June 2021 Minutes

Logie Community Council
Minutes of Virtual Meeting

23 June 2021


Present: Mary Maxwell-Irving (Chair), Robin Kelsall (Vice Chair), Cameron Campbell
(Treasurer), Ken Todd (Secretary) and Ian Doyle.

Residents: 4

In Attendance: PC Greig Lowery, PC Stuart Gray and Katanya Hamilton (Minutes Secretary)


  1. Apologies: None

  2. Declarations of Interest: None


  3. Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on 13th April were approved.
    (Proposed by Robin Kelsall and seconded by Ken Todd)


  4. Matters Arising: None


  5. Police Report: In the period from 1 April 202, there was one undetected case concerning a
    failure to stop and report details after a road traffic collision. Two calls were made to Police. Both
    pf these related to a silent 999 call that turned out to have been made by mistake. The Police have
    spent a couple of days in Blairlogie, stopping and speaking to a number of drivers and explaining
    the new speed restrictions.

    Ian Doyle mentioned a traffic incident he witnessed and reported in Bridge of Allan. During the
    meeting, PC Gray was able to find details of how that complaint had been dealt with


  6. Police Community Speedwatch Scheme: Full details of the scheme have been released to the
    Community Council. The CC has made enquiries of Stirling Council about assistance with funding
    for the scheme. The Community Pride Fund and Lottery Small Grants were suggested. Bridge of
    Allan and Causewayhead CCs had been asked if they would be interested in equipment sharing
    and Causewayhead had responded positively to considering the idea.

    Ken Todd asked PC Lowery to enquire whether using a radar gun not listed on the official Scheme
    details - the PR1000 Traffic Speed Radar Gun, costing only £230 - would be an acceptable
    alternative to reduce costs.

    It was agreed in principle to take the Scheme forward and PC Lowery is to find out how long it
    would take to set up and what level of volunteer vetting would be required. Peter Jennings,
    Cameron Campbell, Ken Todd and Jennifer Jennings expressed interest in acting as volunteers.


  7. Planning Report: There has been a spate of applications to renew windows. There has been
    an application to convert and extend an outbuilding south of Cotkerse Cottages to form a new
    dwelling. Approval of an application to erect a summerhouse at Blairmains Cottages.


  8. Speed Reduction Measures on A91 at Blairlogie Village: Phase 1 has been largely completed
    although there are still works that have not been done. Ken Todd will liaise with Stirling Council
    on the many outstanding matters. No universal reduction in speed levels has been achieved by
    the project and speed is still governed by volume of traffic at different times of the day.


  9. New bin/Food Waste Regime

    The four-weekly collection scheme for grey and blue bins is due to commence in the Autumn.
    Anyone with a bigger family should get in touch with Stirling Council to have special arrangements
    made. Ian Doyle raised once again the public concern about this future change and said that there
    were rat issues in other places where this had been done and that there are currently queues at
    the Polmaise tip. Food caddies are not being collected anymore and all food waste must go into
    brown bins, regardless of whether or not a permit has been purchased for garden waste.


  10. SPEN Contractor Compound at Manor Powis: A site compound has been set up by Scottish
    Power’s contractor at Manor Powis Cottages who will carry out works until November. These are
    planned to include a cycle track and footpath at Cowie and Fallin and the Powis Loan footpath on
    the A91. This work is funded by the Pylon Mitigation Scheme.


  11. Traffic Speed on the Old Alloa Road at Manor Powis Cottages: In response to complaints
    about learner drivers speeding in front of the cottages, Stirling Council intend to introduce a
    20mph speed limit there, together with new signs and road markings to highlight pedestrian and
    cyclist movements and also to manage parking.


  12. Swan Deaths: Preventative measures are no further forward at this time.


  13. Septic tanks and Drainage Issues: Peter Jennings has discovered that the waterways on the
    carse need clearing as they are causing drainage issues for both the septic tank system and water
    coming from the hill. He has produced plans showing the specific locations of the problem areas.
    Ian Doyle agreed to take the matter forward with Danny Gibson, Deputy Leader of Stirling Council,
    to discover how they deal with drainage/blockage problems on private land.


    Community Council Enquiries: These are now to follow a systematic quality assured process.
    Prior to sending one in, a Community Council should make a decision to do so at a meeting. All
    enquiries should be logged and the outcome reported to the next meeting. Unlike Councillor
    Enquiries (3 working days), CC Enquiries are allowed up to 10 working days for a response. Due
    to lack of time, no decision was made as to the process to be followed for potential CC Enquiries
    arising between meetings.

    Stephen Bly has been made Stirling Council’s Community Council Enquiry Co-ordinator. He will
    also deal with all Community Councils’ grant funding and insurance.


  14. AOB:

    1. A tree has fallen on the Council’s land next door to Blairlogie Park

    2. After being used as a site compound for the recent roadworks, the Blairlogie Orchard Car
      Park requires a surface upgrade, sign reinstatement and removal of a pile of loose pieces
      of tarmac.


  15. Dates of Future Meetings: These were agreed as 14 September, 16 November, both 2021,
    and 18 January and 15 March 2022.