Dec Extraordinary 2021 Minutes

Logie Community Council

Minutes of Special Meeting – 6 December 2021
Crowsteps (Blairlogie Reading Room)


  1. Present: Mary Maxwell-Irving (Chair), Robin Kelsall (Vice Chair), Cameron Campbell (Treasurer),
    Susan Allen and Peter Jennings.

    Residents: 4


  2. Apologies: None.


  3. Declarations of Interest: None.


  4. Allocation of responsibilities: Following consideration of the main topics covered over the last 3
    years since inauguration of the new LCC, 11 Dec 2018, it was agreed to allocate responsibilities for
    current actions as follows:


    Mary Maxwell-Irving:

    • Speeding

    • Trees & Wildlife

    • Liaison with Future Forestry Company (FFC) on plans for Dumyat Farm

    • Police liaison (improvements to reporting)


      Secretary (see item under item 7):

    • Administration & Governance

    • Community Engagement


      Peter Jennings, with Cameron Campbell:

    • Flooding (flood resilience once Stirling Council risk assessment complete)


      Peter Jennings:

    • Cyclepath/footpath extension west of Blairlogie

    • Car park improvement


      Robin Kelsall:

    • Playpark Improvement


      Susan Allen:

    • Resilience (see also item 6 below)


  5. Communication – members of the public guidance/code of practice


    It was agreed to adopt a code of conduct for public interaction with the Community Council. This takes
    the form of a 1-page policy statement based on one adopted by another Community Council and
    endorsed by Stirling Council. This policy statement will be sent out with the minutes of the meeting and
    will be accompanied by Stirling Council’s code of conduct for the Community Council itself for


  6. Resilience Plan

    It was agreed to develop a resilience plan to address the needs of the community during times of
    adverse events, such as extreme weather, power loss, etc. The plan may be based around a network of
    volunteers representing all areas of the community, an assessment of what might cause problems for



    people and how these might be mitigated. The Blairlogie Reading Room may have a role as a central
    hub and refuge. Susan Allen will lead on this with the first steps to identify groups to form a network
    followed by a call for volunteers.

    This is in addition to a flood resilience plan to be developed once the risk assessment has been
    completed by Stirling Council.

  7. AOB


    Appointment of Secretary: The appointment of Peter Jennings to the role of Secretary was proposed
    by Mary Maxwell-Irving, seconded by Susan Allen and agreed unanimously.


    Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Issues: Many of the issues the Community Council had with RBS have
    been resolved, with RBS providing compensation of £100.

    Two issues are outstanding as follows:

    • It was agreed to change the statement address for the account to that of the
      Treasurer, Cameron Campbell [post meeting note: RBS has completed this change of

    • It was agreed that Angus Annan should be removed as a signatory to the RBS account
      [post meeting note: this must be done online as set out by RBS in their email of 03
      December 2021 14:13]


Planters: The selected planters to be placed at the Blairlogie signs at each end of the village have been
ordered by Stirling Council, with an 8-week delivery time. The Community Council agreed to pay for
the filling and planting of the planters that will be done in due course by the volunteers.


Gogar Mains Planning Application: It was agreed that the Community Council will respond to the
planning application to develop serviced plots for 8 houses at Gogar Mains. The response will be to
support the application in principle but requesting provision of additional passing spaces on Gogar Loan,
both south and north of the development. The draft response was approved.


Powis Loan Footpath:

Scottish Power Energy Networks (SPEN) has submitted revised plans to Stirling Council for consent to
the footpath on Powis Loan. From the roundabout at the southern end of Powis Loan, the footpath goes
through the field (behind the hedge) until Powis Mains, from where the footpath is beside the road until
joining the old road at the northern end.


There was much discussion of the proposal, with a resident of Powis Mains Steading in attendance,
particularly concerning safety aspects where the footpath is next to the road. The residents of Powis
Mains Steading are understood to be split on the current footpath proposal, although there is community
support from other areas. A safer route would be to take the footpath through the fields, going around
the other side of the housing, for the entire length of the loan. It was noted, however, that such a change
request might lead to the end of the project as time is running out for the funding. This is the sole
remaining ‘Pylon Mitigation’ funded project.


The Community Council agreed to write to Stirling Council noting that the community is generally in
support of the proposal for the Powis Loan footpath but that the Council must reassure itself on the
acceptability of the safety aspects.


Peter Jennings