June 23 Minutes

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Plean Community Council
18th September 2023
6pm at East Plean Primary School
Attendance and Apologies
In attendance: Zoe Nolan (Chair), Will Silvestro (Vice Chair), Bob McWilliam (Treasurer and minute taker),
Catherine Ann Robertson, Neil McCambridge, Sharon McGrouther (Community Development Officer).
Scott Richards, Leah Easton. Police Scotland (report submitted). It was noted that Councilor Brian Hambly had
already given his apologies for being unable to attend a number of village activities for family reasons.
The chair opened the meeting by welcoming everyone.
Declaration of interests
There were no declarations of Interest.
Minutes of the meeting held on 19th June 2023
These were agreed; proposed Bob McWilliam, seconded Will Silvestro.
Matters arising
 Future meeting dates – these were agreed, avoiding dates when East Plean Primary School is
o 15/1/24
o 19/2/24
o 18/3/24
o 22/4/24
o 20/5/24
o 17/6/24
o 16/9/24
o 18/11/24
 Previous Community Council bank account – further enquiry revealed that the previous account had
been closed and the residual funds transferred to Stirling Council to settle legal bills. Subsequent
discussion with Stephen Bly confirmed that it is in order to securely destroy the documents related to
this account and this has been done.
 New bank account – the account (Bank of Scotland 80-22-60 25323561) is now opened with four
signatories (Bob, Scott, William, Zoe) and we have a cheque book but the online access is not yet
available. The start up grant from Stirling Council has been paid into the account (£675.87).
Treasurer’s Report
Bob reported that online access was still unavailable but that he had spoken to BoS and the paperwork is all in
order, the delay being with the bank’s processing the application.
It was noted that purchase of a poppy wreath for Remembrance Sunday could only be made online. After
discussion with Stephen Bly it was agreed that Bob would pay for the wreath (£32.40) and be reimbursed by
cheque from the Community Council.
Action Points:
 Bob to order Poppy wreath
Elected Members report
No report received
Speed Bumps on Main Street & Visit from ETNZ Committee to Old Plean
It appears that the proposed further zebra crossing in Old Plean is connected to the new housing development
(Carmichael) and that section 75 funding from that development will be used to fund it although this has not
been confirmed in writing.
The council have acknowledged that the excessive height of the speed bumps is the result of a mistake by the
council’s own workforce. It is not clear if there is any funding available to rectify the problem. During the ETNZ
visit other issues were also discussed:
Since the closure, by Ogilvie Homes, of the path between East Plean Primary School and Plean Country Park,
the only route for pupils to access the park is along the Main Street. Because of the overhanging foliage and
the narrowness of the pavement between East Plean Primary School and Church Lane, this is a hazardous
route. The Council have agreed to look into widening the pavement.
Action Points:
 Discuss further at next meeting
Planning Issues
It was noted that the opportunity to raise objections to the Carmichael development had passed before the
present Community Council came into existence and that this was not a matter we could become involved with
at present.
Community Ownership Fund
After further discussion with Jean Cowie it is clear that this fund’s conditions specifically exclude use for
purchase of assets currently owned by a local authority. The Scottish Land Fund (funded by Scotttish
Government) may be more appropriate.
Action Points:
 Is this an issue for Plean’s Voice?
Roads and traffic
See matters arising
Any other competent business
 The poor state of the Village play parks (particularly the Bruce street park) was discussed. It was agreed
that we should take this forward with James Aikman, project manager with responsibility for play
facilities.Sharon suggested including Jean Cowie in this discussion to explore potential funding
Action Points:
 Arrange a meeting / site visit with James Aikman and Jean Cowie
 Neil raised the matter of the land owned by the former miners welfare club. The matter is very
complicated from a legal perspective because the land is owned by a trust which no longer exists.
Action Points:
 Sharon to email the secretary with a plan of all the land in and around Plean currently owned by the
 Minute taker – it was noted that Wendy McAlpine had agreed to take minutes for a trial period and will
be attending the next meeting.
Questions from the floor
Date of next meeting
We agreed to meet next on 20th of November at 6pm
Zoe thanked all for their attendance and closed the meeting.