Aug 2021 Minutes

Public Meeting Minutes
Date – 25th August 2021

Members Present

In Attendance


Fiona Berrow

Di Alderdice

Ashleigh Phillip

Bob Dale

Fiona Dyet

Sandra Engstrom

Sue Dumbleton

David Sherman

Phil Boydell

Emily McLaughlin

Cllr Jim Thomson

Andrew Fraser

Joan Murphy



Carol Robertson

Residents: 8


Alison Swanson




  1. Declaration of Interest

    No Declaration of Interest was recorded.


  2. Matters Arising from previous minutes not to be addressed within the meeting


    An amendment was made to the previous draft minutes to clarify the Co-Option of Carol


  3. Approval of Previous Minutes


Minutes for June were adopted

Alison Swanson proposed; seconded Joan Murphy


  1. Reports


    1. Chair


      Joan Murphy welcomed everyone back after the summer break and informed everyone of the
      activities the community council had been engaged with over the summer, including the formation
      of new sub groups.


      It was explained that there are many things that community members would like to be addressed
      around Riverside varying from exciting and fun, to practical and less enjoyable and that Riverside
      Community Council is very keen to have as many residents involved in these activities and event
      and would like to encourage people to join in, however they feel they can, everyone is welcome.

      Joan Murphy listed the summer activities, most to be discussed further within the meeting:

      • Travel Light project completed and submitted

      • Disability Audit undertaken

      • Litter picking event on 1st August 10 people joined in 15 bags collected

      • Two Stirling Council Consultations commented on – Alive with Nature and the Tree and Woodland

      • Parking meeting with Council and 11 residents 13th July


    2. Secretary


      Police Report: Over the past two months there were five undetected cases including vandalism,
      failure to stop after and accident, assault, theft, and driving whilst over the limit. There were two
      detected cases of possession of a bladed article.


      Police Scotland has also started a Fuel Theft campaign. There has not been any reported incidence
      of this in Riverside, however if anyone is interested in getting advice in relation to this, including
      preventative measures for domestic and commercial properties. The campaign is available on the
      following social media:



      Road Closures


      There was a Notice Of Public Procession through Riverside on Saturday 12th September between
      10.30am and 12pm. This is the Stirling 10k.


      There was notification of Scottish Water undertaking maintenance in Cooperage Quay and Riverside
      Drive between 9.30am and 3.30pm on 13th September.


      The secretary noted that these traffic notification can occur at any time during the month and when
      Riverside Community Council is given this information it will be detailed on our



      SEPA – Forth District Local Plan (FLOODING) – This is a draft document outlining the
      proposed action points to manage and reduce flooding across Loch Lomond and Trossachs National
      Park in the west to the inner Forth Estuary, including Stirling. It was agreed that Riverside
      Community Council would comment on this consultation. Alison Swanson will lead, the Community
      Resilience group will contribute and a number of community members will also be involved in
      drafting a response. Details can be found


      Walk, Live, Cycle Stirling – City Centre South – In the next stage of this consultation Stirling
      Council are asking residents to visit and log any issues they have navigating
      around the South side of the city.


      Police Scotland – Body Cameras - This consultation is an opportunity for the public to be part
      of an ongoing conversation to help shape the use of Body Worn Video cameras by police officers

      and staff when interacting with communities in Scotland and you can find out more here. It was
      agreed that Riverside Community Council felt there is not enough understanding of community
      opinion to comment however individuals are encouraged to do so.


      Bin Issues – Riverside Community Council requested an update regarding the bin issues on Forth
      Street and has had no further information. Cllr Thomson has offered to follow this up on our


      Forthview – An update and advice on any further action available to Riverside Community Council
      was requested regarding the ownership and land maintenance. No information was given.

      Trolley’s in the Forth – A large number of trolleys are visible in the river. SEPA, Scottish Water and
      Stirling Council have been notified.


      Stirling Council will be meeting on the 7th October 2021 to discuss reinstating face to face meetings
      for Community Council public meetings. The Scottish Parliament are rescinding restrictions at the
      start of September so it could be possible that Stirling Council aligns with these plans. Up to date
      notifications about Riverside’s public meetings will be put on our


    3. Treasurer

      In July and August, we used the last funds from the 2020/21 admin grant to pay the annual ICO
      (GDPR) registration fee, two months of Zoom subscriptions and buy paper and ink cartridges.

