Feb 2021 Minutes

Public Meeting
24th February 2021 7pm

In Attendance



Fiona Berrow

Diane Alderdice

David Sherman

Bob Dale

Phil Boydell


Sue Dumbleton

Fiona Dyet


Sandra Engstrom

Andrew Fraser


Emily McLaughlin

Cllr Danny Gibson


Joan Murphy



Ashleigh Phillips

4 residents

1 resident

Alison Swanson




  1. Declaration of Interest

    No Declaration of Interest was recorded.


  2. Approval of Previous Minutes

    Minutes for January Meeting were adopted
    Bob Dale proposed; Fiona Berrow seconded


    Proposal of new Community Councillor

    Ashleigh Phillips was proposed by Sue Dumbleton as a full member of Riverside Community Council.
    Seconded Alison Swanson.


  3. Matters Arising from previous minutes not to be addressed within the meeting:



  4. Reports

    1. Chair Report


      Co-Opted Members - Ashleigh Phillips has been with Riverside Community Council for 6 months now and
      has joined us as a full member of the Community Council. Sandra Engstrom will have been with us six months
      in March and Bob Dale in April.

      20 Minute Neighbourhood - The 20-minute neighbourhood concept is all about ‘living locally’—giving people
      the ability to meet most of their daily needs within a 20-minute walk from home, with access to safe cycling
      and local transport options. Riverside fullfills almost all the criteria and we are keen to build on this.


      Recruiting - We are actively looking for another Community Council Member with this being promoted on
      the website, on the noticeboards and in the newsletter. Applicants need to be registered to vote at a current
      Riverside address.


      Communications - Our newsletter is a round-up of activities and information relevant to Riverside. To sign
      up a QR code is available on the noticeboard or residents can do it by emailing the Community Council email
      address. Leaflet holders will be installed next to the noticeboards shortly.


      Facebook – Bob Dale, Ashleigh Phillips and David Sherman are Administrators of our new Facebook page.
      This is an ongoing project with content and strategy to be discussed further.


      Planters – Signs for the community planters have arrived and will be installed when the planters are tended
      to later in the year.


    2. Secretary

      Police Report -There were 2 detected cases and 7 undetected cases which are part of an on-going
      investigation with twenty one calls to the police.

      Milk thefts were noted in the police report and they have asked that anyone who is experiencing this issue
      to contact the police as soon as possible, and if there is any footage via CCTV cameras or ‘Ring’ door bells to
      get in touch. This is happening in other areas and it appears the suspect is similar in description.

      Riverside’s Community Police Officers are moving on to new jobs from the 1st March. PC Cowan and PC Dale
      will be replaced with PC Fisher and PC Hunter. We look forward to welcoming our new officers and give
      thanks to PC Cowan and PC Dale for all their help and support over the years.


    3. Treasurer


      Spending this month was limited to stationery, with the money for the Shiphaugh Tree, litter picking events
      and Zoom restricted until payment is due. The Riverbank Centre has been given the money from the Scotland
      Loves Local grant.


      The Admin Grant is diminishing due to the Zoom cost and after the projected payment of another 5 months
      (including February) there will be very little left over. There are still unrestricted funds should anything arise.


      We have been asked by Stirling Council to consider what items need to be insured for 2021/22. Riverside
      Community Council initally bought the trees in 2012 and it was suggested we have a discussion with Riverside
      Naturally about the Community Orchard.


    4. Planning

      20/00187/FUL - Application under Section 42 of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act to vary
      Condition 1 of planning permission 15/00790/FUL to authorise use of existing student accommodation as
      short term holiday lets between 1 June and 31 August annually.

      Riverside Community Council submitted a written objection which can be found in detail on the website.

      DEPA comments on their website indicated that the decision is going to be made by a reporter and the
      applicant now has an opportunity to comment.


      CTIL 108818 TEF 72513, VF N/A - Upgrade of Telecoms equipment. This is situated next to AMF Bowling
      Centre. The structure will not change in height and will not change remarkably in appearance.


  5. Subgroups


    1. Active Travel and Sustainable Transport

      Survey – The survey has had over 100 responses. Paper copies are now available on the noticeboards which
      can be completed and handed in to the shops for collection.

      Riverside Primary School and adjacent community council’s will be approached and asked if they could share
      the survey on their communication channels too.

      It was agreed to approach Paths4All regarding further funding to run the survey again after COVID restrictions
      ease to compare the active travel habits and needs of our community.

      The Active Travel and sustainable Transport group are compiling questions for discussion on how to make
      active travel more accessible to members of the community with disabilities.

      Air Monitoring is currently being undertaken by members of the Active Travel and Sustainable Transport

      Riverside Community Council is also looking into creating and documenting some walks local to Riverside ,
      to support active travel and mental wellness throughout lockdown and beyond.


