April 2021 AGM Minutes

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Riverside Community Council Annual General Meeting Minutes

28th April 2021

Members Present In Attendance Apologies


Fiona Berrow Robert Dale Sue Dumbleton

Sandra Engstrom Emily McLaughlin Joan Murphy Ashleigh Phillips Alison Swanson

Di Alderdice Phil Boydell Fiona Dyet Andrew Fraser David Sherman

Cllr Gibson

Sue Dumbleton


Six Riverside residents joined the meeting.

1) Declaration of Interest


No Declaration of Interest was recorded.

2) Approval of Previous Minutes


Minutes for the previous Annual General Meeting were adopted Fiona Berrow proposed; Alison Swanson seconded

4) Chair’s Report Introduction

Riverside Community Council is currently made of eight community councillors and five associate members.

We currently have a vacancy for one further member.


Our Year Of Challenges


COVID 19 has affected us all and has added many challenges to our way of life.

The strength of spirit and Community community r R esilience in Riverside has been inspiring and we felt strongly that we wanted to help and support our community as much as we could throughout this strange year.

  • We continue to hold virtual zoom meetings

· Our zoom account is available to community groups to facilitate meetings and events which normally would be held in person.

  • We engage with Stirling Council in with any matter that is brought to our attention and monitor those which will need to be address addressed when COVID allows.

· We have looked for ways to encourage safe activity and community engagement to help boost spirits throughout lockdown.


Communication is very important to Riverside Community Council – we endeavour to be inclusive and rrepresentative of our community. We communicate in the following ways:

Website: Updated regularly, report community news events and our progress on all our activities. E-Mail: Contact us directly about things that matter to you.

Drop ins and noticeboards: Our non-digital means of sharing information. Drop ins have been cancelled during COVID.

Newsletter: Our regular e-mail round up of the events around Riverside and the Stirling Area, also offered in paper form.

Others: Facebook page, Community WhatsApp Group, Stirling Observer, Community Partnerships

When asking for ideas, both big and small, these were some of the suggestions Playgroup Community choir

Riverside Community Resilience Plan Houseplant event

Community space Litter picks

Well being walks Shiphaugh Centenary Party

Language cafe Easter egg hunt

Hosting a charity event Wake Up and Smell the Coffee (and tea) Event

Flooding information event Board game night

Pontoon and river activities Accessibility play equipment and paths in Waverley Park

Student welcome pack/event Renting/landlord rights responsibility event


Our Sub Groups



Active and Sustainable Transport

Sub-Group created to focus on people powered travel and looking at ways to encourage and improve the safe, active and sustainable transport in the Riverside Area.

Travel-light project was awarded £5000 by Smarter Choices, Smarter Places grant from Paths For All. Also supported by Forth Environment Link.

Travel-Light project successfully ran an Active Travel Survey with over 120 responses. Data from the survey and information collected through other mediums will be collated and a Riverside Active Travel Plan will be designed.

Seasonal Parcels

Sub-group created initially to spread some Christmas cheer within Riverside's older community and extended to include spring time celebrations too.

2020 - 34 festive parcels were delivered around Riverside. Surplus was given to Nicola (From Betty Loves Violet) who was organising Christmas meals and presents for local Stirling families facing hardship over the festive period.

2021 - Following on from the success of the Christmas parcels, Easter parcels were delivered by a group of volunteers to over 40 people around Riverside.

Community Resilience Plan

Sup-group created to facilitate the updating and improving of the Riverside Community Resilience Plan.

The purpose of a resilience plan is to ensure the community is empowered to prepare, respond to, and recover from emergencies and disasters.

Stirling Council's Climate and Nature Emergency Plan emphasises the need for and importance of resilience plans.

Flooding is an important consideration for any Riverside plans.


Sub-group created in 2020 to support the existing group of Riverside residents that organised the installation of the three defibrillators Riverside has.

The first defibrillator was installed in 2017 and the devices and supplies have been provided by the Scottish charity Lucky2BHere.

Riverside's Living Advent Windows project had another successful fundraising event over Christmas with over 50 houses participating and over £550 raised for the defibrillator fund.


Sub-group created to ensure environmental factors were considered through the actions and consideration of Riverside Community Council.


Hosted a lockdown litter pick in April involving twelve groups and twenty-two bags of litter.

