scheme, but will continue to
    support its own stable system until full fibre broadband has been rolled out.


  13. AOB

Blairlogie Orchard Car Park

A sign has been broken at the car park. Mary has taken a photo to forward to
Stirling Council.

Date of Next Meeting – TBA