      We now have no money left in our admin grant, but the 2021/22 grant (£263.54) should arrive in
      the bank account imminently.

      We used unrestricted funds to pay for a Riverside Street Audit (£300) and refreshments for the
      participants (£31.10). This money will be reclaimed from the Active Travel and Sustainable
      Transport sub-group’s Paths for All funding.


    4. Planning


      Riverside Community Council has been contacted by a resident regarding the Abbey Road Market,
      which is operating legally, with all the necessary permissions.


      There has been no complaints made to Riverside Community Council.


      In the event that the Abbey Road Market applies for a permanent licence Riverside Community
      Council will be notified as a statutory consultee and will be given an opportunity to comment on this


  2. Sub-Groups


    1. Active Travel and Sustainable Transport

      A huge congratulations and a big thank you to Di Alderdice was offered on the completion and
      submission of the Travel Light project.

      At the end of August the Active Travel Survey report, completed by Forth Environment Link, the
      Older Persons Survey Report and the Disability Audit was submitted to Paths4All.

      A meeting will be scheduled to discuss how the information is used in a constructive and positive

    2. Community Resilience Plan


      A meeting is scheduled for the start of September.


      Members of the community interested in this are encouraged to join the sub-group.


    3. Defibrillators


      The portable defibrillator was gifted to Polmaise Community Council.


      The Christmas campaign is being discussed with regards how to fund the new batteries needed for
      the defibrillators next year.


    4. Environment


      There was a litter picking event at the start of August. The equipment is available to individuals
      and group throughout the year for walks or events.


      Jubilee Hedge – Permission was sought from Stirling Council for a hedge to be planted along the
      fence in the Old Harbour Park. There were a number of issues raised as a result of this request:
      space would be needed between the hedge and the fence for maintenance, how the hedge would
      be maintained and the selection of hedges can not include any thorny plants.


      With these restrictions an alternative location will be investigated with Riverside Naturally.


      It was noted that Riverside Community Council felt that the response was disappointing, particularly
      with regards the restriction placed on the species allowed to be planted which are selected by The
      Woodland Trust due to their environmental benefits.


      1. Parking


        Stirling Council has appointed Living Streets to “to build on the previous consultation work around
        parking and engage with Riverside Primary School, the Community Council, the local community
        and other key stakeholders to explore how a School Streets project could possibly be implemented
        in the area to provide solutions to the previously highlighted parking issues.”

        20mph Zone – This change in speed limit has been welcomed by the community.

        It was noted that some of the 20mph signs have been stolen and there is some confusion at the
        entrance to Riverside regarding the change of zones.

        Residents also felt that there has not been enough awareness made of the change of speed limit.


      2. Summer Jubilee Party


      David Sherman has proposed a four day celebration for the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebration on
      the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th June 2022.


      The immediate considerations to be addressed are funding, toilet facilities and identifying an
      electrical source.


      Local musicians have been notified and are enthusiastic.


      A meeting will be scheduled to begin planning this event and any members of the community that

      would be interested are encouraged to join the group.


      1. Riverside Gateway


        The sub-group has applied for funding to play for the cost of an architect who will landscape
        architect who will develop a concept proposal, arrange a survey and run a public consultation.


      2. Well-being Walks

      To be revisited later in the year.


  3. Local Groups


Riverside Naturally is holding an outdoor event – Orchard Day on the 25th September 2021, you can
find details on their


Lawn Bowling – The bowling club will have its closing of the green on Saturday 18th September.
Thee lounge bar will remain open on Friday evenings.

Renovations to the clubhouse are continuing so we hope to be able to have some social functions
such as our quiz night in the not too distant future.


  1. A.O.B


    Fly-tipping – This was address independently with Stirling Council and has appeared to have
    stopped. The use of CCTV was raised by a member of the community as a solution. Concerns
    were discussed and Cllr Thomson informed us that Stirling Council has roaming CCTV units. It was
    agreed to find out more information for further discussion.


    Electric Charging Units – It was noticed that further charging units were being installed in the
    Riverbank Centre’s car park. It was confirmed that these would exclusively be for the Stirling
    Council fleet. Riverside is scheduled to get two roadside charging units. This was delayed due to
    procurement issues and will be followed up.


  2. Date of Next Meeting


29th September 2021
7pm Hosted using Zoom


All previous minutes, policies and consultation comments can be found on our website
and available on request.