Running the Riverside Dog Fouling Awareness Campaign and offering free poo bags, with over 400 been given out.

Developing the Riverside Community Environmental Policy to support Stirling Council and residents as we work to achieve the 2045 climate emergency goals.

Fairy Trail

Sub-group created to add a bit of fun to the walks around Riverside and to boost spirits during lockdown.

Inspired by other communities and forest areas, fairy doors and accompanying furniture was created by members of the Riverside Community Council.

The doors were placed along the river path during Easter Weekend for people to enjoy. Unfortunately, some doors were taken before they were fully appreciated.

This will be revisited as Riverside is the perfect place for fairies to live.

Lover’s Walk

Sub-group created to support the Stirling Council Participatory Budget Funded project to clean up and enhance Lover's Walk.

A tidy up and improved lighting was agreed by the residents after extensive discussion.

Lighting has been installed, the riverbank has been cut back and the fences have been repaired and painted. We have liaised with Network Rail. Stirling Council is responsible for the pigeon issues.

Lover's Walk is an area that needs further money and time invested in it.


Sub-group created to address the continuing issue of Parking in Riverside Parking remains one of Riverside's key issues.

Riverside Community Council continues to liaise with Stirling Council regarding these issues.

Spaces for People – Temporary foot way widening plans rejected on safety grounds. An awareness campaign was agreed upon.

Our aim is for clear communication and strong community engagement.


Other News



Shiphaugh Centenary Commemorations

The sign was installed, and the tree is thriving. Copies of the leaflet are available online.

Heritage Trail Leaflets

The heritage trail leaflets have been updated and printed. These are available online and in the leaflet holders next to our noticeboards.

Riverside Gateway

Riverside Naturally and Riverside Community Council are hoping to make improvements to the green space bounded by Seaforth Place, Shore Road, Forth Place and Forth Crescent. We would like to make it a nicer place for people and wildlife.

Scotland Loves Local Grant

We were awarded just over £500 for green projects around Riverside. This money was split between Riverside Naturally for seasonal bulbs and the Riverbank Centre for the community planters.


Community councils have a statutory right to be consulted on applications for planning permission and the community council has a special role, representing a broader yet still local view which can be set alongside the comments of those with a more individual interest.

Forthside Development Nothing further has happened with this development space.

We will continue to monitor activity.


Riverside Quay Short Term Lets

We objected to this application.

This planning application was rejected and is not going through the appeal process.


Our huge thanks to everyone who has supported and engaged with us throughout this year. We truly appreciate your help and support.


5) Treasurer’s Report


Fiona Berrow presented the checked and authenticated accounts from 1st April 2020 until 5th April 2021. In 2020-21 Riverside Community Council had a total income of £3,875.06.

This came from the Stirling Council admin grant (£236.56), Stirling Council Covid-19 support funding (£500), Community Pride funding (£390 for Riverside Heritage Trail leaflets and £1,500 for the Shiphaugh Centenary tree and information panel), a Paths for All grant (3286.03), Scotland Loves Local funding (3563.50) and surplus admin grant funds from previous years (£398.97).

The Community Council had a total expenditure of £4,641.70.

This was spent on admin expenses (£96.44), Covid-19 support (£436.32), repayment of Stirling Council funds from the previous year (£100.07), cards and gifts for community members/supporters (£45.00), west expenses (£98.86), Zoom subscription (£14.39 per month, £100.73 in total), ICO registration (£40), transfer of surplus admin funds from previous years (£398.97 to our unrestricted funds), community plants (£272.22), a Community Resilience workshop (£30), Active Travel & Sustainable Transport (£90), Shiphaugh Centenary tree and information panel (£1,512.00), Quiz prizes (£30), Heritage Trail leaflets (£390) and Notice boards (£157.08).

At the end of the financial year there was £1,988.45 in Riverside Community Council’s bank account. Of this,

£398.19 was unrestricted funds.

6) Appointment of Office Bearers

Ashleigh Phillips proposed to maintain the status quo. Seconded Fiona Berrow Chair – Joan Murphy

Vice Chair – Sue Dumbleton Treasurer – Fiona Berrow Secretary – Emily McLaughlin Planning – Alison Swanson

7) Date of next Annual General Meeting


27th April 2022