      Gritting – The Active Travel and Sustainable Transport group identified priority areas of Riverside that are
      not on Stirling Council’s gritting paths and, with the help of Ann Graham of the Over 60s group, a number of
      addresses which may need gritting assistance.

      A group of residents (named the True Gritters) have volunteered to help grit priority areas. With thanks
      given to Stirling Voluntary Enterprise, Riverside received grit which was used in these areas.


      Grit Bins – Following Stirling Council’s Winter Service plan, Riverside does not qualify for grit bins. Di
      Alderdice will investigate whether we qualify for Community grit bins.

      There was discussion regarding the cost and feasibility of buying and stocking our own grit bin for the
      community. This may be prohibitively expensive and further investigation is needed on whether Stirling
      Council would supply the grit or/and this cost could be shared with Cambuskenneth.


      Sandra Engstrom raised the issue of salt being destructive to roads and the natural environment and there
      may be more sustainable options, for example beetroot juice to de-ice paths.


      Thank you to Ann Graham

      Thank you to the volunteers able to assist


    2. Defibrillators

      Fundraising - The defibrillator group is meeting to discuss fund raising opportunities for the coming year.
      The defibrillators will shortly need new batteries at a cost approximately £240 each. The group is considering
      approaching the local Robertson’s Trust for funding.

      School Defibrillator – Last year it was discussed that the defibrillator located at the side of the school is not
      easily accessible. It was suggested that a sign be placed on the footpath clearly indicating where the AED
      was located. Fiona Dyet was advised to send the information to Danny Gibson for support.


      Step Into Spring - As an idea to bring some brightness to our walks and celebrate the start of Spring we are
      asking people to decorate their window from the 7th March 2021. Those who participate are being asked to
      consider a voluntary donation to Riverside Naturally.

    3. Environment

      Dog Fouling – The issue of dog fouling is causing increasing anger and concern in Riverside. Riverside
      Community Council has placed posters and free poo bags next to all the dog bins along the river path and
      pontoon area to encourage and help sustain a clean and happy environment.

      The location of the bins and/or adding to the existing number will be considered.

      Stirling Council will be contacted to discuss how Riverside can be further supported with this. It has been
      pointed out that there is already official signage however with no support for the consequence of fining, this
      is proving ineffective. This will be monitored and reported on at the next Riverside Community Council


      Riverside Naturally – Work on the Southern Woodland Garden (bed nearest the Cambuskenneth Bridge) was
      started in February. Some old and unproductive trees were removed to make way for more trees which are
      native and encourage more biodiversity. The dogwood has not been removed, but trimmed back to allow
      for a more nurturing and sympathetic growing.

      Over six hundred bulbs have been planted between the two woodland gardens with more ordered for the
      Southern Woodland Garden. Further information is available on their website.

      Entrance to Riverside – Riverside Community Council has been approached by Riverside Naturally to start
      discussions regarding the refurbishment of the green spaces located at the entrance to Riverside from
      Seaforth Place. This would be an introductory conversation to discuss what we would like to happen in the
      area from a practical, environmental and aesthetic point of view and will be considered a long term project.


    4. Fairy Trail

      Bob Dale has distributed all the fairy doors to be painted and is working on the furniture. Further information
      will be shared closer to the fairies moving in date.


    5. Lovers Walk

      Stirling Council has cut back some of the trees along Lovers Walk.

      Network Rail will be contacted regarding the consistent drip which becomes a serious hazard when the water
      freezes. This area will also be added to the priority gritting area.

      Sue Dumbleton has been in touch with Stirling Council for an update on the blacksmith who was due to fix
      some of the broken fences. The weather has prevented work being undertaken.


    6. Parking

      Riverside Community Council has contacted Stirling Council again to request to re-start the consultation and
      address the outstanding request for double pips around the school.


  6. Bins

    Riverside Community Council approached Stirling Council in September 2019 regarding starting a conversation
    about household bins in Riverside. No response was received.

    Sue Dumbleton proposed we approach Stirling Council to restart this discussion to consider the access issues
    on Forth Street, education of recycling and refuse collection and issues in shared accommodations throughout
    Riverside focusing on how we can support residents and keep Riverside safe, clean and accessible for all

  7. A.O.B


    Electric Cars – this was discussed as there was interest in using the charging points in the Riverbank Centre
    car park. This is not possible and are reserved for the use of the Home Care Team. There are grants available
    to install home charging points.

    Riverside Bowling Club shared the information that the renovations to upgrade the club house has had to be
    stopped due to finding wood decay in parts of the building. Fortunately some of the building can still be used
    when the club is able to re-open for the season.


  8. Date of next meeting: 31st March 2021 at 7pm, hosted using Zoom
    Our AGM will be held on the 28th April 2021, hosted using Zoom

Further details of things discussed can be found on our website or you can e-mail us directly.