Sept 2022 Minutes

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PRESENT : S Lee, B Donoghue, M Hamilton, M McKinlay, I Lowe, L Kettrick, S Murdoch, Guests P Roberts, C Keen, G Slade, G Edwards, J Stewart, J Murie, R Nunn (St Cllr), J Balfour (Minute Taker)

APOLOGIES : B Hughes, S Currie, Police Scotland, H Makatholela

WELCOME : Steph welcomed everyone.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES : Steph proposed and Barbara seconded.

BILLY BREMNER FANS : 4 years ago a group of Leeds United fans came to see us about getting together and doing something to remember Billy Bremner who lived in Raploch. They would like to see a statue of him like what outside Leeds United Football Stadium. They hope it will be situated near to Weir Street where Billy lived. They hav< had meetings with us, Stirling University, Stirling Council and others. It would be hopefully made of granite like a statue in America of Martin Luther King. There could be quotes put around the statue. Some of the cost would come from the fans. They hope it will bring the 2 communities together and maybe have some football competitions with the young people. Take young people and others interested to Leeds football Stadium to see the statue.

PAULINE: Next week she is speaking to Janet from Robertsons about the war memorial option plans. They would like it to be situated at the campus around the area where the star slate and grass mound is. Need insurance and ongoing maintenance. Could the CC help with that. Council agreed. They got £150 from the Coop towards the funding. Rachel (St Cllr) said she can help with planning committee. New houses are taking longer to finish because materials are getting harder to get due to Covid and Brexit. Also drainage problems.

RACHEL : She noticed that some areas of Raploch have a lot of rubbish lying about so she got a trailer and got people to help her shift it. She got in touch with the Community Payback team who are now helping tidy up the areas The Stirling Council are having a review and consultations of the grey bins soon. If you need another bin get in touch with the council. Stephanie said asking the High Schools to get involved might help with litter picking etc:

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POLICE SCOTLAND : Crime reports from 1st August to 5th September there were 5 detected cases and 14 undetected cases. There were 118 calls to police during this time also.

FINANCE:£ 2972. 14p in the bank and just the minute taker to pay. Mary would like to step down from the treasurer role and would help the next person. Stephanie said she would like to help.

MINUTES : Can Steph scan the minutes and put them on the website.

DAT E OF NEXT M EET IN G : 3rd October 22 @ 6.30pm