June AGM 2021 Minutes

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Logie Community Council Minutes of AGM – Virtual Meeting Wednesday 23rd June 2021

Present: Mary Maxwell-Irving (Chair), Robin Kelsall (Vice Chair), Cameron Campbell (Treasurer), Ken Todd (Secretary) and Ian Doyle.

Residents: 4

In Attendance: PC Greig Lowery, PC Stuart Gray and Katanya Hamilton (Minutes Secretary)

Minutes: The minutes of the AGM held on 21 May 2019 were adopted (proposed by Robin Kelsall and seconded by Ken Todd)

Chair’s Report Activities

· After the granting of Ken Todd’s petition in his capacity as a resident, in June 2019, speed limit reduction to 30 mph in the village has been only very recently achieved. Despite requests by Councillors and Keith Brown MSP, speed cameras were ruled out by the strict criteria followed by the Camera Partnership. Any change to these would require action at government level.

· Change of name of the Blairlogie Meadow Car Park to the historically more accurate Blairlogie Orchard Car Park was achieved. A ‘No Overnight Parking’ sign has been put up. The surface is still a concern, especially as the Library Van started using the car park instead of the Square in 2019. A requested litter/dog poo bin was refused.

· Our bids to the ‘Your Stirling You Decide’ scheme were unsuccessful. Thanks are due to Alan Oxley for his work in co-ordinating the community response.

· The Blairlogie Burn culvert has been cleared twice since flooding in 2019 and drainage improvements were carried out to the footpath on the south side of the A91.

· Grilles have been fitted in the Blairlogie burn in an attempt to prevent blockages building up at the culvert. Stirling Council has undertaken to maintain the burn in the village and also, as far as possible, the sumps originally installed at Blairlogie Castle after the flooding of 1984.

· The Flood Resilience Group, formed in 2019, seems to have fallen by the wayside

· The Swan deaths issue (caused by their flying into the HV line near the top of Powis Loan), was taken up by Ida Bailey, who has done a lot of work on this. SPEN are still doing a survey on this stretch of line which was unfortunately not fitted with flight diverters when it was first put up.

· Concerns had been expressed re safety of the footpath planned for the West side of Powis Loan as part of the Pylon Mitigation Scheme. Stirling Council has requested amendments by SPEN to ensure safety. Powis Loan residents surveyed by the CC were almost unanimously in favour of the footpath. The Powis Mains Steadings Residents’ Association are dealing


with the footpath issue and the matters of potential speed reduction on Powis Loan and problems with the access to their development.

· Our objection to advertising on roundabouts was rejected as no public comment is allowed on advertising matters. The signs are now up on various roundabouts.

· Robin Kelsall agreed to join the Wallace Monument Stakeholder Group as a CC representative after the Monument was taken back under the direct control of Stirling Council.

· Controversial changes to waste services were ultimately agreed by Stirling Council. These will mean only four-weekly collection of grey and blue bins from later this year. Garden Waste collection permits have been introduced.


· During the Covid Period, a list of those willing to help with shopping, etc. was compiled and circulated; notifications of changes to Stirling Council Services, especially the bin and Council tip situations, were circulated as they became known; and, during the library closure period, the CC obtained a supply of Stirling Council food waste bags which were offered to the community.

· No meetings were held during the period January 2020 to March 2021, apart from a short virtual Special meeting on 14th March 2021 to deal with future co-option.


· After various co-options and resignations, including, sadly, that of our Treasurer, Ida Bailey in March this year, there are currently five members and a sixth is to be sought later in the year. Cameron Campbell, co-opted in November 2019, agreed to take on the office of Treasurer after Ida’s resignation.

Secretary’s Report

· Regular contact has been maintained with Stirling Council re Flood Risk and Speed Reduction to keep on top of progress.

Treasurer’s Report

· Cash in hand totals £951.35. Grant income was £269.18. Therefore, cash in bank now stands at £1220.53. The accounts are yet to be signed off.

Resignation and Election of Office Bearers

· All Office Bearers resigned and it was then agreed unanimously that Office Bearers will be: Mary Maxwell-Irving (Chair), Robin Kelsall (Vice Chair), Cameron Campbell (Treasurer) and Ken Todd (Secretary). Robin Kelsall will retain his role as Planning Correspondent.

Date of Next AGM : TBA in May 2022