Jan 2021 Minutes

Riverside Community Council

Public Meeting

24th January 2021 7pm


Members Present

In Attendance


Fiona Berrow

Di Alderdice

Danny Gibson

Bob Dale

Phil Boydell

Susan McGill

Sue Dumbleton

Fiona Dyet

Riverside Bowling Club

Susan Engstrom

Andrew Fraser


Emily McLaughlin



Joan Murphy

10 residents

5 residents

Ashleigh Phillips



Alison Swanson




  1. Declaration of Interest


    No Declaration of Interest was recorded.


  2. Approval of Previous Minutes


    Minutes for September Meeting were adopted


    Sandra Engstrom proposed; Sue Dumbleton seconded


  3. Matters Arising from previous minutes not to be addressed within the meeting:




  4. Reports

    1. Chair


      Christmas Parcels – Thirty four of Riverside’s older residents were given Christmas goody bags
      by a team of volunteers. The bags were filled with items bought using some of Stirling Council’s
      COVID grant, donations from local supermarkets and generous Riverside residents. Surplus was
      given to Nicola (From Betty Loves Violet) who was organising Christmas Meals and presents for
      local Stirling families facing hardship over the festive period.


      Two Christmas Quizzes were held over the festive period, hosted via zoom and organised by
      Ashleigh Phillips. These were huge successes and enjoyed by all who attended. More will be
      planned for future months.


      Fiona Berrow has completed updating the heritage leaflets and has received delivery of the hard
      copies. These are available in the local shops and will be placed in leaflet holders when COVID
      restrictions allow.


      Riverside Community Council was successful in obtaining funding from Scotland Loves Local for
      the community planters and money will be given to Riverside Naturally which will be used for
      native bulbs to be planted around Riverside including by the pontoon.

      Joan Murphy attended the Stirling Voluntary Enterprise seminar on the voluntary sector response
      to lockdown 2021. The full report can be found on the Riverside Community Council’s website.


      Sandra Engstrom, Emily McLaughlin and Phil Boydell will re-visit the Community Resilience plan
      following on from the COVID challenges the area has faced and other situations that can leave
      the Riverside vulnerable in the event of an emergency.


      Recruitment for a new community councillor will start in February.


      Inspired by lockdown walks Bob Dale is planning a Fairy Trail around the river path in Riverside.
      Construction of our fairy accommodation is underway and Bob Dale will lead the new sub-group
      on this project.


      As a reminder, Bob has also suggested making a commemorative video of Riverside, its
      community, history and its beauty. This could include pictures, videos, stories, music etc. Anyone
      who wants to be involved with ideas and inspiration can contact Bob through the Community
      Council’s email address. Bob Dale will lead on this project.


      Step Into Spring is the new Riverside Windows event. As an idea to bring some brightness to our
      walks and celebrate the start of Spring we are asking people to join us and decorate their window
      from the 7th March 2021. People who would like to be included on the map are to contact the
      Community Council by the 7th February.


    2. Secretary


      Police Report (Given by Secretary)

      There were three undetected cases which are part of an ongoing investigation with twenty one
      calls to the police.


      Milk thefts were noted in the police report and they have asked that anyone who is experiencing
      this issue to contact the police as soon as possible, and if there is any footage via CCTV cameras
      or ‘Ring’ door bells to get in touch. This is happening in other areas and it appears the suspect is
      similar in description.


      Spaces for People – there has been the indication that Riverside will be featured in some traffic
      calming measures funded by the Spaces For People grant, including some possible art work.
      Further information is needed as Riverside Community Council has been given no information
      about this.


      Riverside Bowling Club – The AGM has been re-scheduled until Sunday 11th April at 2pm, to be
      reviewed in March.

      2021 is the Bowling Club’s centenary year and to allow them the proper opportunity to celebration,
      events to commemorate this will be postponed until 2022.

      Renovations – The Bowling Club has secured grants which will allow some renovations of the
      club house including new heating. Work should start in February.


    3. Treasurer


      The Community Council, in partnership with Riverside Naturally, submitted an application to the
      Scotland Loves Local Fund. We received £563.50 to be spent on improving Riverside with plants.

      £249 will be spent on plants for the community tubs which will be managed by Iain Gibson and
      the Riverbank Centre. £314.50 will be spent on bulbs to be planted around the river walkways
      which will be bought and planted by Riverside Naturally.


      The Riverside Heritage Trail Leaflets have been printed and delivered and the Shiphaugh
      Interpretation board has been installed. Both of these were designed and made by Art is an Option
      and we have now paid for these: £390 for the leaflets and £1,512 for the Interpretation board
      made up of funding from the Community Pride fund as well as £12 from the Community Council’s
      unrestricted funds.

