Oct 2022 Minutes

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Raploch Community Council Approved Minutes

3rd October 2022


Present : M Hamilton, B Donoghue, I Lowe, Liz Kettrick, S Curry, M McKinlay, B Hughes, G Slade.

Guests: B. McChord, M Lowe, P Roberts, S Fullerton (Plus) J Murie, Kevin Carty.

Apologies: Steph Lee, J. Balfour, S. Murdoch.

Approval of Minutes: L Kettrick proposed M Hamilton seconded.

Plus : S Fullerton introduced herself as the CEO from Plus they are the preferred bidder for the Ochil Centre, she said she would be happy to meet with other groups.

St. Marks: There is soon to be a new Deacon at St Marks, they have a probationary Ian Armstrong working with them, Barry announced some great news the Raploch Scouts have received the Provost Charity of The Year Award, well done and Barry.

War Memorial: The committee are not any further along as still awaiting on permission from Stirling Council to build on the preferred site.

CO-OP: The Community Council offered Hilary Makatholela and Susan Curry the co-opted members full membership to the Council and they have accepted. Stephanie Murdoch asked to be an associate member of the Community Council to support to administer the financial activities as treasurer and Graham Slade as a Community Council member until the co-opting has taken place this has been accepted by the Community Council. Kevin Carty is interested in joining the Community Council.

M Hamilton: pointed out bramble bushes around her area were overgrown and needed cutting back Jim Thomson said he will look into it also mentioned were unsightly caravans parked in the streets.

Billy McChord: Billy expressed concerns regarding absentee landlords and who is policing the unkept gardens. There is to be a walkabout soon to locate problem areas.

Next meeting 7th November 6.30 Raploch Community Campus