June 2023 Minutes

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Minutes of the General Meeting of the Port of Menteith Community Council held in the Port Hall on Monday, 26th June, 2023 following the inaugural meeting of the new Community Council.

Present : Jim Riach, Chair
Peter Stewart, Vice-Chair
Becky Saunders, Secretary
Claire Outterside, Treasurer
Alastair Orr Ewing, Planning & Licencing Correspondent
Robin Armstrong
Valerie Graham, Minutes Secretary

1. Members Present and Apologies for Absence
There were no apologies.

2. Declarations of Interest in the Items of Business
There were no declarations of interest.

3. Adoption of the Draft Minutes of the General Meeting held on 6th February, 2023
The adoption of the draft Minutes of the General Meeting held on 6th February, 2023 was proposed by Peter Stewart and seconded by Jim Riach. Action : VG

4. Matters Arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 6th February, 2023

4.1 Recruitment of Minute Taker
Members were reminded that as Valerie Graham would not be continuing as Minutes Secretary there was a need to recruit someone for the post. There followed a discussion about the two people from Callander and Stirling as mentioned by Jean Cowie, who were looking for a Minutes Secretary post but it was considered preferable to attempt to find someone from the local community. Action : CC

4.2 Appointment Data Controller
It was proposed by Peter Stewart that Jim Riach should become the new Data Controller and details of the application were passed to him. There followed a discussion about the Community Council’s email community circulation list and whether it meets the requirements of the Data Protection Act. However, members were assured that when it was first established, the then Community Council had taken specialist advice to ensure that it was fully compliant with the Act.

5. Roads & Other Issues

5.1 Cardross Bridge Report
Members were advised that following the investigative work on the Cardross Bridge in March, Councillor Earl had requested that Stirling Council Officers should provide both Port of Menteith and Arnprior Community Council with an update regarding the work required on the Bridge and the timescale for this to be done. However, despite several reminders including one in the week prior to this meeting, nothing had been received. Alastair Orr Ewing commented that the longer it takes for the remedial work to be done, the Bridge will continue to deteriorate and it was agreed to pursue the matter.

5.2 B8034 Complaints
Valerie Graham reported that were an increasing number of complaints from local users of the B8034 about the increase in vegetation, overhanging branches and untrimmed hedges which are restricting vision particularly on the stretch between the Fisheries and Inchie Farm It is also a narrow section of the road with blind bends and since the weight limit on the Cardross Bridge was reduced, it is being used more and more by larger and wider vehicles so In order to pass, it is necessary to keep very close to the edge of the road which often results in the bodywork being badly scratched. It is also not unusual to come face to face with
vehicles in the centre of the road and there have been a number of near misses. Consequently, the Community Council has been asked to raise the matter with Stirling Council. Action : CC
Jim Riach proposed and it was agreed by members that following each Community Council meeting a list of the issues raised should be sent to Stephen Bly with a request that they are forwarded to the relevant Officers of Stirling Council’s departments for attention.
Action : CC

6. Financial

6.1 Audit of 2022-2023 Accounts
Claire Outterside agreed to submit the Accounts to Peter Forrester for audit. Action : CO

6.2 Appointment of signatories to the Bank Account
Claire Outterside will arrange for the change of signatories to the Bank Account and online banking. Action : CO

7. Correspondence
There was no correspondence for discussion.

8. Planning & Licensing Issues

8.1 Planning Notification : Loch Macanrie Fens SSSI, Malling Farm
Members were advised that the owners of Malling Farm have given the National Park planning department notification of the intention to continue the management of the lowland raised bog within the Loch Macanrie Fens SSSI by installing dams across approximately 16 ditches in the area to ensure that the bog remains saturated to enable the important vegetation to survive. As this is only a notification, no action from the Community Council is required.

9. Reports
Jim Riach advised that this item would usually include reports from Stirling Council, the NPA, the Police etc.

10. Any Other Competent Business

10.1 Domain Names, Website etc.
Members were advised that the subscription to the current service provider will expire at the beginning of October. After discussion, Jim Riach agreed to review the situation and report to the next meeting. Action : JR

10.2 WhatsApp Group
There was also discussion about setting up a ‘WhatsApp Group’ for intercommunication between CC members.

11. Date of Next Scheduled Meeting : Monday, 21st August, 2023