      We spent £14.39 on a month’s subscription to Zoom from the Admin Grant and £15 on prizes for
      the second Community Council Quiz from Unrestricted funds.


    4. Planning


      Riverside Community Council received notification that that an Appeal has been submitted to the
      Scottish Government against refusal of a Planning Application for Application under Section 42 of
      the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act to vary Condition 1 of planning permission
      15/00790/FUL to authorise use of existing student accommodation as short term holiday lets
      between 1 June and 31 August annually at Riverside Quay, 1 Forthside Way, Stirling, FK8 1HZ.


      Detailed comments are being drafted and sent in objection to this appeal.

      Residents are encouraged to submit their own comments about this planning application.


  5. Sub Groups


    Active Travel and Sustainable Transport

    The Active Travel survey has been extended until the end of March.

    The recipients of the Christmas Bags were given an opportunity to complete a survey.

    After the consultation period is completed an action plan will be made to reflect the results of the
    data collected through our various outreach options.

    The Active Travel Day has been postponed indefinitely due to the COVID restrictions and any
    suggestions on activities that can be safely organised and undertaken in the meantime would be
    greatly received.


    Parking This is an ongoing issue in Riverside and further complaints have been received.
    Riverside Community Council is working on this and hoping for further engagement with Stirling
    Council. An article was placed in the Stirling Observer that will bring more attention to the lack
    of progress with this situation. (Parking in future will be considered a separate Sub-Group)


    Gritting Riverside Community Council has been in contact with Stirling Council regarding a
    delivery of grit for communal use should there be a long freeze. We have had no
    communication regarding this.

    Di Alderdice has a group of volunteers who are willing to distribute the grit in areas we have
    identified as being a priority in consultation with the Over 60’s Group.

    SVE has also secured funding from the National Lottery Committees Fund to equip groups
    with rock salt to de-ice paths of vulnerable and elderly members of the community. We have
    expressed our interest in being included in this initiative.



    The Living Advent Windows were a huge success with over £550 being raised in donations for
    Lucky2beHere over the festive period.



    Riverside Naturally members have been planting some spring bulbs along the river path on
    Riverside Drive, a mixture of snowdrops and bluebells.

    The next area for development is the neglected ‘D’ shaped bed closest to Cambuskenneth
    Bridge. Three old cherry trees will be removed and Aspen, Hawthorn, Birch and Rowan trees
    will be planted. The dogwood will be cut back to allow it to be reshaped and nurtured.

    In addition more Cherry Blossoms will be planted along the pathway.

    The Scotland Loves Local grant will be spent on native bulbs to be planted around Riverside
    by March.


    Litter A resident approached Riverside Community Council regarding the build up of litter
    around the area. Riverside Community Council are not hosting any group litter picks during
    the current restrictions but are ready to do so when it is safe. Community members are
    encouraged to make use of the equipment we have available for families and individuals to
    help tackle lockdown litter.

    Dog Fouling This is an increasing problem around Riverside and further discussion will be
    necessary to decide how to address it.


    Issues with shared bins were reported in the flat blocks. A suggestion was to consider a
    recycling awareness campaign for seasonal or short term tenants. Any other issues with bin
    collections should be logged on Stirling Council’s website.


    Shiphaugh Centenary

    The interpretation board was installed near the path in front of the beech tree that was planted in


  6. Rats

    Riverside Community Council received a few reports of rats being seen in residents’ gardens.
    Stirling Council was contacted. Their pest control officer had a walk through the locations we had
    been given notification of. On this occasion he could see no indication of rats.

    Stirling Council would ask that people who are experiencing a rat problem log the job with their
    address so that they can carry out a proper inspection. You can call 01786 404040 or visit their
    website to log a job for pest control and find out more information, including charges.

    We were given further advice on measures people can take to deter rodents coming to their
    garden. Suggestions include:

    • ensuring your garden is tidy and that there is no nesting material or places they can make a nest

    • removing any food source is a big help - if there’s nothing for them to eat they won’t be attracted
      to your garden

    • bird feeders as these can be a food source for rodents at this time of year. Any spilled food from
      the feeders should be cleared up

    It was noted that the is little that can be done about rat activity on the river as Stirling Council can’t
    set bait boxes due to the danger it poses to wildlife.


  7. Appointment of Associate Member

    Diane Alderdice’s appointment as Associate Member was proposed by Sue Dumbleton, and
    Seconded by Fiona Berrow


  8. A.O.B


8) Date of next meeting - 24th February 2021 7pm via Zoom