October 2023 Minutes

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Monday 2nd October 2023
Raploch Community Campus (Room 1)
PRESENT – J Haslam Chair (JH) S Currie Vice Chair & Treasurer (SC) A Connal
Secretary (AC)
R Robertson (RR) Isabella Lowe (IL) L Kettrick (LK) M McKinley (MMcK) H
Makhatholela (HM) D Totten (DT)
G Slade (GS) S McGill - Elected Member (SMcG)
P Roberts - Stirling Council Community Engagement (PR)
1. Welcome & Conflicts of Interest
JH welcomed and thanked everyone for coming along and for accepting
the change of date at short notice. No conflicts of interest noted.
2. Approval of Minutes from 6th September 2023
AC approved minutes and SC seconded
3. Chair’s Report
● JH reported on traffic control along Drip Road towards the college and
reported that it will be 20mph and a zebra crossing will be installed on
that road near Forth Bank Care Home.
● JH updated on Local Place Plan, RCC will consult with the local area on
this. PR mentioned that this will feed into the Local Development Plan.
● JH and RR met with Richard Haynes to hear how the plans for a Billy
Bremner memorial statue in Raploch is getting on. Scottish
Football Supporters Association have agreed to be the organisation to
take forward the planning and fundraising. Leeds United will support in
any way they can. Any money left over from this will be donated to
Raploch. They have asked for a member of RCC to sit on the decision
● Raploch War Memorial had their inaugural meeting, attended by RR, IL,
MMcK, SC from RCC. They are now a constituted group and RCC will
continue to support them.
● A funding application has been submitted to Stirling Council for the first
two editions of the newsletter and for two wheeled trolleys for
PR said that Stirling Council can support RCC with funding for the
newsletter until we can get access to RCC banking and keep the
application on hold.
● Looking to set up an Events Sub Group for local events, tying in with Zoe
Brown’s Group.
● Living by Robertsons have been contacted to ask for an update on the
housing still not finished, awaiting response.
4. Treasurer’s Report
● Still no update from the bank, need previous signatories to contact the
bank to ask for an update. IL and MMcK will do this.
● Anonymous donation of £300 will be coming in.
5. Communications and Correspondence Update
Nothing to report.
6. Councillor Update
● SMcG spoke of pedestrian crossing problems on Drip Road and that
there has been a proposal to remove two parking spaces on the street.
JH queried if that would be where the electrical charging points have
been put in place.
7. Police Report
● Undetected cases: 23
● Detected cases: 6
8. Zoe Brown
Not in attendance, nothing to report.
9. St Mark’s Update
● St Mark’s have appointed someone in the Community Engagement
Worker vacancy. Hope they will start at the end of October. As part of
their induction they will meet as many people and local organisations as
● Front entrance of the Church has been closed due to the presence of
RAAC Concrete. The building is still in use and has no impact on Church
Hall. Some remedial work needed.
● The Carse Rotary Club have been in touch about Santa coming to visit
Raploch again as last year's visit was so successful! BH aims to open the
church again that evening with Scouts serving tea/coffee. Will confirm
the date when known.
● Calendars for this year are available to buy.
GS asked for an update on pharmacy, nothing to report.
JH mentioned that Tesco are again collecting from the surgeries at
Stirling Community Hospital.
Wednesday 7th November 2023, 6.30pm in Inspiring Communities Hub
JH thanked everyone for coming along and closed the meeting at 7.37pm