May 2022 Minutes

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Minutes of Meeting on 17th May 2022 Blairlogie Reading Room



Present: Mary Maxwell-Irving (Chair), Robin Kelsall (Vice Chair), Peter Jennings (Secretary), Cameron Campbell (Treasurer) and Georgina Cairns

In Attendance: Rachel Nunn, our newly elected Conservative Councillor, was welcomed. Katanya Hamilton (Minutes Secretary) and 6 Residents

1. Apologies: Susan Allen

2. Declarations of Interest: None

3. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the last meeting were approved. (Proposed: Peter Jennings; seconded: Cameron Campbell)

4. Matters Arising

  • Tree Preservation Order and Tree Survey: Following a professional tree survey and an objection by the CC, the Tree Preservation Order has been confirmed on the three trees on the south side of the lane but not on the three on the north side at the Croft.
  • Path repair between Nethercraig and Ochil Neuk: Still no reply from Stirling Council. The pathway is adopted but there is damage to a small portion of it which belongs to the Blairlogie Community & Heritage Trust. Resolution of the matter continues to be pursued.
  • Swan Deaths: There was still no feedback as yet.

Post-Meeting Note: Councillor Thomson has reported that planning enforcement is not possible and that SPEN is not prepared to act on the basis of goodwill.

  • Trees opposite Witches’ Craig: Councillor Thompson is dealing with this; it needs following up.

5. Treasurer’s Report

The account balance was £948.76 as at 29th April 2022. No income has been raised since the last report. The expenditure since 15th March includes £15 for a room booking for the Resilience Group and £120 for Logie CC meetings – payment to end of March 2022.

6. Police Report

No police report had been provided, however, police are continuing with speed checks and several warnings have been issued.

7. Planning Report

An application for conversion and extension of an outbuilding at Cotkerse Cottages into a 2-bed single-storey house has been re-submitted.

8. Blairlogie Speed Limit Reduction Project

Phase 1 was completed on 29th April. ‘Conservation Village’ signs and roadside planters had now been installed at each end of the village. Planting of west end planter will take place on Saturday 21st May, with the east end planter when next batch of plants collected. A generous donation of £100 towards plants had been made by Ken and Trudi Todd and anonymous donations had been received


to cover the balance of the cost of plants and compost. The intention is to augment perennial planting with bulbs and annuals and funds will be sought to meet these costs in the future.

9. Blairlogie Burn Flood Risk Assessment and Culvert Clearing

No progress to report on the Flood Risk Assessment, despite a complaint to the CEO. Stirling Council will be pursuing owners of land to the south of the burn to clear watercourses.

Post-Meeting Note: WSP Consultants has been asked to produce designs for replacement grilles, rather than to carry out the Risk Assessment. The CC has stated that this is unacceptable without further assessment as to whether grilles are the answer, the Council’s grilles, now removed, having been the direct cause of the flood last October.

10. Improvements to the Blairlogie Play Park

The latest position is that Stirling Council has ordered the Play Tower (8-10 week delivery period expected). They will remove the old swings and install a picnic bench. A decision is awaited on a grant application for extra equipment and we should hear the result by 25th May. Peter Jennings will liaise with Jamie Adcock in regard to construction of the Wild Play Area. It is hoped that improvements will be completed before summer’s end.

11. Community Resilience Planning

Visits to residents and the recruitment of additional representatives for the resilience group are yet to be implemented. The group found the meeting with the Stirling Council Risk & Resilience Officer helpful and useful contacts have been made. Manor Steps and Manor Powis fall within the area of a new Inner Forth Futures Climate Forth Resilience Plan and interest has been noted by the CC on behalf of those parts of the Logie area.

12. Active Travel Route

The overall business case for the Active Travel Route programme will be submitted for approval in July by Clackmannanshire Council and each individual project will then have to submit a business case, including the project for Blairlogie to Stirling University. The route from the end of the old Alloa road at Manor Steps into Stirling may be problematic as the Network Rail line is very close to the road in Causewayhead.

13. AOB

Grass Cutting:

No grass cutting in the village this year so far. Stirling Council say there has been no change to their 14-day cycle of grass cutting but they have found it a challenge to adhere to their schedule.

Powis Loan Footpath: New plans have been submitted and Stirling Council’s decision on Roads Construction Consent is awaited.

Local election polling station: Blairlogie Reading Room was ruled out as a polling station as it has no wheelchair access to the building. Adaptations would be difficult because it is a Listed Building. Some residents found it difficult to get to Cambuskenneth Village Hall – no convenient public transport. Councillor Nunn will investigate options for changing the polling station for Logie residents.

Date of next meeting: 19 th July 2022 at 7pm