Mar 2021 Minutes


Logie Community Council
Minutes of Special Meeting – 15th March 2021

Virtual via MS Teams at 5pm


Present: Mary Maxwell-Irving (Chair), Robin Kelsall (Vice Chair), Ken Todd (Secretary) and Andy
Davis, Community Development Officer, Stirling Council


Residents: None


  1. Apologies: Cameron Campbell


  2. Declarations of Interest: None


  1. Appointment of Current Co-optee to full membership

    Cameron Campbell was unanimously appointed in his absence to full membership of the
    Community Council, more than six months having elapsed since his co-option on 26th November
    2019. Cameron had previously intimated by email that he was agreeable to this.


  2. Consideration of future co-option

Following the resignation of Ida Bailey on 1st March, the Community Council is allowed to co-opt a
replacement member. It was decided, in terms of the Scheme rules, to publicise this to the Logie
community, indicating that anyone interested should return a completed Community Council
nomination form to Robin Kelsall no later than Friday, 26th March. Nominees must be over the age
of 16, resident in the Logie area and named on the Electoral Register. Nomination forms therefore
have to be checked by Stirling Council staff, which may take up to two weeks, and no co-option can
take place before this has been done.


6. Date of Next Meeting

To allow for the above and be in a position to give the required 14 days’ notice of a meeting where
a co-option is to take place, it was agreed that the next Ordinary Meeting should be held on
Tuesday, 13th April at 5pm, virtually via MS Teams.


The meeting closed at 5.15pm