December 2023 Minutes

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Raploch Community Council Meeting
6th December 2023 – 6.30pm
Raploch Community Campus
Present: J Haslam, Chair, (JH), S Currie, Vice Chair & Treasurer (SC), R Robertson (RR), I Lowe (IL), L
Kettrick (LK), M McKinley (MMcK), G Slade (GS), B Hughes (BH), MC Dungavell (MCD)
Councillor Rachel Nunn (RN)
P Roberts – Stirling Council Community Engagement (PR)
C Stewart – Minute taker (CS)
Apologies: A Connal, Secretary (AC), H Makhatholela (HM), D Totten (DT)
1. Welcome, apologies & Conflicts of Interest
JH welcomed everyone to the December meeting and introduced Councillor Rachel Nunn to the
Community Council.
2. Approval of Minutes
JH provided paper copies of the minutes which had also been emailed out prior to the meeting.
There was an amendment requested from Councillor Jim Thomson. JH will pass the details of this to
CS at the end of the meeting.
3. Matters arising from the previous minutes.
PR explained that there is a new group interested in the Ochil centre. The process is that any
expression of interest will go to the asset team to make a decision. She advised that there may be the
opportunity for more than one interested party to be able to use the space depending on their
4. Chair’s Report
JH advised that the winter addition of the community newsletter is currently with the printers. There
has been an approach made to Royal Mail to get local employees to volunteer to help with delivery
and details have been provided of all the addresses it is to be distributed to. PR will support this
moving forward and will distribute a digital copy around frontline workers and will also encourage
them to contribute to the newsletter in the future. JH also wanted to thank BH for the local photos
he provided for the current edition.
JH also provided a communications update in AC absence.
● The Local Housing group is keen to get local tenants involved.
● The minutes will be paid by cheque until the financial situation is resolved.
● The schedule of Community Council meetings needs to be agreed for 2024. JH
advised that the dates and times that suit need to be discussed and she will take this
forward. It was agreed that there would be no meeting on 3rd January and the first
meeting of 2024 would be 7th February at 6.30pm.
● Information has come in about Carers Information Day and Energy Support services
for those worried about winter. JH has shared the information on social media and
will also include it in the community newsletter.
● DT will lead on the local events subgroup they are also keen to get representatives
involved from Highland Gate. A poll was posted on Facebook which received 341
votes. The most popular option was to have a gala/funday, followed by Christmas
lights switch on – “Light up Raploch “event. There was also interest in having family
fun runs, pets shows and tabletop sales as well as advent windows. There will be a
plan of action to take this forward in the new year and there is interest from the local
community in helping at events, on an ad hoc basis.
5. Treasurer's Report
SC advised that the signatories have still not been amended for the bank account. The current
balance of the account is £3056.40 as payment has recently gone into the account from Stirling
Council. This payment has generated a statement. IL has been into the bank as all the relevant
paperwork has been signed to get the signatories amended however the bank has advised that
this has been lost. PR suggested making a formal complaint to the bank as they may consider
providing compensation.
6. Councillor Report
RN gave an update:
● JH expressed her concerns around The Big Conversation consultations. It was felt
that due to budget constraints it is difficult for the community to have any impact on
any decisions made by Stirling Council. RH provided reassurance that conversations
will take place moving forward and although the changes are likely to be
transformational it may not necessarily mean that services will disappear, they may
be delivered in a different way.
● RN had 2 questions she wanted to ask. Firstly, she asked if there was any update on
the war memorial and if any help was needed to move this forward. MCD recently
attended a meeting where she got the feeling that the group was struggling to move
forward. It was agreed that MCD will send an email to the group and copy in RN to
arrange a meeting of all parties. RN also asked if there was any update on the Billy
Bremner memorial. JH advised that the committee is still keen to get local young
people involved. There are 3 sculptures being considered, JH and BH are part of the
panel who will make the decision on which one is selected. There will also be a
plaque placed in Weir Street close to where he previously lived.
7. Police Report
No report was submitted.
8. St Marks update
BH gave the update for St Marks:
● BH reminded everyone that Start up Stirling, CAB, Ian Brown from Digital Inclusion, Lois from
Employability and Cat Protection are available in the church on Tuesdays.
● The work to remove RACC in the church will start in January beginning with the side aisle and
will then move to the hall. There may be an impact on funerals for 3 or 4 weeks, but BH will
keep everyone updated on this.
● 2 big community events coming up. The first is the Christmas party for 50 kids on 17th
December. They have received a donation of £500 towards this from the Raploch Kids
Inheritance. They have also received a donation of 60 selection boxes from Barnton Street
Barbers. Also, on the 19th of December, Santa will visit St Marks. BH advised that this date
conflicts with the Primary school movie night which may have an effect on attendance.
● Contracts Scotland have offered help at the event on the 17th and have also agreed to
provide home baking for the 19th.
● From January 4th 2024, St Marks will have a new Full time probationary Minister called
Bethany who will be with them for 18 months.
● The cost-of-living summit will take place next Monday, BH was unsure of the format, but the
event will take place in Cornton.
● It was highlighted that there is an issue with the new cycle path at the fire station as well as
issues with parking.
● RN asked if traffic wardens are needed to look at the parking situation on Craighall
Street/Raploch Road. Pauline Roberts suggested that Walk, Cycle, Live Stirling are contacted
to look at the problems.
● There are also issues with the drop kerb at the bus stop next to the Fire Station which would
cause issues for wheelchair users. RN will investigate this.
JH was keen to thank everyone for the support they have given to the new community council over
the last 6 months.
Date, time, and place of next meeting: Wednesday 7th February at 6.30pm in Raploch Community