June 23 Minutes

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Plean Community Council
Minutes 20th November 2023
6pm East Plean Primary School

1 Attendance and Apologies
In attendance Zoe Nolan (Chair), Bob McWilliam (Treasurer), Scott Richards (Secretary), Wendy McAlpine (Minutes), Leah Easton, Neil McCambridge, Sharon McGrouther (CDO), Brian Hambly (Councillor)
Apologies – Catherine Ann Robertson, William Silvestro.

2 Declaration of Interests
No declaration.

3 Minutes of the last meeting 18th September 2023
Minutes agreed, proposed Zoe Nolan, seconded Scott Richards.

4 Matters Arising
Poppy wreaths ordered by Bob and remembrance event was a big success. Bob to be refunded by chq, Zoe and Scott will sign. Thanks to Neil for laying wreath.
Speed Bumps, ETNZ committee, withdrawal of School crossing patrol – Wendy and Zoe attended ETNZ committee and items have been rolled forward to next meeting in Feb 2024 as all relevant data was not available to discuss. Speed measuring in place for 7 days from today regarding school crossing and a 24-hour walking survey to be carried out this week by Council. Hope for crossing to be made Pelican request crossing in future. School access issues to Country Park will be updated at next ETNZ meeting. Isobel McKnight emailed Bob and has contacted Ann Jacob Chandler, Head of Economic development and climate change, who will be in touch re this.
Community ownership fund - item with Plean’s Voice moving forward.
Playparks – Site visit done see item 9.
Council owned land plan received and as we thought.
No other matters arising from minutes.

5 Treasurers Report
Still no online banking – ongoing issue and Treasurer still in Contact with bank. We have bank account, cheque book and £675.87 in funds.
Make arrangement to pay Minutes Secretary and Treasurer to advise how this will be processed.

6 Elected Member Update – Brian Hambly
Apologised for recent absence due to personal matters. Very pleased re Cinema and progress.
Feedback from Isobel McKnight visit very positive and good relationship building. Access to community shop progressing and will be discussed further at meeting with Isobel on Tuesday 21st Nov 2023.
Road Safety Petition - continuing onwards and will continue to support and chase. Brian met with Roads officials on 22nd Sept 2023 re the petition and work to be done as a result. Road markings at east of village still not completed so will raise with Roads department again and ask for likely
completion date. Removal of School crossing patrol very concerning. School crossing needs to be a puffin crossing but no definite date for removal of crossing patrol. Zebra crossing still planned this financial year at the church, financed by new housing development contribution. Brian is pushing for
this to be a pelican and not just a zebra crossing. No recent Police presence for patrols etc in Plean.
Brian advised this has increased in other villages. Contact with Police has been sporadic due to operational changes. Speed bumps to be smoothed out and one of them to designated as a crossing to make it safer for pedestrians and clearer for drivers. Brian awaiting confirmation of this by email.
Cadgers Loan junction issues still to be addressed in this financial year.
Christie Clock Stirling – Audit Committee this week to discuss.
Provost Resignation – on family grounds.
Football field in village – Brian asked how well used and if any groups having access problems. Advised the need to look at pitch usage in conjunction with Plean Amateurs/Active Stirling. Need more green space for children as previous space was planted as an Orchard. Zoe will email Brian regarding this.
School access to County Park – Ogilvie advise will be reinstated and Gary Neil (Roads) confident it will happen. Zoe has been advised it will be a style type access and this is not appropriate for all children, will probably be a gate longer term.
School Playground – no action will be taken by council despite safety concerns. Brian will continue to address and chase safety concerns. Parent council working hard to make changes and Plean’s Voice support this and may help with in future.
Local Place Plans – Meeting this week, Zoe to attend. Guidance documentation has been received.
Lots of work to be done to gauge village opinion and expectations. Invitation in June to a team’s session which Bob attended and advised it was well presented and very informative. Very daunting prospect for a new organization.
Bob asked if funding available for a researcher to organise a survey and gauge public opinions re Place Plan. Funding only available at end of process.

7 Wall repair and granite planter’s update
Scott advised he contacted Steven Bly regarding a wall across from chip shop that needed attention.
This has been repaired and corrected. Granite planters on main street to be paved over and planters provided, hoping that the Community Council and Plean’s Voice will maintain in future. Hope that Council will provide plants and tidy up planting behind the bus stop. War memorial planting has been
tidied but no flowers replanted.
Community council to email and ask to be involved in planning of this work moving forward.
Talk to Plean’s Voice regarding a stronger gardening group and planting moving forward.

8 Planning Issues
Scott advised there have been 2 emails regarding a solar site at Pirnhall. Not seen as an issue.

9 Playparks
2 meetings held with James Aikman.
Option of Plean’s Voice taking ownership of the park, for a specified time to do work via preferred contactor, and hand back to council once done is not an option. Work must to be done via Councils approved contractors which really increases pricing and timescales. Work will need to be done bit by bit, applying for grants via council as necessary to get things done. Some work has been promised this financial year and Isobel McKnight is aware of cumbersome processes the Council follows do this type of work and would like to see it change. Community wants a new, safe park with new equipment,
fencing and surfaces.
Community Council to keep active and pursue all opportunities.

Cinema - Bob advised a recent meeting of McRobert Team, Chirs Kane and Plean’s Voice was useful.
Frustration expressed by Plean’s Voice that funding runs out in March 2024 and concerns re the process of community taking over ownership, in a very short timescale, when all information has not been made available. Asset transfer process is complicated and a worry within time available. License
to occupy is for 1 year can this be transferred to Plean’s Voice? Bob summitted FOI request re Balfour
Centre from Plean’s Voice regarding repair costs, income, heating schedule to give an idea of financial commitment required. Still waiting on response to Plean’s Voice.
Now to be raised by Community Council as an expression of interest (asset trans/lease)
Zoe and Bob to attend the Big Conversation event at Bannockburn High on 22nd Nov 2023. Cuts inevitable and need all information available moving forward.
Police report – There have been many changes to community Policing team, Scott to post all information of Community Council page. Community Policing not visible to community so no local engagement.
Scott to add email address for reporting Anti-social behaviour and drug issues on the Community Council Facebook group as well as any other relevant information.

11 Floor Questions
Neil asked could Bowling Green be reinstated in future. Title/trust no longer exist and land acquisition a complicated legal process. NHS still interested/planning a Health Hub on that ground. Still a grey area.
Zoe concerned re lack of green space in Plean. Country Park not easily accessed by all, School has no green space for PE and sports days. Football pitch use is restricted by Plean Amateur’s matches etc.
Seen as an ongoing issue and will be pursued by all concerned.

12 - Next meeting - 15th January 2024