August 2023 Minutes

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Approved Minutes of the General Meeting of the Port of Menteith Community Council held in the
Port Hall on Monday, 21st August 2023

Present : Jim Riach, Chair
Peter Stewart, Vice-Chair
Becky Saunders, Secretary
Claire Outterside, Treasurer (Minutes)
Robin Armstrong
Cllr Gene Maxwell

1. Members Present and Apologies for Absence
Apologies received from Alastair Orr Ewing and David Mackie.

2. Declarations of Interest in the Items of Business
There were no declarations of interest.

3. Adoption of the Draft Minutes of the General Meeting held on 26th June 2023
The adoption of the draft Minutes of the General Meeting held on 26th June 2023 was proposed by
Peter Stewart and seconded by Claire Outterside. Action : CO

4. Matters Arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 26th June 2023

4.1 Recruitment of Minute Taker
Claire advised that there had been no response from anyone in the local community
expressing an interest in taking up the position on minute taker. Jim advised that there might be
interest from the daughter of a local resident. Claire to contact. Action : CO

4.2 Inchmahome
Jim confirmed that he had emailed Historic Environment Scotland and their response
reiterated that the Priory remains closed due to safety concerns surrounding the masonry and they are unable to undertake a survey until the Ospreys have fledged (October time).Robin advised that there seems to be access issues surrounding the car park after speaking with an HES contractor who believed the padlock had been changed. The fence is in poor condition and there is potential for damage to the boat house. It was noted that there are other local residents who have contacted HES directly to express their concerns. Peter advised that there might be a named point of contact within historical correspondence between the Community Council and HES. Request further info regarding the proposed survey and copy in local councillors. Action : JR

4.3 Renewal of Data Protection subscription
Jim has contacted the Information Commissioners Office in an attempt to have the subscription
changed into his name however it is apparent that a new application requires to be made. It was
noted that we may be eligible for a fee exemption. Action : CO

4.4 Renewal/cancellation of subscription to Bluehost for Domain Names, Website etc.
Members were in agreement that the current subscription to Bluehost should be cancelled. One
option would be to utilise a free service for emails etc. Robin offered to take on a ‘postmaster’ type
roll regarding the CC email inbox. There is a significant volume of historical emails – members were in agreement that anything over 2 years old should be deleted. Action : BS/JR

4.5 Community Email Circulation List
This has now been transferred over and an initial email has been sent out to confirm recipients
are happy to remain on the circulation list. It is hoped that a revamped CC website will allow
information to be shared with the local community more easily. Claire offered to set up a Facebook
profile for the Community Council. Due to the length of time it takes for minutes of meeting to be available on the Stirling Council Website it was agreed that a short summary of important matters could be drafted and shared with the local community by email/website link. Action : CO/BS

5. Roads & Other Issues

5.1 Roads & Verges
It was noted that Stirling Council have a budget of 300k allocated for works on the stretch of
road from Port of Menteith to Callander. It would be beneficial to have an update from S.C regarding the programming of works planned. Gene advised that everyone should be encouraged to report pot holes via the online portal to ensure the council are made aware. The verges on the B8034 have recently been cut back and work appears to be ongoing.
Potholes have been reported to the council at the Lochend junction but so far have not been
Robin expressed his concerns surrounding speeding through the village which seems to have
been exacerbated during the UCI Cycle event. In particular the area at the T-junction near the
primary school/road from Dykehead. Request speed camera from Police Scotland. Action : RA

5.2 Cardross Bridge
Jim advised members that the CC were still awaiting a formal response from Stirling Council
regarding the situation however other local CC have been updated. Gene advised that he will take this forward.

6. Financial

6.1 Statement to end July
Claire confirmed that there had been no change since the last meeting.

6.2 Audit of Annual 22/23 accounts
Claire advised that this has been done and authorised by Peter Forrester.

6.3 Bank account & signatories
The mandate requires to be printed, signed and sent off to the Bank of Scotland. Action : CO

6.4 Community Council Administration & Minute taker Grant
The application and authorised accounts have been submitted to Stirling Council for

6.5 Community Council Employers Liability & Asset Insurance Docs 2023/2024
Claire confirmed this is in order and isn’t due for renewal until May 24.

7. Correspondence
Becky advised that there had been queries regarding the availability of the Community
Council minutes on the Stirling Council website. A response was sent advising of the process. An
email about matters of transparency was discussed in terms of a broader communications strategy.

8. Planning & Licensing Issues

8.1 New Planning Applications
Nothing to report.

8.2 Planning Updates
Nothing to report.

8.3 Planning Notifications
Nothing to report.

9. Forestry

9.1 Forestry & Land Scotland Local Activities Report
No report received.

9.2 SF Consultation request for Felling Permission – Rednock Estate
The date for a response had passed prior to the meeting.

9.3 Auchyle Woodland Creation Consultation
Robin provided a copy of the report delivered to residents in the immediate locality of this
application. This looks to be a new application – CC inbox to be checked for application and for this
to be forwarded to members for consideration. It was confirmed that initial comments should be
submitted by mid September. Additionally: A similar submission has been made for woodland
creation at Malling - again for comments by mid September – this was circulated to all CC members on 30.8.23

10. Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park

10.1 Port of Menteith NPA entry sign
Members were keen to keep this in view and request an update from David Mackie at the
next meeting.

11. Strathard & Trossachs Place Based Visitor Management Group
Members agreed this can be removed from the agenda going forward.

12. Reports

12.1 Councillor’s report
Gene advised that Stirling Council are underfunded and understaffed in lots of areas. There is currently a voluntary redundancy scheme ongoing. They continue to look at cost savings regarding buildings. There has been some progression with the area of MOD land and possible sale and redevelopment which hopes to attract businesses in to the city. There has been further discussion involving all councillors around active travel options, particularly in the Aberfoyle and Drymen areas.
Housing issues continue to be prevalent. The removal of some early years nursery funding is an area of particular concern as the savings are minimal in the grand scheme of things and future policy developments are likely to reverse the decisions made. Members asked if Gene could provide information on Striling Councils schools admissions policy regarding placement requests – namely is this set down by the education authority or is it a council policy. The roll at the local Primary school has dropped dramatically due to placing requests. Action : GM

12.2 NPA report
No report received.

12.3 Carse of Stirling project group report
Jim advised that the project group were currently conducting and audit of other local groups
and trusts etc.

12.4 Port Church & Cemetery
Robin read a report by Sheena MMC on the state of the church and concerns about the ongoing viability of the same. This led onto a discussion about the wider village facilities and concern that falling numbers in church, school and hall could lead the closure of all if we do not find ways to better engage the community. It should be noted that the church only owns the footprint of the church and the council owns the graveyard and steps to it.

12.5 Port Hall Committee report
No report received from Matt Woods however Claire was able to provide a verbal report that the hall remains in need of volunteers to join the committee. Bookings are fairly low at present
and the hall requires upgrades such as a more economical heating system. The car park extension is largely complete and it is hoped that the front garden and fence area can be upgraded in the near future.

12.6 School report
From Ben Outterside (attached)

12.7 Police report
From Donald King (attached)

13. Any Other Competent Business

13.1 Police Scotland: The Community Ownership Fund round 3 Not discussed

14. Date of Next Scheduled Meeting : Monday, 2nd October 2023 7pm